Food Is Art – OC Fair

A group of our friends made our annual visit to the Orange County Fair. Just like days spent at the beach is a summer norm, summer would not be complete if we didn’t make a visit to the OC fair. It’s the source of food coma because of all the artery clogging food stations.

We didn’t get any tickets for concerts this summer. I think Adam Lambert was performing the same day we visited.

OC Fair is where greasy foods meet deep fried snacks and if you still have room for it, I heard the deep fried butter was the new “it” food this year.

Unlike the fiance, I was not there for the food. I was there to hangout with friends, check out the shows (we saw a really cool hypnotist show) and check out the dessert offerings.

I ate a hearty snack before heading to the fair. I made Ezekiel bread sandwich filled with almond butter and banana.

A big orange greeted us at the entrance, it is Orange County.

I don’t feel safe riding these at fairs, but they’re cool to look at.

Did you know???? I sure didn’t.

Before:  Healthy!

After:  NOT healthy…after being smeared with butter, mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, chili powder and lime.

Huge sausage stuffed in a bun that was too small. I took a bite, it was actually good but greasy 😦

Deep fried Klondike bar. They made too much so this was handed out to me for free while I was walking around. I passed and gave to the fiance and friends  to eat.

Butter sculpture and butter supply for a lifetime.

Made of licorice.

Bald Eagle – Bread sculpture.

I didn’t want to leave without having dessert. I tried the deep fried Oreo. I didn’t like it, too much breading/cake. The deep fried Oreo version in my head was better, it was crunchy and chocolaty. There were four Oreos, I gave away the rest.

Bye fair…I’ll see you next year. Same time, same place!

If you go to a food fair, which of the deep fried snacks do you eat or have tried? Someone actually tried the deep fried butter and they said it tasted like melted twinkies.


  1. actorsdiet says:

    oh my god i wanna go!

  2. that looks so fun!

  3. Wow, the food art was incredible! I love stuff like that … very cool. I have to confess..I like twinkies, but I would *never* eat deep fried butter because I’m not a fan of butter.

    The most fried food I ever eat is veggie tempura, maybe a funnel cake once every 5 years, and donut holes 😉

  4. i had like the blooming onion knock off but nothing like all the fried food you got! i think the fresh chips and fried oreos take the cake.

  5. I seriously love the food art! That is awesome- and something I would totally go see if I ever found it in Chicago!

    I don’t really go crazy over fair food like a lot of people do… Deep fried dessert from a fair (unless it’s fried icecream from a mexican restaurant- yum) kinda freaks me out. Maybe it’s just fair food in general? Either way… I often pass.

    • Yes, it was really cool to read up on them. You have plenty of cool art in Chicago too. I want to visit again, I really liked it there.

      During our last trip, I think the “Taste of Chicago” was going on and we were able to eat our way around the park. It was fun.

  6. I had no idea that the OC fair was so…nice! And full of art? Why did I think it was totally trashy?

    Those sculptures are gorgeous. And I would have passed on the deep fried Klondike bar too!

    • OC Fair is not that bad. I was like you too, I thought it would be dirty but it’s actually not that bad. We went on a Sunday night, it was crowded but not as bad as Saturdays.

  7. Wow those sculptures…great pics!

    …so the sausage dog looks good 😉

  8. Hey girlie- the fair is always an experience! I love the food exhibits- that is VERY cool. I’m not a fan of too many fried foods, but I do like funnel cake every once in a great while.

    On the bars- yes, rolled oats! And they do freeze very well. I wrap them individually and put them in the freezer.

  9. i miss OC!

    That klondike bar goodness looks AH-MAZ-ING!

    • The actual klondike bar was already melted inside the deep fried breading. I’m sure it would have tasted better if the bar was still intact. Can’t complain, it was free 🙂

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