It’s All Good

Happy Friday!

Today started out like usual. I had my cup of tea in this cool cup. I like the message, it’s my morning pep talk to myself 🙂

Then I had my bowl of oats with blueberries, banana and almond coconut granola and Nuttzo

Then I’m off to the gym to do Body Pump class. I love the instructor on Friday mornings, she’s always so energetic, imagine if Espresso and Red Bull married each other and had a daughter, it would be her.

After class a little accident happened and my finger got caught in between two heavy weights 😦  The class started late and we rushed putting our stuff away because the next spin class was starting.  It doesn’t look as bad because I put the skin back on…<yuck> put a bandaid on it and moved on.


It was throbbing the whole morning. I’m such a baby…but I should be used to it because I’m clumsy and get into accidents easily. Knock on wood…never with my car. Just small stuff!

Anyways, lunch today was at Veggie Grill. If you’ve never been to this restaurant, I highly recommend you go check it out. Their food is healthy, vegetarian and vegan friendly. I believe they also offer gluten-free and soy-free products. I brought my fiance to eat here and he loved it too. He doesn’t always praise my healthy restaurant picks.

The best kale salad I’ve ever had is from this place.  It’s called All Hail Kale salad.

All Hale Kale - Veggie Grill

The salad consist of marinated kale and red cabbage, roasted corn salsa, agave-roasted walnuts with a ginger-papaya vinaigrette.  It was so tasty that I didn’t  use the salad dressing and will save it for my own DIY salad. Loved it. I must make this at home.

The restaurant have plenty of other delicious choices. I’m planning to go back again soon to try other items. I’ll probably get their sandwiches or burgers since the review on those are pretty high.

I had dessert when I came back to work. More Banana Mini Muffins that I baked earlier this week. I put Coconut Butter spread on top of it and it even tasted better 🙂

I’m a happy girl, accident and all!

Do you like kale salad?   Do you have a kale salad recipe that you recommend?

Have a good weekend!


  1. Oh you poor thing! But Gorgeous ring!

  2. Are you in LA?! I go to college there! I went to Veggie Grill, and had that very same salad…and a bowl of bean-me-up chili! I liked the salad, but I felt like the chili just needed some…good ol’ meat. lol.

    Aw, sorry about the finger…it’s funny how such a small cut can really hurt a LOT. Esp in places like fingers and toes!

  3. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your finger!

    Just discovered your blog– and I’m so excited to hear about the Veggie Grill! I’m always looking for new restaurants to try in LA! I’ve never really had a kale salad before, but I’ve been meaning to try making one at home! Your lunch looks amazing!

  4. Ouch – that looks painful! The salad looks wonderful. I love corn based salsas as a dressing.

  5. actorsdiet says:

    i’ve got some cuts on my fingers now too – i feel like a baby but they huuurt!

    the all hail kale salad is terrific but the best one i’ve ever had is the kale with spicy peanut sauce at m cafe. it’s like crack.

  6. I was going to say fingers are in danger lately cause lynn just cut her finger too! then I realized she already commented about it! Cant you believe, the foodie/chef that I am I have yet to have kale!

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