Mammoth Trip – Recap Part II

Happy Friday!  How quickly the week went by. It is a short work week for me as I am again going out of town today for a dear friend’s wedding. I am flying out and heading up north.

A lot of you commented that you were inspired to go visit the mountains and head up to Mammoth. It is beautiful and you’ll have fun.

I will pick up where I left off in my Part I recap.  So the fun continues……

We had a really fun and leisurely walk (all downhill) during our first morning in Mammoth (I accidentally wrote Napa and then had to backspace to correct it).

The second day I felt more rested since I had a good night’s sleep at the cabin. I had energy and wanted to do a quick workout and go for a jog. I really loved the scenery around the cabin and wished I was surrounded by pine trees back home in Orange County.

I ate the same oatmeal fix for breakfast. Then I was off to explore some more.

I was feeling great and kept thinking, I want to run here everyday.



All down hill for 1 mile, yippeee!!

I almost got run over by these speed demons on their bikes. They didn’t see me running down because of the curve.

The mountains where we usually go snowboarding are filled with bikers during the summer. I believe they take the lifts up to the top and then ride their bikes down the mountain and also down the hills where we were staying.



I went back to The Village and ran around the shops and restaurants.

After 2 miles, I decided to go back to the cabin and ran uphill for a mile. Running uphill is HARD, it’s even harder when you are on higher elevation. My lungs were burning. My heart rate was definitely up, up, up!

I almost flagged this trolley so I can ride it back to the cabin, but I wanted to finish strong.


I finished strong after 1.5 miles uphill. My calves were definitely sore.

I met the rest of the group at the pool where they were lounging. To cool down and stretch a bit, I checked out the amenities.

Sauna, pool, pool table, library and etc.

IMG_2119 IMG_2118

IMG_2116  IMG_2120

In the afternoon, I joined the rest of the group for more fishing.


But first we made a quick stop here. I thought it was interesting to see the process of farming and where the fishes came from that are being caught at the surrounding lakes.


These guys were hungry. We were feeding them.


It takes about an hour to drive to the different lakes, I was munching on these treats.

IMG_2096  IMG_2208

It was worth the drive. The lake was beautiful and was not crowded at all.


Everyone in position. Ready.Set.Go.



It was a good day at the lake. Most of the group got their limit.

We stayed until sunset and a deer showed up.



A little blurry, we didn’t want to get too close to the deer.

IMG_2323 IMG_2326

We packed our gear and drove back to Mammoth. We were starved. We had dinner at Base Camp Cafe.

IMG_2331 IMG_2329

I ordered a veggie burger. Nothing special, it was ok. But I did like what the fiance ordered, spinach pasta with vegetables.


We were exhausted after dinner, went back to the cabin and slept away. The following day we did some retail therapy at the outlets, then one last stop at the Schat’s Bakkery before heading home.

What a relaxing and rejuvenating trip. The fiance is thinking of going back again this year 🙂

Have a good weekend!!


  1. absolutley gorgeous scenery!

  2. Lea what beautiful pictures!

    I have been to a hatchery before, it was a real neat place to visit! (well, I was 6 or 7 when we went, but from what I recall it was cool to see all the fish!)

  3. actorsdiet says:

    i’ve been wanting to go to mammoth for a while – the pix are great!

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