around here


  Around here….. I wrote my 550th post. Whoa, who would have thought I would still be blogging after 5 years. Beautiful flowers are in bloom around our house. I have done zero gardening this year, so I’m quiet surprise our plants haven’t died and even more surprise that they are blooming. We are enjoying […]

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work wear / 1


My goal is to stream line the process of getting ready for work every day, and I think it would help a ton if I simplify my closet.  I wear business professional clothes Mon-Fri, so majority of what’s currently hanging in my closet are work clothes. Casual/weekend clothes are folded in my dresser. I need […]

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{recipe} Italian almond crusted salmon


I made this almond crusted salmon twice during the month I did Whole 30. I bought 2 Costco size salmon, that was easily about 10 servings each. I bake it all at once and then portion and freeze half of it. I love salmon and usually bake/grill them with just a simple oil, salt & […]

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10 things from Easter


We had a wonderful Easter celebration this past weekend. We invited our family over and had a BBQ/lunch gathering and the weather was wonderful, perfect for dining al fresco. 1 /  First time giving H an Easter basket. I don’t remember what we did last Easter, but I didn’t have a basket for him.  The […]

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food prep while doing Whole30


I’ve always set aside time during the week to prep food ahead of time. This just makes my week less stressful and keeps my sanity. I do this most weeks, all year. But while on Whole30, planning ahead becomes very necessary (it was mandatory for me) in order to stay compliant throughout the week. I […]

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thoughts on my baby turning 2


Happy birthday to my baby, my big boy and my little Hawkie! Happy 2 years since birth day for me.   – My little man turned 2 this past week. I am so happy and grateful that we have ourselves a healthy, happy toddler and very talkative little guy. I was stopped by the daycare […]

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what I read / feb 15


After reading a few thrillers and suspense books back to back, I wanted to shift gear and read mostly romance books in February. Funny, some humor and witty books are always a delight to read. It Was Me All Along: A Memoir  /  by Andie Mitchell I feel like I know Andie because I’ve followed […]

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making me happy


  Chocolate Birthday Cake.  Making this triple chocolate cake for my husband’s birthday made me happy. Last year I bought donuts and stacked them for his cake and this year I really wanted to make a cake for him. He loved it and I saved myself a piece to enjoy for a later time when […]

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{recipe} egg casserole


This past week was a stressful one. The hubby was traveling for work conference, baby was sick and I had major deadlines at work.  I had to leave work on time in order to pick up the little man at day care on time. Every minute spent at work had to be super efficient with […]

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whole30 – week one


Whole30: Week 1 Summary As you can see from my meals below, I don’t mind eating the same things over and over. I ate the same thing for breakfast and lunch for the first 5 days and the only variety are my dinner meals. I keep it simple and prepping on the weekend helps me […]

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