Back to the grind

No, not the coffee kind, but the study-your-butt off grind.

The other day I was driving from work and the temperature read 92 degrees…that is hot, even for Southern California standards. That’s why today was one of the days I was glad to be in school, indoors and I felt cooled all day.

I also did something I haven’t done for awhile, ate my lunch outside (under a shade). Very enjoyable.

That wasn’t my view…but that’s what I imagined it would be if I was eating outdoors by the beach. This picture is actually very special to me, that’s where I got engaged. Pretty eh?

I day dream and play mind games when I’m bored in school..just something to entertain myself. It was a long day at school.

I love SoCal, the pictures says it all.


  1. Gorgeous! I was proposed to in Cincinnati lol

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