scenes from christmas – our evening at disneyland

There’s no place most festive around our area than Disneyland. Now that Baby H is older, we are able to spend time at disney for longer hours (currently about 4-5 hours before he poops out and needs a long nap). We braved the crowds and spent an evening at disney on a weeknight and enjoyed seeing all the decorations light up and celebrated the season as a family.


We found a spot along Main St. and waited for the firework show to starts. This is one of my favorite thing to see during the holidays, listening to the music and the seeing the fireworks, I still get goosebumps every time. Here’s a video on you tube.

Baby H is  not scared of the fireworks, but he really doesn’t know what to make of it either. If you see his face, he seems to be mesmerized by it. He cuddled with dad during the whole firework show. It “snows” after the fireworks and boy did he loved that. He kept pointing at it and squeaking with joy. I was so happy seeing him enjoying it.


Our visit to Disney would not be complete without going to Baby H’s favorite ride right now, It’s A Small World. Some days it’s so busy that all we get to do is go on this ride and the petting zoo area. Since the ride is decorated differently during the holidays, he is taking time to look everywhere and examining the changes. Other times during the year, he would dance and point at all the familiar characters, but during the holidays, not so much. He is more mellow with awe in his face.



We stayed until the park closed and was able to walk around the park with no crowds on our way back to the main gate. It was a wonderful evening and glad that we were able to make holiday memories with our little one. We go often during the day time, but the parks transforms at night into this Christmas wonderland and it’s something we try not to miss every year. Our passes are now blocked for the rest of the month, but the holiday decorations stay up until the first week in January, so we’re hoping to enjoy the decorations one last time in January.


designing holiday cards with Minted


I used to be indecisive, until I had baby. When you are a new mom, there is no time for being indecisive, you just do it and hope it will be good enough. It is good enough, because it was your best at the moment. So pre-baby, I used to take weeks to decide which designs to use for our holiday cards, but surprisingly, this year, I knew what I wanted even before I saw it.

I wanted to create something simple. Simplicity has been on mind this holiday season. The folks at Minted got in touch with me and see if they could help with our holiday cards. Of course, I said yes! I love their designs and how creative they are.  You can check out more of their favorite holiday card designs on their website.

One of the things I look forward to every year during the holidays is sending and receiving holiday cards. I call it “happy mail”. I display them in our DIY card display wreath, picture below is from last year. It’s possible I might need to make a second wreath this year. We have family that live far, and that we don’t see often, so it’s amazing to see the kids grow up from year to year.


I’ve designed a few cards already, saved them and will make the final decision this week. Here are the ones that I loved, I am really all about “JOY” these days.

I loved the font on this card design and how beautifully it loops into the message.

joy (minted)

A different picture, same design but with gold foil as the font.  I love using gold for special occasions and I find it very fitting during the holidays.

gold_joy (minted)


This year, Minted is also offering new and completely different families of products. I’ve already been eyeing some pieces from their art collection and especially love the foil pressed art options, so excited to add them to our gallery walls.

{recipe} pecan pie mini-cupcakes

pecan pie mini cupcakes.jpg

This year was my first year hosting Friendsgiving party and also Thanksgiving party at my house.  I love gathering my friends and family and have a night in and celebrate with food. I love hosting parties for many different reasons, but one of the reasons is the process of creating a dinner menu. I like […]

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november in pictures


I love doing these posts at the end of the month, a quick snap shot of what happened in the month. As I was perusing my phone for the pictures, I saw a repeated theme, that was FOOD! I’ve worked hard to simplify our life and not over commit ourselves and to keep it simple […]

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  We hosted Friendsgiving at my house this year, I hope it will become a yearly tradition. We have a few young kiddos now in our circle of friends, so we asked everyone to come early around 4pm so we don’t keep the kids up too late. We had a great time catching up with […]

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{recipe} no bake energy bites

energy bites_thumb.jpg

It’s Thanksgiving week and the tis’ (the beginning of) the season for celebrations with family, social gatherings and plenty of food. Probably everyone is thinking of all the delicious food they will be eating on Thursday for Thanksgiving. I love to indulge and enjoy every traditional food during the holidays, but when it is a […]

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lunch at gypsy den restaurant & becoming an introvert


  In this holiday season, I am choosing to be very protective of my time. Well, actually, this has been my theme all year. I don’t want to be soooo busy that I become exhausted. It’s so easy to get caught in everyone else’s busyness, that you really have to recognize when it’s time to […]

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ideas for thanksgiving dishes


Even though I have my favorite holiday season dishes, I intentionally try new recipes every year. I look forward to discovering new recipes and trying new things in the kitchen.  Sometimes I try something new and I find it ok, so I either go back to my favorite dish the next year or keep looking […]

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{recipe} candy corn cereal mix


So it has been 10 days since Halloween and I still have a large Costco size bag of candy in my pantry.  I don’t know how to get rid of all that candy, probably have the hubby bring it to his co-workers, but I do know what to do with the leftover candy corns. I […]

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october in pictures


I loved October. It felt balanced and all around good vibes. Fall décor at the house. Loving the white small pumpkins. We did the Breast Cancer Walk, my brothers and sisters joined me and the weather was great. I’m thinking of framing that palm tree picture I took below. I wore pink shoes, pink jacket […]

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