My Journey in Pictures – Beacon Hill

I haven’t done Wordless Wednesday for awhile so I thought this week would be a good week to do one because I have been itching to travel again. When I do Wordless Wednesday, it’s not technically wordless but more towards a post loaded with pictures 🙂

The heat wave that we had this week is starting to cool down. From this weekend it felt like “walking around in a huge dry sauna” to today’s weather feeling like a  “fan blowing warm air”. We’re making progress people.

Summer, we love you, but please go away.

Last October I went to Boston with some friends. We don’t know anyone in Boston, no friends and no family (this was pre-blogging days). We went just because we wanted to. We went to explore and eat and shop. We went so we can wear our cool weather clothes.


I’ve actually been to Boston once. I flew alone across the country for a job interview at the corporate headquarters in Boston. I travelled all day, checked-in to my hotel around dinner time and had a few hours to explore. I asked the cab driver that if he only had one night in Boston, where would he go.

IMG_2057a IMG_2017

He mistaken me for a college student. He thought I wanted to party at Harvard Square. I said no thanks!

But I do like shopping and sightseeing. Can you take me shopping Mr. Cab Driver Man? He took me to Newbury Street and I found miles and miles of Bostonesque cafe, shops, boutiques and souvenir stores.

DSC_5887a DSC_5941a

DSC_5932a DSC_5922a

Ever since that trip…well it was more of a teaser than an actual trip, I’ve always wanted to come back to Boston. After my one night in Boston, I had my job interview bright and early the following day. I met all the big wigs and nailed the job 🙂 After the interview, I headed to the airport and flew back home. In and out of Boston in less than 24 hours.

I was very proud of myself because 1) I was assertive in getting that job interview 2) I got the job without the experience they officially wanted but knew I could do the job well. All I needed was a chance to present myself 3) I learned on that trip that taking chances paid off for me.


One of the best way to explore a new city is thru foot and taking pictures along the way.  I’m a shutterbug. Exploring the city thru photography will let you see the city in a different light and interesting angle.

“I see you”, says the red, creepy but interesting door.

IMG_2027a IMG_2025a

IMG_2075a IMG_2076a

IMG_2016 IMG_2022

I researched and found a walking photo tour of Boston in Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill is how I pictured Boston to be…. cobble stones street, colorful trees, unique houses, old neighborhood that oozes personality and the place is just picture ready every where you look.


IMG_2044 DSC_5913a

DSC_5835a DSC_5830a

The only way to get better at taking pictures is to practice and experiment.

You’ll learn to adjust your camera depending on lighting and whether the subject is moving.


Sometimes you are able to focus on the right thing.


Sometimes not. Ooopps!

DSC_5877a DSC_5879a

Just like in life, taking pictures is a journey and will be work in progress.

The journey and the  process will be….


Worth it.



  1. Annette says:

    Oh what beautiful pictures you took and Boston Wow Extraordinary!

    I’ve never traveled alone and I fear that I wish I can do it but I just can’t get myself to do it. Congrats to you for that I would have thought being 42 I wouldn’t be so fearful or maybe if i did it when I was younger and fearless I would be able to at my age.

    Love your idea of Wordless Wednesday sounds like a great idea.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Annette. I was nervous when I was traveling alone for the first time, but once I did it, it was really freeing.

      I would suggest doing a day trip somewhere nearby, you can always go home if you are not having fun. My trip from coast to coast on my own was because of my job interview so I had little choice, but if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have known I could do it and gain confidence from the experience.

  2. woww, those pictures look straight out of better homes and gardens 🙂 And shoot, that wordless stuff sounds like a good idea…blogging is fun, but incredibly time consuming…haha.

    btw, apple butter is like a smooth, thick apple jelly 😉

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! I love the fall. It’s one of my favourite time of year. At the same time, I can’t believe it’s October and almost Halloween already. Holy moly does time fly!!

  4. we have a park called Beacon Hill here too, its so lovely, especially in the fall ❤ theres ponds, playgrounds, scenic walking routes, and even a petting zoo for kids ❤
    i love how everyone is snapping pics of the pumpkin haha. the pumpkin is modeling 😉

    btw. yup u can substitute buttermilk by taking any milk (even soy or almond or rice) and adding a couple tsp. or 1 tbsp. of vinegar with it. u would love the muffins, well i mean chocolate and espresso, cant go wrong!! ❤


    • Kelsey, thanks so much for the tip on substituting buttermilk. I have apple cider vinegar that I used with my chocolate cupcake this week so hopefully that will work out too for your muffins.

      Your muffins are so huge, I might have to tame it down because I might end up eating the whole batch. I hope they freeze well too.

      I guess Beacon Hill is a common name huh?

      Thanks again.

  5. WAAHHHH (a la Snookie), I want FALL!

  6. Beautiful pictures!! I love Fall! I’m so glad I moved away from Florida and can now enjoy all the breathtaking Fall colors!!

    • Kelly, you’re so lucky to live in a place where you can see the change of seasons. I can feel fall coming because of the drop in temperature, but can’t really see any fall colors except in my food 🙂

  7. Lea you take such beautiful pictures!

    My favorite (other than the last pumpkin) is the picture of the iron ducks — they are too cute!

    MN is teasing me with Fall for a few days, then back to Summertime. I’m ready for Fall!

  8. Boston is such a pretty place to visit but I’ve never been there in the Fall. From your photos I’d say it’s even more beautiful during this time!

    Are your bangs new by the way? They are so cute!

    • Hi Jean,

      You’re not too far from Boston right? Just a train ride away? You should check it out. We went to Salem too during the same trip.

      The pictures were from October last year, I let my bangs grew out. But I might bring it back for fall, we’ll see 🙂

  9. wow, what a beautiful area! absolutely fantastic pictures!

    haha cute line (at the red door)!

  10. Forever I wanted to live in Boston! Perfect fall pictures! Looks beautiful!

  11. I would love to travel to Boston in the fall. It’s so pretty!

  12. Oh my stars, such gorgeous fall pictures! LOVE THEM!!!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today! I love this post. I lived in Boston for over 4 years and while I love SOCAL (I mean, who wouldn’t?) I miss Boston and its beautiful fall! This post makes me both homesick and happy at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

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