I’m a Turkey

I set goals each and every day. I find that I go about my day with a purpose if I set goals ahead of time. Some goals are very specific such as studying for certain amount of hours each day while other goals are more broad and general such as staying fit.

In general I want to stay fit and healthy. There’s no end point in being healthy because it’s a constant journey. After running my half marathon last December, I asked myself after “What’s next?”. I knew that I would be going back to school while working full-time this year.  Since I wasn’t training for any specific race, my goal was to stay fit and be consistent with my workouts so that when I do decide to run a race, I would be ready to go with short notice and train accordingly.

This year I am going to run for the first time the 2010 Dana Point Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey Trot

I’m really excited for this race because it’s the first time I’m running the Turkey Trot and I’ve heard how gorgeous the scenery is for this race. I am also excited because I’ve recruited my girlfriends to join me…Hi Amy B. and Amie A. 🙂

Dana Point is a beautiful city and I can’t wait to start my Thanksgiving Day at such a beautiful place.

Turkey Trot_a

The race is about 9 weeks away so there will be plenty of time to train. If you are from the area and interested in running this race, you should sign up soon because it’s popular race among the locals and the race sells out quickly.

If you’re not a runner and but want to start running, I highly recommend the Couch to 5K training plan. It’s a good structured plan and you will be able to run 5K (3.1 miles) if you are consistent with the training plan.  Click for the link here.


Besides running the Turkey Trot, I’m also planning on raising money to donate towards Second Harvest Food Bank. On Thanksgiving Day, I will run so others can eat!

I have some fundraising ideas in my head right now that I need to think over, a few of the ideas will involve this blog and of course, food.

Speaking of food, I had chocolate goodness this morning. In fact, I’ve had this combination 3 times this week already.

In my morning breakfast bowl was oatbran, vanilla protein powder, fresh bananas, almond butter and a drizzle of Artisana Cacao Bliss.


(chocolate + coconut butter = bliss)


I want to bake this combination and make it into muffin or cookie.  Chocolate Coconut Almond Banana muffin/cookie anyone?

Do you have any specific fitness goals that you want to achieve before the end of  this year?


  1. I tried the couch to 5k program a few weeks ago and I loved it! My problem is trying to be consistent. I can’t seem to get my runs in anymore since moving to the East Coast :-(.

  2. My fitness goal is to be able to swim a 1000 in under 11:15 and to run a 5k in under 19. We will see how that goes though-I think they are a bit overzealous.

    Congrats on signing up-I can’t wait to read your results.

    I’m going to have to try your Bliss. I have never tried Almond Milk and I’m somewhat nervous to take the plunge. 🙂

  3. I’m running the Dana Point Turkey Trot as well! See you there, and good luck with your training 🙂

  4. Laugh and Cook says:

    Go Lea! Congrats on signing up for the Dana Point Turkey Trot Race! I was going to do that one, but then I thought I should probably run my first 5k at a nearby race.

    Thanks for sharing the couch to 5k. I’ve never heard of that plan before, but I can’t wait to look at it soon!

    Happy Training!!!

  5. how exciting! I’ve been toying with the idea of race -not sure! I loved C25K and am comfortable doing 3+ miles BUT, i’ve only trained on a treadmill. eek!

  6. I love that Turkey picture ;). Fitness? God…I’d love to find my way back…hell, I just want to be somewhere I’m happy and able to pay my bills at this point without dreading going into work…but that’s another story 😉

    Goals! They are so important and I avoid them. I need to change that…

    • Just start with a few small goals. Even as easy as making breakfast, or eating healthy for 1 meal a day or taking a walk.

      Start small to get back to a healthy routine and make sure they are attainable with your current situation so that you don’t set yourself up to fail.

  7. SkinnyRunner says:

    I ran that race 2 years ago and run at DP a lot because like you said, it is beautiful! You’ll enjoy it I promise.

  8. What a great race! Sorry if I missed it, but are you going to run the 10k or the 5k? or both? 🙂

    My fitness goal is to just continue to workout regularly. For so long I would either overdo the exercise or not do any, and I’m finally at a point of moderation and consistency, and I just want to continue that!

    • Hi Holly, I think I confused the others too. I am running a 10K.

      But I talked about the 5K because I am encouraging others who have the desire to start running to use the Couch to 5K plan.

  9. Hey! Just stumbled on your blog and love it!!! Great photos, will be back =)

    Good luck with the Turkey Trot!!!

  10. Funny I read this today, I am in the process of “trying” to train and will take full advantage of the couch link you have. Love the benefit from your race I think it’s just fantastic!!! My goal this year is to start toning and remain an active woman that thrives on exercise. I used to be this way but have not seen her in about 2 years eekk. So thanks, glad I stumbled along your blog again!!

    • Being consistent on staying active is a great goal. That was my goal this year. I started doing more strength training too, just recently discovered Body Pump and loving it.

      Let me know how the Couch to 5K training plan works out for you.

  11. sounds like a fun race! Good luck on the training plan! I’m done with race season this year -I ran a few over the summer. Now my plan is to not gain weight over the winter! 🙂

  12. Hehe, you have the funniest races in US, a Turkey race 😀

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