Nasoya – Tofu University Event

This week I attended Nasoya’s Tofu University event in L.A. Nasoya gathered local foodies to the event to experience Tofu U and get schooled on tofu recipes. 


The event was held at the Palihouse, it’s a cute urban luxury hotel and residence in West Hollywood on La Cienega and Holloway.  It has modern and unique decor in the lobby.


DSC_7524a DSC_7526

Yet it also has a warm and inviting ambience.


I had a chance to meet other food bloggers.

Me with Roxan from Kitchen Meditation.


and with Diana from Diana Takes a Bite.


I also had the chance to meet other L.A. foodies Katherine and Rosa.


I like tofu and I’ve cooked it several times before. My tofu cabbage stir-fry is one of my go-to quick meals. In the past, I’ve prepared tofu and cooked it only with stir-fry or baked dishes. However, tofu is versatile and can be cooked in many ways. It can be used in baking desserts, pizza, soup, scramble, tacos and etc. You will find a variety of tofu recipes on Nasoya’s website.

At the event, we were treated to delicious tofu dishes such as Tofu Cabbage Wraps.


Tofu Corn Chowder


Moroccan Tofu, which was the crowd favorite. (Thank you Ericka for sharing your food pictures). 


The food was delicious, and definitely not the typical tofu dishes that I eat at home.

I was really impressed with how flavorful the Moroccan Tofu tasted.  I am going to make this at home. If you want the recipe, you can check it out here.

I like how user friendly Nasoya’s recipe website is. You can use the search feature and enter the ingredients you already have at home or dishes that you may want to create, and it will give you the list of recipes available.


Also in attendance at the event was Kim Barnouin, who was the co-author of Skinny Bitch. Her new book is going to be released soon but we were given a copy for a sneak peak of her book and her healthy recipes. Along with Kim’s new book release, she also launched her website called Healthy Bitch Daily.


It was a pleasure meeting Kim. It wasn’t your typical meet and greet, it was more than that. She spent the whole night talking to each of the attendees and mingling with everyone.

She was very nice and actually approached us first. I chatted with her for awhile about how she started cooking, her healthy recipes, her life and her husband and what our dream kitchen would be like. She was really fun to talk to.


She shared with us her process of writing the book. She used the feedback she received from the Skinny Bitch book and used the recommendations to create recipes that people want and will enjoy.




Thanks Kim and the Nasoya team for inviting us to a wonderful event 🙂


At Nasoya’s Tofu University, if you take the pledge, you will get rewarded.

Have you used or cooked with tofu before? What is your favorite tofu dish?


  1. What a cool event!!! The food looks incredible and its awesome that you got to meet Kim. I love getting tofu stir fry out. I’ve tried making it a few times at home and the results have been kind of blah!

  2. ooo those tofu cabbage wraps look super tasty!

  3. Completely agree… the moroccan tofu was the best one! I would totally make that at home.

  4. I just looked at the recipe for the moroccan tofu. I wonder if the recipe was altered for the event? I could have sworn there was cous cous or another type of grain in there, but I don’t see it listed.

    • I thought so too. I thought either grains of some sort or chick peas were in the dish. I think that when I make it at home, I’m going to add quinoa or chickpeas 🙂

      Or maybe I linked to the wrong recipe, but it’s the only Moroccan dish that I found on the Nasoya website?

  5. wow, tofu pizza?? I may have to hunt that one down…

    I’d love to hear more about the new SB book… I know you shouldn’t share recipes, but I’d love to SEE what you make from it, and hear more feedback? 🙂

    I love tofu… I’ve made a vegan sushi :

    and a sweet + garlicy tofu:

    • I’m excited to start making dishes from the cookbook and I will definitely share the recipes and review of the dishes.

      Thanks for sharing the link to your tofu dishes. I like the brown sugar + garlic tofu dish, and will add eggplants like you suggested.

  6. Great recap! Your pics turned out great!

  7. This looks like it was such a great event – all of these tofu dishes sound scrumptious!

    PS Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  8. I was invited to this event but since I can’t eat soy I figured there was really no reason to go! It looks like a great event though!

    Kim looks really different than she does in her book photo – I wouldn’t have recognized her.

  9. How fun! I wish we had events like that near me! I really hope that Hubby and I get to move to LA soon 🙂 So many great foodie opportunities!!

    I like pan seared tofu with sweet and sour sauce 🙂

  10. What an amazing event. I’m sure all the food was spectacular. My husband is the tofu fanatic around our house, so I know he would have especially enjoyed this. I just found your blog tonight, and I’m very glad that I did! You are doing some great things here. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Monet, thanks for reading my blog. You have a lot of delicious desserts on your blog that I can’t wait to try and bake. Maui cupcakes? I’m all over that.

  11. what fun! I wish i knew about it! Are you going to food buzz? just registered!

  12. Love the website. I cant wait to search for new recipes 🙂

  13. What a fun event! This looks great, and I love the skinny bitch books!

  14. Looks cool! As a vegetarian, tofu rocks! I don’t think I’ve ever tried any of Nasoya’s products.

  15. what an awesome activity to participate in! I wish someone would do a dave ramsey meet and greet and invite me! haha…

  16. What a fun event! I would never have thought to put tofu in corn chowder!

    • Hi Julia, thanks for checking out my blog. When I tasted the corn chowder, I defnitely could not taste the tofu and was surprised there was tofu in the dish. It’s a creative way to use tofu 😉

  17. ayiyiyi! I just had an appt with my nutritionist and she told me to eat more tofu, so I bought some, but I just don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet…

  18. I’ve never made tofu myself but I love it in miso soup.

    You are so pretty, I love your jacket!

    • Anne, thanks for the compliment. You’re sweet 🙂 Y

      es, tofu and seaweed is why I like miso soup. I hope to make some tofu recipes soon that I’ve never tried before. After the event, I’ve been inspired to cook tofu differently.

  19. actorsdiet says:

    so cool! looks like a really fun event – i’ve never heard of that place but now i wanna check it out!

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