Blue and Navy

 My weekend was pretty laid back. I have a few trips coming up that I need to prepare and pack for so I kept myself busy with that. As always, lectures, homework and studying have been taking up my free time.

Tea of the day was Tazo Tea – Organic Chai. The tea is so fragrant, I’m eyeing some recipes that uses Chai tea in the ingredients.

                                                     “Life is What You Make It”

BLUE is for pancake Sundays, I made blueberry pancakes. The blueberries were perfectly sweet, I didn’t need any syrup for the pancakes. Sweet and cake-like pancakes…melted in my mouth!


Amazon had a special sale on Kodiak Cakes awhile back so I took advantage of the discount and free shipping. For being a pancake batter, I would say that list of ingredients and the nutritional stats are pretty good.

I’m sure you can make a healthier batter at home with all sorts of ingredients and using Spelt flour or Buckwheat flour. It’s convenient to have it around because I can whip up healthy pancakes quickly. Also, we use pancake batter to make crispy stuffing for fish tacos.

The fiance does not read any food blogs but he has always made pancakes on Sunday mornings. So he has celebrated Pancake Sundays without even knowing it.  Now I can make Disney character shaped pancakes with him.

On to other topics. I love fashion and always look forward to the red carpet coverage of award shows. I didn’t watch the Emmy’s tonight but I did see the pictures of the red carpet gowns.

NAVY is for the navy dress that Lea Michele wore at the Emmy’s. I think her dress is pretty. I love her look and I’m not biased because we have the same name or anything.

If this dress is made in White, lets call it my wedding dress shall we:)

Did you watch the Emmy’s? Which gowns did you like?

Do you make your own pancake mix? or do you buy them? Which brands have you used and like?


  1. I usually make my own mix. We had pancakes on Saturday and I found a good yogurt-based recipe on a blog and tried it out. It was very good. Will be posting about it very soon.
    I Like watching award shows too.

  2. I didn’t watch the emmys! I meant too but just forgot – oops! Loving that dress in Navy – Navy is just SO dang classic. (so much so that I even feel obligated to capitalize it!)

  3. I loved Sofia Vergara. She’s gorgeous and seems like a FUN person.

  4. That dress was pretty incredible and would be a rockin’ weddingd dress!

    I also loved the Glee redheaded woman’s dress/look.

  5. I love Lea’s dress! I liked most of the gowns at the Emmy’s but I felt that Claire Danes’ dress was a little too tight on top. She looked great in it of course, but also very uncomfortable.

  6. i love kodiak cakes – but aunt jemima’s mix will always have a special place in my heart.

    kyra sedgwick’s dress was gorgeous – color, cut, everything….

  7. Hey! Have fun on your trips 🙂 That mug is adorable and those pancakes are totally drool worthy! I was traveling for work last night so I missed the Emmy’s! I usually do homemade pancakes- just love them to pieces. I’m totally interested in trying the kodiak cakes though

  8. MMM blueberry pancakes..

    Lea Michele looked SO beautiful last night. I also thought Sofia Vergara from Modern Family looked stunning. Her dress wasn’t that great but she looked really amazing in it.


  1. Blue and Navy…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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