May Highlights – Newly Wed No More

I can’t believe it’s already June. I’m looking forward to so many fun things this summer. For me, summer has already started. I usually feel like it’s summer right around Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Here are the highlights from May (pictures on my phone). A collage I can look back to and see what happened in a month in a flash.

The husband and I celebrated a special milestone in May, we celebrated our wedding anniversary.

“Newly wed no more. Its been a great 1st year”


Whenever I flip my calendar to a new month, I always think to myself “What did I do last month?” Now I look at the pictures on my phone and I can see what I’ve been up to.

  • 1 – Hiking at Peters Canyon
  • 2 – Gardening (pulling out last years plants and replanting
  • 3, 5, 6 –  Hiking at Palos Verdes
  • 4 – Beautiful May flowers
  • 7 – After our hike, eating at Veggie Grill in Torrance
  • 8, 9,10, 11 – Disney Fun
  • 12 – Running into my niece at the dentist office
  • 13 – Office flowers
  • 14 – Eat, Drink and Live Well (words to live by). I found it at Williams Sonoma
  • 15 – It has been a busy, busy month at work.

05 - May 2012

  • 16, 17 – Grilling season is here. Sweet, fresh corn was the first thing we grilled.
  • 18 – Wango Tango Concert
  • 19 – I’m loving wearing stripes lately
  • 20 – Enjoying running outdoors
  • 21 – Summer nights at Disneyland
  • 22 – Sleeping with the windows open. It’s that time of the year again.
  • 23 – I eat an apple a day. Dipped in nut butters.
  • 24 – Planting flowers in the front yard.
  • 25 – Celebrating our wedding anniversary with friends.
  • 26 – Refreshing drink. Pineapple + Lime juice + water + apple cider vinegar
  • 27 – OC Tastefest
  • 28 – More hiking with friends

I’ve been a shutterbug lately and have been taking pictures daily.

It’s a great way to appreciate things around me, things that I take for granted daily.

I love it and I love looking back at all the memories I’ve made in the month of May.


What were some of your highlights from the month of May?


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  1. Great Post – love your photos – thanks for sharing! Happy Sunday!

  2. I agree with cravesadventure. What a lovely post! Loved seeing all the pics. :)

  3. Happy anniversary! Looks like you had such a fun month. Hope June goes as well :)

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