lunch at gypsy den restaurant & becoming an introvert


In this holiday season, I am choosing to be very protective of my time. Well, actually, this has been my theme all year. I don’t want to be soooo busy that I become exhausted. It’s so easy to get caught in everyone else’s busyness, that you really have to recognize when it’s time to get off that fast moving train.

I don’t know what it is, but since becoming a mom, I have leaned towards my introverted ways. I cherish my alone time, I especially need my alone time and I actually crave one on one time more than being surrounded by a lot of people.

Which might be an exact opposite of how I was pre-baby. Back then, I loved the rush of a big parties, the buzz of all the people around me and I fed off their energy. It was glorious, and once it was done, I couldn’t wait to plan another gathering.

But NOW…..whenever I have to spend a lot of time interacting with a lot of people (which is part of my job), I become exhausted afterwards.  Good thing my commute to and from work allows me to have my alone time so I can be relaxed when I get home and ready to play with Baby H.


Although I still love to entertain friends and family, and attending social events, it has to be at  my choosing and let me tell you, I am getting really picky at what takes up my time.  If I have to be away from my baby, it better be worth it.

I would rather cut down the guest list in half so I can interact and mingle with each guests, it’s the quality over the quantity of guests that is important to me.



So when my sister asked me to have lunch with her during the middle of the week, I was really excited. This is the type of one on one time that I need. A time to catch up and slow things down, and for her to take a break from her busy college schedule.


We had lunch at the Gypsy Den Restaurant. I really loved that old, warm and rustic feel of the restaurant. It was cozy in there. The ambiance was just perfect for a mid-day break. I can see myself drinking a latte and reading a book here, which I actually saw a few people do (it was mid-day and how lucky are they).



My sister was celebrating finishing all her mid-terms by shopping at the nearby stores and I very much enjoyed my time away from the office.

We enjoyed the food and I would order the same thing again, but the conversation was better. I think that’s how it should be right?

Nachos: cheddar, black beans, sour cream, jalapeno, house made tortilla chips and salsa



Waldorf Chicken sandwich: green apples, celery, grapes, red onions, fresh parsley, house baked croissant

Cranberry & Goat Cheese Salad:  mixed greens, green apples, dried cranberries, sprouts and candied walnuts


ideas for thanksgiving dishes

Even though I have my favorite holiday season dishes, I intentionally try new recipes every year. I look forward to discovering new recipes and trying new things in the kitchen.  Sometimes I try something new and I find it ok, so I either go back to my favorite dish the next year or keep looking for other recipes.

When people ask for recommendations, I always recommend dishes that I have already made and tried. This way I can give suggestions on what I would do differently if I were to make it again or give them tips.

Here are some recipes that I’ve loved in the past to give you some ideas on what to serve during Thanksgiving.

- quinoa vegetable muffins


quinoa vegetable muffins1

Veggie Bars


sweet potato casserole


candy corn cereal mix


candycorncerealmix (4)

Petite Lasagnas



Cheddar Garlic Drop Biscuits



Turkey Meatloaf



Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Squares



Eggplant Parmesan




Moroccan Couscous




Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies




Coconut Date Balls



{recipe} candy corn cereal mix


So it has been 10 days since Halloween and I still have a large Costco size bag of candy in my pantry.  I don’t know how to get rid of all that candy, probably have the hubby bring it to his co-workers, but I do know what to do with the leftover candy corns. I […]

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october in pictures


I loved October. It felt balanced and all around good vibes. Fall décor at the house. Loving the white small pumpkins. We did the Breast Cancer Walk, my brothers and sisters joined me and the weather was great. I’m thinking of framing that palm tree picture I took below. I wore pink shoes, pink jacket […]

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halloween 2014


Happy Halloween from our baby crab. The picture below was taken during Baby H’s fall festival event at his day care. It was the first time having candy and boy did he love it!   I loved that his day care had this evening festivity, we got a chance to meet other parents and see […]

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pumpkin patch at Borchard Farms

borchard farms.jpg

  We took a family road trip last week, we drove seven hours north and spent the weekend at one of my favorite coastal town, Monterey, CA. The hubby and I have made a trip there almost every year (except for the year the baby was born), and it was great to share it with […]

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{recipe} Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Squares


For the last two years, I’ve done a bake sale during fall season to raise funds for charity.  We fundraise and do the 5K walk every October. As part of my contribution to my team, I like to do a bake sale so I can raise money and entice family and friends to donate to a […]

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{on motherhood} – self care


I’ve only been on this motherhood journey for a year and a half, but I am here 18 months after my first baby with many lessons learned and many thoughts that I would like to organize in a series of posts. These are thoughts that run through my head while doing dishes, while waiting in […]

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september thru instagram


I always ask myself at the end of the month, “what did we do this month”?”.  I won’t remember off bat  but if I look at my instagram account or my Iphone camera roll, it pretty much captures our life in pictures.  I made extra effort to be outdoors in September, knowing the colder and […]

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{recipe} mini sugar cookie fruit cups


I love bite size food and really loved it when desserts come in mini size. I just love the thought of being able to take a bite and savoring it, without the guilt of not finishing it when the portions are too big. They say the best bite is the first one. I first discovered […]

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