Our Day in Wine Country

Before I started with the Foodbuzz Festival activities, I spent a day in Napa with my girlfriends. How did we get here? You can check it out on this post.

Our day started out really great, free hot cup of coffee to wake us up before our walk.

IMG_0118 IMG_0117

IMG_0150 IMG_0151 

Jumping for joy in front of our hotel, Staybridge Suites in Fairfield.  Yippeee we are on vacation!! You know what’s better than being on vacation? Being on vacation for cheap. All four of us stayed in a large suite with breakfast included for $40 a night total. That’s as good as it gets.


Just like our trip to Seattle last year, we took our early morning walk and explored the nearby surroundings 🙂

IMG_0130 IMG_0125

Started making a fool of ourselves. It was fun.

IMG_0146 IMG_0143

After our walk, we checked out of our hotel so we can start our wine tasting adventure.


First stop was Domaine Carneros Winery.


DSC_9047a DSC_9046a


The menu for wine tasting here average around $40 per person.



DSC_9058a DSC_9059a



Around lunch time, we drove to downtown Napa to eat and explore some more.

DSC_9066a DSC_9063a

Makes me think of my wedding colors.


Fresh mushrooms anyone?


After walking a few blocks, we found the food hub.


Lunch was at Gott’s Roadside.


The restaurant serves seasonal foods.


I ordered Miss Kentucky and the fried green tomatoes.


The booths in the restaurant were decorated with fall produce.

DSC_9086a DSC_9083a DSC_9084a DSC_9085a

Come and Gott It.

DSC_9090  DSC_9097

This cup is made entirely of plants 🙂



From left to right: Fried Green Tomatoes, Fish Tacos, Sweet Potato Fries and Ahi Tuna tacos

DSC_9103 DSC_9100 DSC_9101 DSC_9102

I had  half turkey burger and half Miss Kentucky chicken burger. I like the chicken burger better, the grilled onions and slaw made the burger.


Everything tasted fresh and so good. I would come back here again and will recommend it to my friends.

DSC_9118a DSC_9112

DSC_9109 DSC_9121

After lunch, we walked over next door and checked out the Oxbow Public Market.


Looking for Grass Fed Meats or 100% Gluten Free food or Sustainable fish? You’ll find it here. Oh, plus wine + beer.


 DSC_9138a DSC_9174a


Cornwich. (Sandwich made of corn?)


Whole Spice.

DSC_9141 DSC_9140



I was curious and wanted to try the Rice Milk Orchata ice cream. It was more icy than creamy, similar to sorbet.

DSC_9146a DSC_9149a 


We ate with spoons made from potatoes.

 DSC_9151a DSC_9153a

Then I was on a search for an item to use for gift exchange during the Foodbuzz Festival. We were asked to bring items from our region or something that reflects our blog.


I bought 2 items for the gift exchange but ended up keeping it for myself (as you’ll find out at the end of the post)

DSC_9160 DSC_9156

DSC_9172 DSC_9165a

Lots of tasting and lots of shopping.

DSC_9171 DSC_9159a

DSC_9173  DSC_9168

 DSC_9177a DSC_9181

I walked in and immediately walked out of Fatted Calf. I don’t like the smell of raw meat.

DSC_9183a DSC_9182a

Our next stop was V.Sattui Winery.


DSC_9204a DSC_9200a

The grounds at the winery is gorgeous. I love to be surrounded by greens and fountains, so I really wanted to take my time and just walk around.

 DSC_9212 IMG_0176a

75630_460098437607_675997607_5415040_4522767_n 148300_460098557607_675997607_5415043_8020468_n


DSC_9213a IMG_0174




DSC_9233a DSC_9230


 DSC_9231a DSC_9235a

 IMG_0204 IMG_0205

 IMG_0198a IMG_0199a

We all loved the Gamay Rouge and purchased a bottle. It’s a little sweet (1.5% sweetness) and not too heavy. It’s one of their most popular wines.

 IMG_0200a IMG_0209a


 IMG_0212a IMG_0216a


DSC_9236a DSC_9240


Toast to friends 🙂


IMG_0221 IMG_0218




napa7a napa8

We saw a beautiful sunset on our drive back to San Francisco. Unfortunately, we also got caught in a really bad traffic and I missed most of the Foodbuzz welcome reception as well as the gift exchange.


The whole day in Napa was wonderful and I can’t wait to go back again soon.


  1. Wow- amazing trip! Love the outfit and the boots…I need those! All of the food looks so good too! Gott’s looks like such a cool spot- the fries? And I’d be all over the fall soup on their menu. Beautiful pictures

    • Now that you’ve mentioned the soup, I went back and read it more closely and it does sound yummy. I think I got stuck with the fried green tomatoes and didn’t even continue reading the menu.

      Thanks, the outfit was really comfortable too. I love the boots, they are Steve Madden and I got them last year at Ross for $20. Such a bargain and it has been my favorite walking boots in Seattle, Boston and now San Francisco.

  2. You look like you had such a fabulous time!! Lovely pics. I’m so jealous – I’ve never been to Napa and now I can’t wait to plan a trip there someday!

  3. I love Napa Valley! We stayed in Yountville. V Sattui was great. Hope you made it to St. Helena and up to Calistoga for a mud bath.

    • I agree, V. Sattui was so much fun. I wish we could have stayed longer and explored more wineries but we only had a day to explore before I had to go back to the city. But I will keep your recommendation in mind for the mud bath next time I make a trip to Napa.

  4. FUN FUN FUN! gorgeous pix too. i’ve never been to napa valley. 😦

  5. Love your pictures! I agree with Erica, I’m totally diggin’ your style! Lovely pictures, lovely clothes, lovely blogger 🙂

    • Dare I say that you’re a triple threat :-P?

      • Lin, You are so sweet and thanks for the compliment.

        My style is chic and comfy 🙂 When I have both, it’s the best. The outfit was really comfortable too and I bought everything for cheap. I love bargain shopping.

  6. lizelle manuel sierra says:

    Friends for Life! One of my best trips… yet. =)
    Can’t wait for you to come back to do some wedding shopping.

  7. Napa looks amazing! I love your pictures. The food looks incredible! What a great trip! 🙂

  8. Still haven’t been to V. Sattui! I’ve only heard good things, and now I’ve seen even more photos. One of these days I’ve gotta get myself up there. 🙂

  9. Great vino choices!!!! I drool 😉

    Blasphemy that no one ordered that pumpkin milkshake though!

    • I didn’t drink a lot of heavy reds since I know I had a full day ahead of me. I enjoyed the fruity and light wines during the tastings.

      Pumpkin milkshake from where? Gott’s? How could I missed it? I will keep that in mind next time but by then, pumpkin will be out of season 😦

  10. lizelle manuel sierra says:

    Oh man.. we bought the Alexa Fries and Onion Rings at Berkeley Bowl the other day… we are eating it right now… Nomnomz! Delish!

    Boy looking at the pictures makes me want to pat myself on the back for doing a job well done on planning the itinerary.

  11. SO jealous of this trip! Can you believe I’ve never been to Napa? It looks amazing!

  12. Ooh Gott’s looks so awesome! Wish we had one here:)

  13. lizelle manuel sierra says:

    YES… we should make it an annual thing with all the girls (who can make it).
    On the itinerary we will include a pit stop at the best grocery store in the world: BERKELEY BOWL!!!! And also include a detour to Masses Pastries and get some Mocha Walnut CAKE! yum!

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