Going Bananas for Bananas

I have been craving bananas. I find them everywhere I go, mini bananas the length of your fingers, regular bananas, frozen bananas and banana bread.  

 We have a resident baker at my work. My co-worker likes to bake and she brings plenty of treats for us to eat at work. One of her recent creation was banana bread. You know, the one made with white flour, lots of white sugar and butter. Everyone’s favorite.


As much as I love sweet treats, me and white sugar hate each other do not get along. She takes me on a wild ride. So I took a sliver of a slice and moved on.

When I got home, I wanted to bake and since I was surrounded by bananas all day long….I wanted to make banana mini muffins.

Healthy Banana Mini Muffins

In the oven are my mini creations


Also included oats and flax in the mix


Can you believe these small treats can fill the whole house with sweet banana aroma?



I made mini muffins. How cute is this little banana heaven?

Even though my weakness is dessert, I find ways to make healthy alternatives.

Ingredients used:   spelt flour, almond flour, brown rice syrup, almond milk, oats, flax and bananas

How do you deal with unhealthy office treats that are offered to you? Do you say no thanks or be polite and eat them?


  1. Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my blog! When I saw your picture on my blog I thought, “WOW! That’s a pretty face!” 🙂

    I like to “healthify” my favorite treats, desserts, snacks, etc., as well. I gotta say those banana muffins look out-of-the-world!

  2. Good tips on healthy substitutes! Thanks

  3. I am actually really good about not eating treats brought into work. I’m afraid that once I cave, I’ll never go back!

    Those muffins look delish!

  4. I do the same thing, and try to make healthy alternatives to bring in!

    Those mini muffins look quite tasty!


  1. […] had dessert when I came back to work. More Banana Mini Muffins that I baked earlier this week. I put Coconut Butter spread on top of it and it even tasted […]

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