Wine and Dine

This week is a scorcher. No worries, I’m mentally prepared for it and scheduled my workout around the heat.

After a 4 mile run at the park this morning, I stopped by Starbucks for a Venti Green Tea (unsweetened).  I don’t go to Starbucks often anymore because I’d rather make my own drinks now, but for days like this where my face just couldn’t stop sweating, a cold drink was a must.

But first things first. My fiance leaves for work early and sometimes have to move my car in the morning. It all depends which car he takes that day.

I had a sweet surprise today waiting in my car. He left me a rose and a love note. The rose was from the rose bushes along the driveway and front porch. I love flowers and I always comment how beautiful they are.

He’s such a sweet guy 🙂  I brought it to my desk at work.

So the wine and dine part of the post.

My girlfriend Sarah and I went to go check out a restaurant in the area. We wanted to go somewhere new (to us) and try something different from our usual happy hour meet-ups. We usually go to RA Sushi or JT Schmidt’s.

The Winery Restaurant in Orange County.

The place has a romantic ambience with the style of lighting  and how it’s set-up, it’s not too noisy either. I was sitting in front of a table where the couple just kissed all night. Then there were also tables where it was clearly business meetings and people exchanging business cards.

We were seated at a booth in the main restaurant.

I asked our waiter to recommend a wine for me. I wanted something fruity and light. I usually drink red wine when I’m dining out.

What she recommended tasted great. (I forgot the name because it was long and hard to pronounce) They also gave us a bread basket with cheese.

For starters, we shared a cheese plate. Brie, Goat and another cheese that tasted like sharp cheddar cheese.

For our main entrée, we shared the Mahi Mahi special for the night, with mango and curry sauce. This was good but spicy.

To finish off our meal, we had the White Peach, Blueberries and Almond Cobbler topped with caramelized honey ice cream.

In between us catching up and chit chat about wedding planning (she’s getting married next month), we were eating this dessert for an hour or longer.

Overall a good experience at the restaurant. I really like restaurants that have cozy ambience. It makes the whole dining experience special.

Are you a wine connoisseur? Do you drink different wines with different food? I like drinking red wine  most of the time, but I also like to drink light and fruity wine if I’m going out on weeknights or during Sunday brunch.


  1. Its sad, I cant have wine cause I have elevated liver functions, but I took a wine class in culinary school so I appreciate the right pairings! I love vineyards and the whole wine making process, its so fascinating@

  2. opps I meant to put an “!” not an “@”

  3. I drink white wine more often than red, and I really don’t know much about pairing. I hope to one day take a class or go to wine tastings to learn more about the different types of wine and what they go best with.

  4. I love me some VINO!

    I worked at winery for a couple years in the tasting room and got to learn quite a bit. I also love going wine-tasting everywhere I visit.

    I’m a big fan of Pinots and also Merlots. Whites..not so much anymore.

    • I’m glad to know you’re a wine lover. I’m going to get your recommendations then when I’m hosting dinner parties.

      Which winery is your favorite in Napa? or in California?

  5. I am not a big wine connoisseur, but I love whites, and fruity dessert type wines!

    I’ve only been wine tasting a couple of times, but there is a really really fun place down by you (in Temecula). I wrote a post about it, but if you google “Sunrider Wine Tours”, you’ll see what I mean. It isn’t a typical “fancy” wine tour (you’re in jeeps for goodness sake!) but it sure was fun!

  6. i love love love wines! i wouldn’t say i am all that knowledgeable but i have been wine tasting and to many wine bars in the la area. i always have some riesling in the fridge. a sweet white wine that is a perfect refreshment for anytime of the day!

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