Hollywood Bowl – Planet Earth Live

Saturday night at the Hollywood Bowl watching Planet Earth Live was really fun. It was my first time going to the venue and I’m glad I finally went and even better, went to a Planet Earth Live event.

We saw spectacular footage from the BBC television series Planet Earth, first time high-def is being shown on the Bowl’s big screen. The L.A. Philharmonic played live and took us on a journey through the earth’s most amazing sites and environments, nature’s most mysterious and beautiful animals.

There are healthy eats available at the venue but you can bring  your own food into the venue. There are plenty of places to set-up a picnic and we saw plenty of people with Trader Joe’s and Wholefood’s bags with their dinner, wine and snacks in tote.  I will definitely bring my own food next time. Since we ate dinner at King’s Hawaiian Restaurant, we only brought snacks with us. We missed the wine 😦

This is not a real hot dog, it's a pencil case bag. Fooled me!

I thought this was pretty funny

Our view from the top

The fiance made homemade bread. Yummy with hummus.

Double Choc muffin from King's Hawaain bakery. Ate half and shared the rest.

We had a really fun night. Next time, we’ll definitely get to the venue earlier and have dinner there picnic style to enjoy the whole experience of what Hollywood Bowl has to offer.

I also posted my first Operation Beautiful note at the venue:

Operation Beautiful note @ Hollywood Bowl event

Have you ever been to a venue that allowed you to bring your own alcohol and food? What did you bring?


  1. This looks so awesome! Usually the venues I go to don’t allow any outside food/drinks 😦 blah! Oh well, expensive food is worth it…sometimes 😛 But that homemade bread looks delicious – your fiance must be a great cook!

    • Hi Meg. Yes, my fiance is a great cook, I’m very lucky. Now if only I can get him to cook healthier dishes, lol!

      Btw, I like your gravatar picture, it’s actually what caught my eye and I found your blog after that. I love San Fran. I’m going to post some pictures from my travels there soon.

  2. actorsdiet says:

    i can’t believe i haven’t been to the bowl yet this year!!! this was one of the events i was eyeing….

    organizing a LA blogger brunch on saturday august 7th at 11am – lemme know if you can make it!

  3. Venues where you can bring your own drink ROCK in my opinion..same for restaurants that allow you to bring your own wine.

    Wish I was still in SoCal to join you for a blogger meet up (I lived in Redondo Beach for 2 years 😉 )


  1. […] had a picnic at the Hollywood Bowl. I’ve only been to the Hollywood Bowl a few times and these were my best seats so far. We couldn’t get any closer to the stage, unless we were […]

  2. […] My husband loves making bread. He is the bread maker in the family, but he is teaching me and I am slowly learning. You can see a picture of the bread he made from one of my very first post on this blog, back in summer of 2010. […]

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