Routine and Protein Scone

 My morning routine almost always starts off with a hot beverage. I usually drink all sorts of teas, but I also love morning coffees when I need them.

Today’s tea was Organic Japanese Twig Tea. This tea is calming and soothes my stomach first thing in the morning.

Tea served on one of my favorite cup from Hawaii, it was free from ABC stores after I did a large shopping spree for souvenirs.

Did I mention I used to dance Hula? Maybe I’ll share some pictures in the future 🙂


My special pre-workout snack today was frozen banana with chocolate. This was leftover from last night. I was craving chocolate, so I cut a banana in half, spread cocoa butter on top and sprinkled coconut and almonds. Put in the freezer for 15 mins and enjoyed every bite.

The other half of the banana I left in the freezer overnight for today’s pre-workout snack. Perfect fuel for a hot morning run.


My after workout fuel. Protein shake using Jay Robb protein powder from the sample they sent over. 1 packet of Chocolate protein powder, 1/4 frozen banana and a few drops of mint extract. First time I tried mint in my shake, I like it!

Also for breakfast. Protein Scones with dried cranberries and blueberries. (recipe coming soon)

Gotta love portable food. This is perfect for me because I’m always on the go.

I’ve been busy with my studies and have an exam coming up soon. It’s crunch time!

Sometimes I want to get everything done and end up spreading myself too thin. I have my job, my studying and then home renovation and wedding planning

I have so many ideas and I want to get started on them right away. I have a notebook on my nightstand. Whenever ideas come up in my head before I go to sleep, I write them down so I don’t worry that I’ll forget them.

My mom gave me advice after I called her one day when I was feeling overwhelmed, she said you have to focus on one thing at a time and you’ll do well. If you try to do everything at once, you might end up with nothing. I knew that in my head, but I don’t know why it makes more sense coming from your mom.

Do you have a set routine every day? or does it change often?  I like structure (so accountant of me), so I thrive when my day is structured. I like to plan ahead of time and use my calendar a LOT.


  1. I’m a routine girl. I rely on it and thrive on it. And I make tons of to-do lists for each day and whatever I don’t tackle gets delegated to a new day. It works!

  2. Ok I’m a total home goods geek and I am totally digging your mugs and your fish “goblet” :-). I try to keep a regular routine in my day but it doesn’t always work out lol.

    • Hi Lin….my fiance loves fishes. His work and his hobbies revolves around marine life. That fish “goblet” was from his collection. He has plenty more, it will probably show up on the blog soon.

  3. I live on routine. Bring on the structure! I get nervous if I break away from my normal everyday habits.

    By the way, that fish glass that your protein shake is in is so cute!

  4. Portable food is the best 🙂

    I’m a routined girl all the way!

  5. Recipe! Where’s the recipe? That looks sooooo good!

    I’m all about routine. I wish I weren’t but it’s what a workin’ girl’s gotta go with. 😉

  6. Can’t wait for the protein scone recipe! I’m keeping an eye out 😀

  7. Lea,

    Thank you for the comment you left me re: tofu. I tried and it and I’m starting to like it – but I think I needed to dry the tofu after I marinated it before I fried it in the coconut oil. Will that help with the mushiness? I drained it before marinating, but not after.

    I’m so glad I found your blog. I love your healthy lifestyle.

    I’ll be coming back for that scone recipe, too!


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Yes definitely need to drain and dry the tofu. I’m not sure what kind of tofu you used, but for stir fry tofus, I prefer to use firm or extra firm.

      In order to drain the excess liquid from tofu, take the tofu block and wrap it in few layers of paper towels. Make sure the tofu is covered on all sides. Then put something heavy on top, I either use my kettle filled with water or heavy books. Wait a few minutes then uncover the tofu.

      I add the marinate to the tofu while I’m frying them, when they are almost done.

      Here’s a link to post for the cabbage stir fry with tofu that I cooked.

      If I’m baking tofu, I just drain/dry them before baking and (not after). But tofus don’t have any crunch or any kind of texture when I bake them. That’s why I prefer to fry them.

      I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by.


  8. i have a balance of routine and open ended-ness that i’ve gotten comfy with in the last few years. that hula cup is so cute! would love to see pix of you hula-ing.

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