food prep while doing Whole30

I’ve always set aside time during the week to prep food ahead of time. This just makes my week less stressful and keeps my sanity. I do this most weeks, all year.

But while on Whole30, planning ahead becomes very necessary (it was mandatory for me) in order to stay compliant throughout the week. I was trying to meal plan ahead of time with the criteria of having 1 serving protein, 2 servings veggies at each meal. Fruits and larabars were my snacks.  I had to make 2 trips to the supermarket every week because by mid-week, we were out of produce. I just didn’t have room in my fridge to store a week’s worth of produce.

Here are some snapshots I took while on Week 2 & Week 3 of following Whole 30. We bought meat and other proteins in bulk on Week 1.

This is my Trader Joe’s basket.



Roasted veggies for the week. (before they went in the oven).



I found a new method of making cauliflower rice. I roast the cauliflower first, then pulse it in the food processor afterwards until the texture resembles rice.  My old method was to process the raw cauliflower first then cook it on the stove top, or microwave. I like this new method better because the leftovers are less soggy and has more flavor.



If I’m out on business lunch, I scan the menu for their salads. I usually order cobb salad, no cheese and no dressing. I then ask for olive oil & balsamic vinegar on the side.


Finding slow cooker recipes has been a time saver. I made this Crock Pot Balsamic Roast and froze half for the following week. I added a whole bag of carrots and glad I did, I loved the flavor the carrots after it was cooked. Next time I make this, I would double the onions, since it shrinks a lot anyways after being cooked.



Roast served with garlic cauliflower mash.



Another crock pot recipe I’m enjoying is Damn Fine Chicken recipe, but made in the crock pot. I’ve made this twice now, don’t skip the browning in the broiler step, it gives the chicken better texture.



I buy a big bag of chopped cauliflower from Costco and make garlic mashed for the week. This is delish and is a great side for dinner.



My dinner plate with garlic mash cauliflower, damn fine chicken and stir fry brussels sprouts.



I cooked the whole bag of shaved brussels sprouts from Trader joes, and sautee with onions and chicken sausage.



Cabbage with green apples. This recipe is from a Paleo cookbook (I’ve forgotten the name at the moment). This is great eaten warm or cold, and last a whole week in the fridge.


I also made my own taco seasoning and added it to ground meat, I eat the seasoned ground beef with my taco salad for lunch. I used Tessemae’s Southwest Ranch dressing, I’m on my second bottle of this dressing, love it!






What are your favorite Whole 30 recipes?


thoughts on my baby turning 2

Happy birthday to my baby, my big boy and my little Hawkie!

Happy 2 years since birth day for me.



– My little man turned 2 this past week. I am so happy and grateful that we have ourselves a healthy, happy toddler and very talkative little guy. I was stopped by the daycare director last week and he mentioned to me that H is very verbal in class.

– One of my favorite time is when I walk in the door from a long day at work and can here his giggles, which just melts all the stress away.

– The toughest time of the day sometimes follow the giggles, when I got myself a cranky and tired baby while I’m making dinner. The “throw myself on the floor, screaming, and hanging on to your leg” type of meltdowns Sad smile

– After 2 years of moving in our new neighborhood, I feel like I’m finally starting to create a mommy community. I’m talking about non-family, new friendships made with other moms who live in our city.

– We had a brunch party this weekend to celebrate and all our immediate families were in attendance. It’s easy to take it for granted, but having family around makes these celebration and milestone so much more special.  I am aware of this now more than ever.

– I saw in my TimeHop app the picture I posted when he was only 3 days old. I remember that day so vividly still, the top I was wearing while holding him, my position on the sofa at our old house and how he felt so fragile in my arms staring wide-eye at me. Now, he runs everywhere and every chance he gets.

– I get asked this question more and more, “Are you ready for a second baby?”. I don’t have a simple answer so I say that I want to enjoy H being an only child at the moment.

– I remember reading a ton of parenting books during H’s first year, but suddenly I stopped and I haven’t read any for awhile. I do enjoy reading them and learning new things.  But as my face-to-face conversation time with other moms grow, I’ve learned to ask questions and trust my gut and relying less on getting the information from books.

– I always waited for the day he would give me kisses on his own, and that day is here. He will hug me around my neck and give me sweet kisses on the lips. So sweet.






what I read / feb 15


After reading a few thrillers and suspense books back to back, I wanted to shift gear and read mostly romance books in February. Funny, some humor and witty books are always a delight to read. It Was Me All Along: A Memoir  /  by Andie Mitchell I feel like I know Andie because I’ve followed […]

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making me happy


  Chocolate Birthday Cake.  Making this triple chocolate cake for my husband’s birthday made me happy. Last year I bought donuts and stacked them for his cake and this year I really wanted to make a cake for him. He loved it and I saved myself a piece to enjoy for a later time when […]

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{recipe} egg casserole


This past week was a stressful one. The hubby was traveling for work conference, baby was sick and I had major deadlines at work.  I had to leave work on time in order to pick up the little man at day care on time. Every minute spent at work had to be super efficient with […]

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whole30 – week one


Whole30: Week 1 Summary As you can see from my meals below, I don’t mind eating the same things over and over. I ate the same thing for breakfast and lunch for the first 5 days and the only variety are my dinner meals. I keep it simple and prepping on the weekend helps me […]

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currently / feb 15


      going to a Pilates studio twice a week. Hello core muscles, it has been a long time since we’ve worked together. bringing a  huge salad and Whole30 compliant appetizer to my book club tonight planning our vacation this summer, accommodations have been booked, we already got H’s passport and just need to […]

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{recipe} cabbage & fruit slaw

cabbage_fruit slaw.jpg

I am enjoying making and eating all sorts of different dishes while on Whole30. I went into this with the attitude that I am willing to try and make effort to try new food, or it can get boring really fast. I don’t remember the last time I bought purple cabbage, maybe years? This week, […]

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I am doing Whole 30


I mentioned on this post  how my sugar consumption had become a daily habit. It first started around Halloween last year and lasted until early January this year.  It was just so hard to stop. I have no problems with enjoying sugar on special occasion but eating it daily had wreck havoc on my moods, […]

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pictures from valentine’s day weekend


I had a rare 3 day weekend this past week. I love my job but I hate that the holidays we have off from work are the major holidays only. I can count in one hand our work holidays, sigh! I was already in celebration mood on Friday, we stopped by the donut shop to […]

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