Opal and Destination Wedding

The fiance returned this week from his family vacation and fishing trip from La Paz in Mexico. He brought me some neat presents.   The bracelet have opal stones on it. It’s the first time I’ve heard about these stones. After the fiance told me it was rare, I went ahead and looked it up […]

Blue and Navy

 My weekend was pretty laid back. I have a few trips coming up that I need to prepare and pack for so I kept myself busy with that. As always, lectures, homework and studying have been taking up my free time. Tea of the day was Tazo Tea – Organic Chai. The tea is so […]

Recipe for Protein Scones

Protein Scones

Routine and Protein Scone

 My morning routine almost always starts off with a hot beverage. I usually drink all sorts of teas, but I also love morning coffees when I need them. Today’s tea was Organic Japanese Twig Tea. This tea is calming and soothes my stomach first thing in the morning. Tea served on one of my favorite […]

Swimming with Manta Rays

Swimming with Manta Rays, Hawaii, Big Island

Wine and Dine

This week is a scorcher. No worries, I’m mentally prepared for it and scheduled my workout around the heat. After a 4 mile run at the park this morning, I stopped by Starbucks for a Venti Green Tea (unsweetened).  I don’t go to Starbucks often anymore because I’d rather make my own drinks now, but […]

Food Is Art – OC Fair

Food Is Art, Orange County Fair, deep fried oreos, deep fried klondike bar, summer

Tropical Paradise and Jay Robb

Protein Smoothie, Protein Shakes, Jay Robb Protein Powder

Summertime Coconut Nuts Granola

coconut granola, granola

Cabbage Stir-Fry

Recipe for cabbage stir fry, tofu cabbage stir fry