{working out} – pure barre

As a new mom, my philosophy on fitness has changed, it is much less about a workout, and  much more about a  lifestyle. I want to feel strong and feeling good, and more importantly, I want to have fun no matter where I am.

It took awhile to get to this place and I appreciate it so much more now. I really struggled to get back to working out consistently last year, the exhaustion and lack of sleep really kept my energy down.

My little man is now 16 months old and I am feeling good physically. These days, I am fitting into majority (about 90%) of my pre-baby clothes. More specifically, my old pencil skirts that I wear to work.


I don’t weigh myself often, and I don’t remember the last time I did. As long as I have energy to keep up with my toddler and I feel good and I am fitting in my current clothes, then that’s all the matters.

Last year was all about adjusting to my role as a working mom, and I did my best with the energy I had to stay active. Long walks with the stroller, short runs around the park and I did the a mile a day challenge between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Being at the gym bore me and I just wasn’t motivated to do more.

As soon as I weaned from breastfeeding, I felt  a lot more energy and was looking for a new exercise to try and have something to look forward to.

In January, I bought a groupon for Pure Barre and see if it was how I remembered it. I did Pure Barre religiously back in 2010. One week turned into one month, and then after that, I signed up for the 3 month promo called “Bouncing Back after baby”.


I loved it and I kept wanting to do more and if I had the time and babysitter, I would have done it everyday.  I didn’t mind the 6am class, mentally I was ready to get back to it. I managed to do 2-3 times a week and I saw results. I also cleaned up my diet right after the holidays so that helps a lot with results too. I always believe that if I don’t have time to workout, I can always do better in my eating habits.

I remember after a tough class, I was sweating and really proud of myself for getting thru it, getting the burn and not giving up. I wanted to sit down and write how I was feeling, so I can use the post as a my motivation for days that I needed it.

So this blog post has been drafted in my head since January. Doing Pure Barre was more than just a workout, it was more than that, it was time spent taking care of myself. It helped gave me balance that I needed to thrive in my role as a wife, mom and worker. I definitely found myself a more patient parent after I’ve had some time to myself.

photo (7)

I have Pure Barre to thank for helping get started again and see the big picture. It made me love working out again and changed my mindset and prioritizing things that are important to me.  Pure Barre helped  me realize that I’m not just doing this for me, it’s also for my little man.

IMG_8161 IMG_8162

{toddler meals}– Baby H at 15 months

I get a lot of comments that my little man is a good eater. We are now on our second day care facility and both teachers from the schools have told me that he is a good eater.  I’m lucky that he eats everything I give him, he pretty much eats the same food that I prepare for myself, but just in toddler size and I add more dairy.

This is where we are now so let me back track to how we got here.  I breastfeed and pumped until he was 10 months old. I went back to work after my maternity leave when he was 2.5 months old. I tried very hard to pump as much as I can at work to keep my supply up, but eventually meetings, workload, and other stress made my supply go down. Luckily, I had a ton of frozen BM and created myself a large freezer stash during my leave. With my frozen/fresh milk supply, we were able to have that last until he was 11 months.

We started with cereal around 6 months, he didn’t love it at first. He started loving it when we mixed it with pureed food. We started with full time solid foods around 12 months and never looked back.

I pack his food every day to take to daycare. Here are examples of the food he has been eating:


1 Egg w/ cheese + fruits


Plain oatmeal cooked with chopped raisins + fruits (half of the container)





Annie’s Mac N Cheese cooked with frozen spinach + roasted sweet potatoes



Quinoa Veggie Muffins + chopped cheese sticks + fruits


Angel hair pasta, marinara, turkey meatloaf & parmesan cheese



Smoothie: Greek yogurt, milk, avocado, banana, flax oil

IMG_1766 IMG_1771

Cheese sticks with grapes (the container on the right is breakfast –> oatmeal, raisins, sweet potato



Whole wheat bun, marina sauce and soy meatballs (all from Trader Joe’s)


Grilled cheese sandwich with ham & avocado. I also add a tapenade made with artichokes & roasted pepper inside the sandwich.



Here’s a snapshot of what I packed for the whole day at daycare. We eat dinner together at home. I also pack water and milk, excluded from the pictures.

Day 1:


Day 2:


{side dish} – zucchini & carrots


As the weather heats up, my time in the kitchen is becoming less and less.  I try to make Sunday the designated cooking day, which means, it’s the hottest day in the house. But there are times where I really want to bake and can’t get myself to turn on the oven when I get […]

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this is what summer looks like (1)


 “because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing”. (journaling card for project life from Studio Calico) We are making great memories this summer. We are definitely feeling the heat and try to find ways to stay cool, like visiting the library during story time, grilling indoors if dad’s not home and […]

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{currently loving} print art


I am on a mission to hang things on our walls. Besides printing  pictures, I have been collecting print arts that I’ve found online these past few months. I am inspired to build a gallery wall, and have been pinning ideas on how I want it to be arranged. These are the print arts that […]

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{summer bucket list} / visit the aquarium


Our summer bucket list this year involves a lot of planned family time, with a few family road trips together and some wish list of places to visit. Visiting an aquarium was on our list and since our little hula girl/my niece had a performance at the Long Beach aquarium with her dance group, it […]

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{recipe} quinoa vegetable muffins

As baby H transitioned from pureed food to solid foods to regular table foods, the recipes I made in the kitchen also transitioned to make them toddler friendly. I just made little adjustments to make sure that whatever food I prepared for the hubby and I, that I was able to adapt and feed to […]

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Oreo cupcakes

oreo cupcake.jpg

I tried a new cupcake recipe and I’m glad I found this in time for summer. We have a lot of social events we are looking forward to this summer, which makes me excited to see our friends and family, as well as bake new treats to share. I love experimenting in the kitchen, and […]

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{current favorite}–chop chop salad

chop chop salad.jpg

  I have a current favorite salad. I eat this when I don’t get a chance to pack my own lunch, and these days, it has been happening more often. I asked the restaurant for all the ingredients so I can try to replicate it at home. What I find unique about this salad is […]

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currently– {june 2014)

reading nook.jpg

  celebrating the great weather and enjoying the small moments slowing things down, and being intentional with our time creating my reading nook in our house (picture above) borrowing books from the library and reading instead of watching tv in the evenings looking forward to receiving this hammock for our backyard drinking iced coffee and […]

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