{family meals} 7/26/15


The heat is back, so I tried to make dinner without using the oven. I did use our toaster oven (we have a mini size) a few times.

I had leftover Rotisserie chicken from the weekend that I shredded and mixed with our favorite BBQ sauce below. I used the chicken BBQ meat to make myself zucchini boat with cheese and made quesadillas for my boys.  This zucchini & carrot side dish is still in heavy rotation, I love it because it goes with any dish.


Fish tacos and fruit slaw on Tuesdays. These mangoes were so sweet, love that they are in season now.

I cooked a few servings of salmon for the week on Monday. I sear them on the pan and finish baking them in the toaster over. Served with garlic green beans.



I make a big batch of the mango, cucumber and cabbage slaw, then served it throughout the week. I store it in the fridge without the dressing. I love that the dressing for this slaw is the same for the spinach salad last week.



Hubby craved steak so he grilled some and I made whole wheat couscous (from Trader Joe’s), steamed veggies (frozen from a bag) and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.




On the weekend, we went to a pool/BBQ party, so we ate grilled fish, sashimi & white rice, Korean short ribs and fruits & appetizers.

P.S. Last week, little man had horrible sleep (perhaps going thru sleep regression?) and waking up several times at night. I was struggling when Friday came, didn’t do most of my  workouts because I was too tired and was just craving sweets and carbs. I know this pattern very well, whenever I am tired and lack of sleep, I crave comfort food and my sweet tooth comes back with a vengeance. I ate a ton of fruit because I was craving sweets, so I made some healthier frozen popsicles to keep in stock.

paint nite with the girls

I’ve seen these fun paint and wine events for awhile now and I’ve always wanted to try it. A quick group text among my girlfriends and we made it happen. We got news that my friend E was flying down from San Francisco and she wanted to celebrate her birthday doing Paint Nite. The event was at Mimi’s Cafe, they have a huge back room that fit all the painters and supplies.


There was a special limited menu for the event. We ordered appetizers and drinks.


The instructor got all the supplies ready for each painter, everything was already set-up at each station.


Painting in progress


….and the fun begins! There was a copy of the finished painting in front of the room, and when you look at it, it looks quite challenging and you wonder “how can I paint something like that?”. However, once you the instructor starts walking you thru step by step, layer by layer, you’ll start to see your own painting come along.


I didn’t follow the original painting exactly, because I wanted to work with a different color scheme to help match the decor in our house.  Below is the example of the painting we were supposed to paint. I change the colors of the leaves to yellow/orange tone.


Here’s my painting :)

paint nite

The whole gang, everyone was so proud of their creation. What a fun girls night this was, hoping we can do it again soon.


My painting is currently hanging in the guest bedroom.


{recipe} lemon blueberry bread


  We had plenty of rain this past weekend so I took advantage of us being forced indoors to do some baking. I also had plenty of babysitters since my mom and brothers stayed over, so I went thru my list of recipes to make and picked one that looked good at the moment. I […]

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{family meals} – 7/19/15


Last week’s family meals had lot of greens. However, it was just my toddler and I at the table for most of the days,  as the hubby was travelling at the end of the week. We hosted my mom and brothers this weekend. We had plans to go the beach and had our picnic food […]

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{current favorites} #1


    Tessemae’s Salad Dressings – I found this dressing in January and I think I am on my 7th bottle already. My favorite is the Southwest Ranch flavor and I’m on my 3rd bottle now. The ingredients are very simple and all real food. It packs a lot of flavor and a little goes […]

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{dinner at the table} 7-10-15


  I grew up in a household with my 4 sisters and my step mom and dad. Both of my parents worked and all the kids were involved in after school activities, so evenings are the only time we all sit together and see each other. I have fond memories of my step mom cooking […]

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{book report} the geography of you and me & paris letters


I’m changing the format of my book reports. The once-a-month book reports were getting too long  and by the time I sit down and write about the books, I’ve forgotten my review already.  I’ll be posting the book reports in real time, so that they will be fresh in my mind.  I’ll post as soon […]

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berry blast popsicles


Last summer I purchased a few popsicle molds but never got to using them. This summer, I am using them constantly.  I’ve tried 3 flavors already and I am excited to try new ones. This weekend, I whipped these berry blast frozen pops and we enjoyed them while lounging pool side. I made these according […]

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4th of July weekend


We had a wonderful 3-day holiday weekend. Here are 10 things I want to remember during our 4th of July weekend. #1 – Hubby and I both had Friday off for the holiday. Since we just got back from our vacation last Monday, we only had to work 3 days during the week. Woohoo! #2 […]

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{currently} – thoughts after our first family vacation


  – We just got back last weekend from our first family vacation with a kiddo. We flew to Miami (pictured above) and cruised for a week around the Caribbean. This vacation has been in the planning since the new year. Last time the hubby and I went on a real long vacation was during […]

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