I have been lacking sleep the last few days. My body is just out of whack, it’s obvious and I can totally feel it.

Last Thursday night I stayed up until 2am putting finishing touches on the surprise montage I was going to show in Vegas. While in Vegas, both Friday and Saturday nights were spent celebrating and partying and coming back to the hotel around 4am. Sunday we were on the road most of the day driving back to L.A. We got stuck in the worst traffic ever. I haven’t had a chance to rest.

It’s not a surprise that I’m feeling like a zombie today. I know I was lacking nutritious food all weekend so I thought I’d start the week by making a trip to Wholefoods.

I drank plenty of coconut water this weekend. I bought several bottles for the trip and drank them before going to bed and throughout the day. It helped with keeping me hydrated.

I wanted coconut water today so I picked up a few more. I picked the brands that I’m familiar with.

I like them both equally. Zico has a little bit saltier taste and in my opinion, taste the closest to pure  coconut juice. While I was vacationing in the Philippines, I’ve drank many times coconut juice straight from fresh coconuts.

O.N.E coconut water is also good. The only difference is that it is doesn’t have a salty taste at all, so for me, it tasted a little diluted or watered down coconut juice.

I prefer drinking ZICO while working out or running.

I visited the salad bar. I filled it up. It was huge and I ate it for lunch and dinner. I was craving vegetables big time today. There’s a bed of fresh kale underneath all of the toppings.

Crofter’s Organic  had a table set-up for tasting. I tried the superfruit spreads from Asia and Europe. I liked them both, they tasted very sweet with a little hint of tart. A small amount packs a lot of flavor. I think this would taste great with crackers or a nut butter and fruit jam sandwich.

I asked about the sugar contents of the jams. The company rep told me that the Superfruit spreads were sweetened by organic cane juice. But they also make jams which are just fruit sweetened.  He also said that once the fruits are processed into jams, the fructose/glucose is about the same level for fruit sweetened jams and cane juice sweetened jams. Interesting! I’d like to read up more on that.

This was my favorite out of the four flavors.

I also bought some California grown peaches. They were on sale 🙂 I ate these for mid-afternoon snacks on my desk.

When I got home from work. I ate my leftover salad and made a smoothie.

I made Vega shake with 1 scoop Vega, spinach, 1 frozen banana, almond milk and water/ice.

I’m feeling much better tonight and I feel like I have my energy back. I’m going to bed early tonight.  I should be back to my regular workout and studying schedule for the rest of the week.

When you are feeling weak, what do you do or eat to help revive your body or get your energy back?  


  1. crofter’s is da bomb. i have that same drinking glass in blue! BBB right?!

  2. Maria says:

    I love Vegas – although I can’t handle it as much as I used to be able to! I usually make myself a healthy smoothie (usually a Green Monster) to help myself rejuvenate – that and taking a nap!

    • I agree, it takes me longer to recover from consecutive late nights out. I did exactly just that, I made green monster with Vega the next day an felt better after a good night’s sleep too.

  3. when i’m feeling weak, i always make sure i am hydrated. 99% of the time, that is the issue (i’m horrible at getting enough water, especially when i’m in the middle of training for a run). I’ll also try whipping up some sort of smoothie, packed with nutrients!

    Have you ever tried any of the flavored O.N.E Coconut water? I tried the mango (hated) but REALLY really enjoyed the pineapple!

    • I’ve seen the flavored water but there are so many choices I didn’t know which one to try. I was going to say I wanted to try the mango flavor since I love the fresh fruit. Thanks for the review on that though, will pick up pineapple instead.

  4. i’ve been looking for coconut water, but can’t seem to find it! usually i just drink water but i’m interested because of all the healthy benefits. lookin forward to reading more of your blog 🙂

  5. yum, i want to try this superfruit spread!

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