Mammoth Trip – Recap Part I

I just returned from a fun filled weekend in Mammoth this past weekend. This was my first time in Mammoth during summer season, it was beautiful. I’ve only gone to Mammoth during snow season, so when all the roads and cabins are covered with snow, it’s not really as picturesque as during summer months when you can see greenery and flowers are in full bloom.

We left for our trip Friday and although we were prepared for a long drive, traffic wasn’t as bad as other holiday weekend. Maybe everyone stayed put for the weekend?

After a 5 hour drive, we arrived at a friend’s cabin at Chamonix, it was way past my bedtime around 1 am. We stayed at a cabin that was  cozy and spacious even for a big group. I will definitely come back here again.


After we unloaded all the bags and fishing gear, I found my food stash literally exploding.


IMG_2260 IMG_2261

Change of elevation. These were pretty much bouncing on the table. I’m entertained easily so it was interesting for a minute.

Half of our group slept for 3 hours and had a 5 am wake-up call for fishing. Not me, I slept in and woke up the next morning craving my bowl of oatmeal. I packed food supplies from home.

Rolled oats with mashed bananas, chia seeds and crumbled almond energy nut bars that I made for the trip. Creamy and nutty goodness 🙂


Oatmeal definitely taste better served with fresh air and beautiful view.


After breakfast, the rest of the group went for a walk. and explored. The cabin was walking distance from the The Village at Mammoth, it was an easy walk, all downhill.

Along the way, we passed by some prime real estate.

IMG_2129 IMG_2130

Admired pretty flowers.




IMG_2134 IMG_2162

We arrived at The Village in time for a quick snack. The weather was perfect so I wasn’t surprised everyone was out and enjoying the nice day.

IMG_2146 IMG_2152

Mammoth is definitely bike friendly.



Also pet friendly.



I ordered Venti Ice Green Tea unsweetened at Starbucks and met up with the rest of the group who went fishing earlier in the morning for lunch.

After lunch we made a 45 minute drive to the world famous Erick Schat’s Bakkery in Bishop for dessert. This place never fails to overwhelm me. There is just sooo much good stuff to choose from. They make great breads and delicious pastries.


IMG_2186 IMG_2188

I really wanted to try their Energy Loaf, but it was sold out by the afternoon. They make all their bread fresh in the morning and when it sells out, you’ll have to wait for another batch the next day.

Bummer. I walked away empty handed. That’s unheard of, who am I?


However, the rest of the group bought a lot of yummy treats. I had a bite of each.



IMG_2201 IMG_2202


Shopping for bread wouldn’t be complete without jams.

IMG_2194 IMG_2195

After we left the land of bread, we spent the rest of the day relaxing at the lake.


IMG_2213 IMG_2219

IMG_2110 IMG_2114


  1. wow, looks like a gorgeous place to be!

  2. gingerbreadcake says:

    What beautiful pictures! And that pecan pull away bread looks amazing and pure delicious! 🙂

    • The pecan bread was pure bliss but sticky, so when you try to pull a small piece, a whole chunk came out. Good for me 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      • gingerbreadcake says:

        Your welcome. I found your blog because you found mine first. 😉 Remember the Barney Butter Giveaway you entered? That was my blog. 🙂

      • Oh yes, how can I forget. Thanks for reminding me 🙂 I have yet to try Barney Butter though, I might try it after I finish my Trader Joe’s nut butter.

  3. gingerbreadcake says:

    I mean You’re welcome, I can’t spell today.

  4. Oh! so jealous of your trip to mammoth! I always go during the summer and have never been during the winter so i have the opposite experiences! i love the hiking summer provides! too bad you couldn’t make it to rainbow falls and red’s meadow! so gorgeous!

    did you go to paul schat’s in mammoth? they might have had the bread you were looking for. i used to go there all the time when we went every summer!

    • We didn’t have a chance to hike, but I’m pretty sure there are some good trails. Which one do you recommend?

      Since it was my first time visiting during the summer, I didn’t really know what to expect. I will definitely try to do a hike next time we go. This trip was all about fishing. I think the fiance and his friends visited at least 5 lakes.

      I was told that Paul Schat’s bakkery in Mammoth had less variety than the one in Bishop so we didn’t go. I actually went back the next morning to look for the bread and OUT again! Ugh, not fun.

  5. How funny, my husband just commented this morning that he would like to visit Mammoth in the summer. Thanks for sharing your pics, I’m inspired to visit now!

  6. Can you believe I’ve never been to Mammoth? Now I seriously want to go!!

    • It’s fun going to Mammoth both during winter and summer season. Whichever activities you like to do, there’s a season for it in Mammoth. It’s nice going away somewhere peaceful and relaxing, especially for us Angelenos.

  7. I am suddenly very inspired to head up to the mountains! I haven’t been in ages. I love the small town feel of Mammoth!

  8. I’m highly entertained by your bouncing bread. 🙂
    Also, for your wedding save the dates/invitations I like the Chris and Lea with the key that has wings, its very nice. But that’s just my input. Looks like you have been up to quite a lot this past year. I’m happy you became so active.

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