I heart Seattle

Last fall I went on a travel-spree with friends, I guess you can say, I had wanderlust. I had some vacation days, great deals on hotels and all I needed was to pick a place and  go. I picked Seattle. I like organizing group trips, creating itineraries and researching places to visit and food to eat. On this trip, 7 of my girlfriends joined in on the fun of our Seattle Adventure

I wanted to try doing Flashback Fridays so I will share with you some pictures from my Seattle trip.

We left Long Beach airport after work on Thursday, so we our arrival time in Seattle was pretty late, we had late dinner at a bar near our hotel.

We stayed near Lake Union area. I woke up bright and early on our first full day in Seattle, me and my friend went on a morning walk while everyone was still sleeping. Sleepless in Seattle?

Then the whole group had lunch reservation a t Sky City Restaurant on top of the Space Needle. The restaurant rotates so you get a 360 view of  Seattle while dining.

Food was good but this dessert was smokin hot. I’ve had better ice cream before but  A+ for the presentation.

After lunch, we explored the Space Needle and enjoyed the sites.

Found this cool book at the giftshop.

After walking around Seattle Center, it was time for a cup of coffee. This was too pretty to drink.

More cool things to see

We wrapped up our first day. We stayed for 3 days total. I will save the rest of the adventures for another time. We visited the Public Market (Pike Place), joined a Food Tour,  searched for Seattle’s best chocolate and had cupcakes where it had legalize frostitution.


  1. Fab photos! Seattle in the Fall on a crisp clear day is pretty darn amazing 😉

  2. Thank you Shanna. I hope to visit Seattle again soon.

  3. Laugh and Cook says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle. I’ve mentioned it to my boyfriend so many times, hoping he’d get it and agree to go with me. hehe. Going in the Fall sounds like a good time to go.

    • It was really beautiful in Seattle during Fall because of the differentn colors everywhere but I also heard that it’s nice there during spring and summer too. We had really good airfare deals too. I always try to travel on budget.

      I hope you get to visit Seattle soon. I’ll going to continue with more Seattle pictures once I do more Wordless Wednesday. Stay tuned.

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

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