Not according to plan

After dinner last night, we watched on DVD the British version of “The Office”. It was really interesting. Some of the jokes I didn’t really get because with the accent and some characters mumbling, I often missed the punch line.  I like the version of “The Office” we have here in the U.S. I love Jim and Pam, such a cute couple.

I stayed up late last night studying so I can catch up. I try to balance play time with studying time.  It’s a good plan in theory but what actually happens is that once I start play time, it’s really hard to go back to studying.  Well, it’s only temporary and will be worth it once I have my license.

Starbucks was needed this morning. I actuall have not had Starbucks drink for over a year now because I make tea at home, but I was pinched for time today.

I usually get tea but today I thought I would try the Pike Place Roast flavor. It reminds me of Seattle, with the name Pike Place. It tasted like regular black coffee to me. I’ll stick to tea next time.

I didn’t mind being up early because I had some exciting plans for lunch at a blogger meet-up.  I was really excited to meet everyone.

Lets just say the day didn’t go according to plan. The review session took longer than expected and I ended up missing the blogger meet-up. I was really bummed and also irritated because I was getting hungry. I ate a small breakfast because lunch was going to be at 11am.  I had to dig in my purse and use my emergency food stash.

KIND Bar – Almond & Apricot (Main ingredients: Almond, apricots, honey, dried coconuts). I’ve only had this flavor and the Fruit Medley kind, I prefer this between the two.  Costco sells them in bulk so I got a deal 🙂 I want to make cookies with the same ingredients.

I was sad to missed the blogger meet-up but I’m sure there will be another one and I can meet everyone then.

I was sad….until I had this in front of me. Red Velvet cake frozen yogurt with mangoes, granola and dark chocolate. My belly is happy. Mine on the left, his on the right.

The rest of the afternoon will be more wedding planning then get ready for date night with the fiance tonight.


  1. If you don’t mind me asking, what review course are you using?

  2. Yogurtland rocks! I love their toppings

  3. sorry we missed you! you and I should plan a meet up sometime when you’re free!

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