Peaches N’ Cream

I love oatbran for breakfast. It’s so versatile and you can create different flavor combinations. Today’s combo was Peaches N’ Cream.  1/3 C Oatbran 1 C water 1/3 C Almond Milk Vanilla Protein Powder 1/2 C fresh peaches 1 T unsweetened coconut flakes Oatbran served in this really fun bowl or large mug.  I love it. I […]


When the fruits outweighs the oatmeal, I call it a Fruitmeal.  Can you see the oatmeal in this picture? This is my typical breakfast these days. Fresh fruits eaten for breakfast, snacks and dinner…is what I call summer meals. Today’s Oats includes: 1/3  cup oatmeal 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1 scoop vanilla protein powder […]

Lunch on the Run

After a 5 mile run this morning, I did some studying and got ready for an appointment at 1pm. I had to make a quick and healthy lunch with whatever I already had in the refrigerator. I didn’t have time to cook anything. Egg salad with hummus.                                                                   2 boiled eggs 1-2 tablespoon hummus (I […]

Back to the grind

No, not the coffee kind, but the study-your-butt off grind. The other day I was driving from work and the temperature read 92 degrees…that is hot, even for Southern California standards. That’s why today was one of the days I was glad to be in school, indoors and I felt cooled all day. I also […]

Hello Blog

Hey there. Why the name you ask? I like eating healthy. I love anything coconut. This blog is about healthy balance on eating and exercise. I will write about the balancing act of living a busy life while trying to stay healthy and active. Welcome to my blog, enjoy reading! Life as it is right […]