Halloween Sale

In the spirit of celebrating Halloween week, I wanted to celebrate the recent opening of my online store with Open Sky with a sale. One of the reasons I started my blog was because I wanted to share with my friends and family ways to live a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to share the recipes […]

Pumpkin Coconut Raisin Bars

One of the reasons I love Fall is because it’s the season of many festivities. Since leaves don’t really change color in L.A., the first sign of fall for me are the colorful pumpkins. I see them being displayed at stores, then next I see the pumpkin patch locations in the neighborhood but the biggest […]

The One with the week recap

Today’s post is The One where I talk about the random things that happened to me this week. I have scattered brain today because I am lacking sleep (big time) from a fun outing last night that involved horror nights, vampires and zombies. It was really fun, so it was worth it…I will post recap […]

Pumpkin Cherry Granola

A few weeks ago I participated in Rebecca’s bake sale to raise money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. I donated 2 jars of customizable granola for the sale. The 1st & 2nd highest bids won the granola. I am a coconut lover but I understand not everyone is fond of coconut like me. So […]

Lightning, Thunderstorm…Oh my!

I took my sweet time getting up today. I slept late last night to catch up on lectures and never ending acronyms that I have to memorize for school. Some of the acronyms are definitely unique and sometimes funny so they do help me out during exams. I forgot to set my alarm for this […]