Ocean View and Thai Spice

We visited another location for a possible wedding venue. This location has a spectacular ocean view, surrounded with lots of greenery and very private because it’s tucked in a residential area. This is in the same area as the previous location we visited.

The view is the back drop so no need add a lot decor.

The only drawback with this location is the interior. It hasn’t been updated and felt too cramped.

I do love the view of the trees by the windows. It feels like you are high on top of a tree house.

Cute and simple table settings. This can be DIY project.

I commented to the fiance if he noticed the smell to make sure it wasn’t just my sensitive nose, and he did agree it smelled like grandma’s house 😦

The staff were very helpful with our questions. After we grabbed the information for wedding packages, we set out for dinner afterwards.

I love Thai spices and Thai food. They are so flavorful. We decided to have dinner at Jumpa Thai.

We started with Papaya Salad. This was prepared medium hot and it got a little spicy towards the bottom of the dish.

Papaya Salad

My friend’s mom makes papaya salad and she said that the trick to making great papaya salad is how the papaya is cut. Long and thin.

We ordered Phad Thai, which was very flavorful and moist. We tried to eat slow so we can recognize the spices and see if we can replicate it at home. One of the best.

I love crunch and lots of bean sprouts in my Phad Thai

Brocolli Stir-Fry with Tofu

I like lots of garlic in my food. Since the other dishes had really strong mix of flavors, this tasted bland compare to the other dishes.

Dinner would not be complete without this delicious dessert. This is the dessert I always look forward to whenever dining out at Thai restaurants.

Sweet Coconut Rice with Mango
Perfect ripe mango

We also ordered a side of brown rice with our meal.

After dinner we watch the movie “Toy Story 3”. We wanted to see a movie that received great reviews and lighthearted. The movie was funny at times, we actually laughed out loud several times. Some parts are sad though but the ending was great. Good way to wrap up the Toy Story franchise. I would recommend it.


  1. Lea have you checked out Los Calamigos in Malibu yet? It’s a great venue and very intimate and not too pricey!

    • Thanks for the suggestion Shana. I went to their website and it’s beautiful. I love venues that have plenty of romance in them.

      I’ve requested for additional information for wedding packages so I can start looking thru them.

  2. Have you considered “Inn of the Seventh Ray”? my friend got married there and food was AMAZING and the place simply looks magical!

    • Hi Eden,
      Thanks for the suggestion. I googled and found more information on wedding wire. Indeed it’s magical. I love the lighting.
      I’ve requested for additional information for wedding packages so I can start looking thru them.

  3. Love the venue and chivari chairs! Thai food is so good, and you got all my favourites. Pad thai = delicious.

  4. ilovefetacheese says:

    All of this food looks amazing and healthy!! I love thai food 🙂 Need some…NOW!

  5. I absolutely adore Thai food! Mmmmm! Coconut rice is the best!

    I think the venue’s interior can definitely be spruced up pretty easily with some drapery and flowers but the outside view is gorgeous!


  1. […] love Thai dishes and it’s one of my first pick whenever we dine out so I knew that I would love the coconut and lime combination that is typical in Thai […]

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