what I read / may 15


My reading have slowed down a bit, I recently started watching Chicago PD, so I’ve been binge watching the past seasons   Watching the show and catching up on my project life scrapbooking, has taken away some of my reading time.  It’s just the current ebb and flow of life, so I’m hoping to pick […]

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work wear / 2


My goal in taking pictures of my workout outfits, was to find out which items I wear often, fits me well and etc., so I can simplify my wardrobe and get rid of excess. The ultimate goal is to create a wardrobe capsule that will make things simple when getting ready for work. Well, I […]

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{recipe} broccoli slaw


  What are you looking forward to this summer? I’m torn between keeping things simple and not to plan every weekend in the summer, but I also want to take advantage of the season and want to socialize every weekend. I’m sure I’ll find the right balance.  Usually when we have people over for pool […]

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life lately: summer (1)


  Visiting my mom/sister’s house this past weekend, and H enjoying playing with my nephew’s train collection. He is really into trains right now and can play in this area for awhile, which gives me a chance to catch up with my family   After my niece and my other sister arrived, we headed out […]

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celebration : brunch for H 2nd birthday


My  little man turned 2 in March. Last year we threw a huge party, so to change the pace, we kept it simple this year. We invited immediate family over for a late morning brunch and cake. At 24 months, H knows that the week was a special week of celebration for him, balloons and […]

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{recipe} churro cupcakes


I’m posting these delicious churro cupcakes today to help celebrate Cinco De Mayo tomorrow (or to celebrate all week). I made mini versions of these cupcakes and brought them to work a few years ago and they were gobbled up. I originally made these when we hosted a dinner party for our 1st year wedding […]

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34 things I’m thankful for right now


    I’m thankful for sparkling water, it is my daily “fun drink” without any sugar. I’m thankful for podcasts, my commute will never be the same again. I’m thankful for our neighborhood, that the streets are safe and there are plenty of trails for me to walk around. I’m thankful for my husband’s ability […]

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{recipe} crock pot balsamic roast


I feel so productive when I make dinner in a slow cooker. It feels good knowing dinner is cooking itself.   I’m working towards making at least a few crock pot meals several times a month, to include it in my Sunday meal prep. Lately though, I’ve been preparing the ingredients right before bed and letting […]

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around here


  Around here….. I wrote my 550th post. Whoa, who would have thought I would still be blogging after 5 years. Beautiful flowers are in bloom around our house. I have done zero gardening this year, so I’m quiet surprise our plants haven’t died and even more surprise that they are blooming. We are enjoying […]

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work wear / 1


My goal is to stream line the process of getting ready for work every day, and I think it would help a ton if I simplify my closet.  I wear business professional clothes Mon-Fri, so majority of what’s currently hanging in my closet are work clothes. Casual/weekend clothes are folded in my dresser. I need […]

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