Hawaiian Dinner

I have been looking forward to our plans tonight. Tonight is my night off from my studies to go have some fun with the fiance and friends.

We started off with dinner early at King’s Hawaiian Restaurant since we were taking the shuttle to Hollywood Bowl around 6pm. King’s Hawaiian is known for their bakery and the sweet bread you have probably seen in your local supermarket. They have a few restaurant locations that also have bakeries with tons of yummy goodies.

Their famous Paradise Cake.

Dinner was fun, no pictures because we were hungry and ate our food as soon as it was served. I ordered Macadamia Chicken bowl, skipped the rice and asked for extra side of grilled veggies instead. Servings are large even for the medium bowl, I finished the veggies but not the chicken.

Off we go on the shuttle…this is the way to go because parking at the Hollywood Bowl is stacked parking and logistics of getting in and out of the venue will be a nightmare.

Me and the fiance 🙂

More on Hollywood Bowl Planet Earth event on next post…..

Have you seen the Planet Earth series before?


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have heard of King’s Hawaiin. I had no clue they had a restaurant though. Yum!


  1. […] dinner, wine and snacks in tote.  I will definitely bring my own food next time. Since we ate dinner at King’s Hawaiian Restaurant, we only brought snacks with us. We missed the […]

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