Christmas 2011


Christmas Eve It’s our family’s tradition to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Chris and I headed to my aunt’s house (same as last year) for our Christmas Eve party. We had traditional filipino dishes, including a whole roasted pig (lechon). After we ate, it was time to mingle and catch up with everyone at the […]

Happy Holidays


  From our Family to Yours….. Cheerful greetings and joyful wishes to you this Holiday Season!!   All the baked goods have been packed. I’m ready for the joyful eatin’

Our Christmas Tree + new ornaments


Before I met my husband, I’ve never had fresh and live Christmas tree. I grew up using a fake tree that we re-used every year.  I guess it was easier for my dad to rely on a boxed tree that he can assemble easily. Having five girls in the house, he really did not have […]

Homemade Gifts – Gifts In A Jar


When my girlfriends and I get together during our annual holiday party, it has become a tradition to give each other small and thoughtful gifts. Instead of bringing one big gift for secret santa gift exchange, we share the love with everyone with our small gifts. After we eat and have desserts and chit chat, […]