Purple and Yellow Family Party

Rain rain go away. It was raining early this morning but the sun finally came out in the afternoon. I was productive with studying in the afternoon and was very excited to go to a family party afterwards.

Tonight we celebrated a very special birthday for my goddaughter Natalie. It special because it marked her first day of adulthood teenager-hood as she turned 13 🙂

My family is big and we have a lot of parties during the fall. As usual, there were plenty of food and celebration.


Delicious, rich and decadent desserts. The purple dessert on the left is called Ube, made with purple yam. The second dessert is made of coconut milk and corn.

DSC_8631a DSC_8636a

It was a sports party themed and the invitation said to wear clothes that represent your favorite team.

Of course, Lakers fans did not disappoint and showed their pride. I brought back old school Lakers, wearing Kobe Bryant’s old jersey #.

 DSC_8671a DSC_8665a

We also had the smallest and youngest volleyball player. My  3 yr old niece Jazzy wearing her mom’s old high school jersey. Does she know how to work the camera or what?


My parents, huge Manny Pacquiao fans.

DSC_8639a  DSC_8680a   DSC_8678

My youngest sister Hazel. She was finally able to have a sample of the chocolate bread pudding I made. I froze a portion and saved some for her.

  DSC_8629a DSC_8666a

DSC_8664a DSC_8672

Hazel, Me and also my younger sister, Berna.


It was a full house. Such a fun night!!

DSC_8683a DSC_8668a DSC_8670a

DSC_8626a DSC_8645a DSC_8642a DSC_8677

Happy Birthday Natalie!!!



  1. All that looks like a lot of fun, the cakes and desserts must have been so delicious 🙂

    • Anne, yes, they were delicious. The cake was coffee flavored with a light cake. I had a small slice of each dessert and I was beyond full. They are so rich.

  2. You all are gorgeous! Everyone of you!

    Happy birthday Natalie!!!

  3. How fun! The desserts look so good! A dessert made from purple yam? i so want to try this! Enjoy your halloween

    • That dessert is a staple at family party. I’m going to try and learn the recipe from my Aunties and share with you. I have a hard time finding purple yams though, I think they are seasonal at Asian markets.

      Where do you buy purple yam in your area?

  4. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    I’ve tried Ube and many other dishes from your culture and I absolutely love them.

    I miss Casaba with a thin layer of flan over the top. It’s been awhile Oh am I craving it now. LOL

    What a beautiful family and gathering.


    • Thanks Annette, I’m glad you were able to taste the Ube. I have a recipe for Cassava cake but haven’t made it for awhile 😦

      • Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

        Maybe it’s time you, Holidays are just around the corner.

        correct me if I’m wrong I hear it’s a lot of work turning to get the right consistency. I wonder if a blender/processor would help take care of that problem?

        Yum I can just taste it on my palate. 😛

      • That’s true, if you want to make it from scratch then there’s a lot of manual shredding of the cassava. My aunt makes them this way and it’s the best because of the texture.

        However, if you want to do a short cut, they sell frozen cassava at the store and that’s the one I’ve used in the past.

  5. WOW yall are all beautiful!!!! I love family parties- soo much fun!

  6. Awww, so cute! Oh and I LOVE the Lakers! I’ve never been to a game, but I’m dying to go!!!
    Your new photo on the right is beyond gorgeous!

    • Thanks girl 🙂 This season would be a good time to watch the Lakers game at Staples or when they visit you in NorCal. Watch them before Phil Jackson leaves the team or Kobe retires 😦

      Can you believe as part of my work perks before involved courtside tickets to Lakers game? Those were the good ole days 🙂

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