Viva Las Vegas

I was MIA all weekend and for had a good reason.  My fun filled weekend was spent in Las Vegas for a friend’s bachelorette party. We left Friday morning to start the festivities and came home late Sunday.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right? and definitely off the blog 🙂  It was a bachelorette party after all.

But these are a few selected pictures that can be shared.

On Friday night, each girl dressed up in different colors. We all wore rainbow colors and the bride-to-be was the pot of gold, she wore a gold dress.

I wore a pink dress and my outfit included these accessories:

We spent the whole night dancing at Tao at The Venetian Hotel.

Tao at the Venetian Hotel

The next day involved more fun and games. Dinner was at Sushi Roku at Caesar’s Palace. It’s a nice place for dining with friends or on a date. Our table had a great view of the strip.

My drink of choice, Strawberry Mojito.

I picked one of the specials for the night, braised Sea Bass with veggies

We had mochi ice cream for dessert, served with sparklers.

Can you guess what the theme was for the night?

More fun for the bride-to-be at Olympic Gardens.

If you are familiar with Vegas and OG, then you can use your imagination on what happened afterwards.

After OG, we went to Eve at Aria Hotel and then Vanity at Hard Rock Hotel.

I had a really great time with my girlfriends. We always do. The surprise montage I created for the bride-to-be made us go down memory lane and made the bride-to-be cry.

Viva Las Vegas!!!!


  1. How fun! You look so cute too 🙂

  2. Hmmm, I was at OG just last year around this time…hehehehe 😉

    I just tried the One coconut water…I’m not sold yet, but I didn’t hate it!


  1. […] Last time I was in Vegas, my hair was shorter, I wore a fedora hat and danced all night long. […]

  2. […] Everyone was craving the Oolong Seabass dish, we ordered 2 plates of our favorite dish. We first fell in love with this dish last year at Sarah’s bachelorette party. […]

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