Ideas for Customized Monograms

I am out of town this weekend, I am going to be here. Relaxing and enjoying being with nature.

We’re staying at a cabin and some fishing. I brought some wedding planning materials with me on my trip and will be reviewing some contracts.

But for the fun wedding stuff, I wanted to share some of the “simple but cute” monograms I have put together.

I love the process of being creative and doing artsy things…so I love the idea of getting a customized monogram for our wedding.

I am undecided about the colors for the wedding but I know that I want bold colors. I thought I knew what colors I wanted for my wedding before, I always had it in the back of my mind but now that I’m planning the wedding, I might have to tweak it a little bit so that it’s fitting for the tropical destination and the season.

Here are some of the monograms that I’ve been playing around.

Nice and simple. Minimalist. (will add the wedding date once it’s confirmed) monogram LC Key

This is more for our Save the Date cards. Love the tropical colors. monogram_STD

Seahorses in love. This is in honor of the fiance’s love for marine life.  There’s an inside joke between us about seahorses, it happened when we first started dating on our trip to Monterey. LC_seahorse

Bold color. Playful tone….fitting for us as a couple. monogram_yellow heart

This process was fun….who says wedding planning is stressful? (well not for this part anyways).  It’s still work in progress, just like everything else. It was fun playing with the colors on the designs.

Which one would you choose? and Why? These are not my only choices, I have plenty more I have to look  at  but I want to make a  monogram that fits us as a couple.

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  1. The plane one is cute!

    We honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta and LOVED it!

  2. I like the plane one too! I really like the design on it and the color combo.

  3. I like the seahorses 🙂

  4. actorsdiet says:

    i love the seahorses – very classy and simple

  5. I like the seahorses — I like those colors the best and it is really simple but adorable.

  6. Kath@eatingforliving says:

    Hi Lea!

    Wedding planning – adorable! There’s so much to enjoy before the actual real enjoyment! I wish you all the best!

    Regarding the monogram, I like the last one (the yellow) the most. Here’s WHY (since you asked for it):

    (1) Although I don’t know you well (to be more precise: I just stumbled across your website, LOL), I think it matches your preference for BOLD COLORS the best!

    (2) Personally, I like it the most because it is romantic AND a little self-ironic. And so fresh!

    I hope you are continuing to relax and enjoy being with nature!

    • Thank you for stopping by my blog. Thanks for your input too. I’m leaning towards the bold yellow color design. I do love the other designs so I will use them for other things such as our wedding website.

  7. These monograms are very cute and pretty. I think my favorite are the seahorses because I really like simple clean designs. My second choice is the plane. Not as simple, but very cute!

  8. These are cute and creative too! I love the plane and seahorses both!

  9. Sweet as Sarah says:

    Love the monograms!! You know I like the seahorses since it reminds me of you and your Mister so much. How about playing with the colors a little bit maybe make the heart between the seahorses bold yellow, that would be cute and incorporates your colors well. Destination Wedding all the way!!! Luv u lots!

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