POMpalooza – POM Party

The last few weeks I have enjoyed the fresh harvest of pomegranates. I was picked by POM Wonderful as 1 of 100 to host a POM Party in celebration of the pomegranate harvest season.

Fresh pomegranates are available only from September to January, but the delicious, nutrient-rich juice is obtainable year-round.

I have been eating, drinking and enjoying pomegranates, and I am definitely taking advantage of the fruit while the season lasts.


To help set the mood of the party, I decorated  the house with pomegranates all over.

DSC_9536a DSC_9569a

I had a huge centerpiece adorn with pomegranates. On the side tables were gift bags for my party guests.

DSC_9612a DSC_9525a

Seeing pomegranates everywhere really inspired me to get creative in the kitchen.

DSC_9584a DSC_9542b

One of the items I created ahead of time was a POM Crimson Jelly and molasses. These keep well in the refrigerator after canning and is useful for recipes.

FB_0127 DSC_0125a

Ready. Set. POM!

DSC_0506a DSC_0494a

On the night of the dinner party, guests were greeted to a cozy dinner table settings with autumn color decorations and of course,  pomegranate drinks.

POM martinis and mocktails were the drink of choice for the night.

DSC_0937a   DSC_0950a


For a simple and tasty appetizer, I served toasted french baquette topped with brie cheese,  POM jelly and extra garnish of fresh POM arils.


The crunch from the toasted bread, creaminess from the brie cheese and a mix of tart & sweet flavors from the jelly and the burst of flavors from the fresh arils made this appetizer a guest favorite.


The first big batch I made was devoured and I had to go back in the kitchen and made more mid-party 🙂


Salads were served next.

Fresh spinach, thinly sliced red onions, crumbled feta cheese, toasted walnuts and fresh pomegranate arils. Served with pomegranate vinaigrette dressing.


I had double servings for myself, I really loved all the flavor combination.


Our main entrees were marinated and brushed with POM molasses while it was roasting. Roasted chicken and ribs.

DSC_0942a DSC_0941a

Side dishes included roasted brussels sprouts, mix with POM molasses and served with vanilla butter toasted pecans and fresh arils.


The lime zest and mixture of POM molasses gives this brussels sprouts dish a unique taste.

DSC_0626a DSC_0624a

After dinner, desserts were served. Yes for desserts. This is where I thrive in the kitchen. I love baking and all things decadent, mildly sweet and delicious.

Pomegranate, Pistachio and Banana Bread


I included in the party gift bags a mini version of this loaf.

DSC_0402 DSC_0361a

Another dessert offering was Pomegranate, Chocolate and Nut oaties.


Crunch in every bite from rolled oats, almonds, coconuts & pepitas,  sweetness from dark chocolate bites and mild tartness from baked pomegranates rolled into one.


I made a few dozens for the party and extra for the gift bags.


An impromptu request for more desserts had me baking the next delicious treat. What can I say, we love our desserts.

Pomegranate and Apple Crisp

1st layer


2nd layer


Ready in 30 minutes.


A scoop of coconut ice cream, and we were in pomegranate dessert heaven.

DSC_0972a DSC_0973

After we enjoyed our desserts, I showed everyone how easy it is to open a pomegranate.


1.) Slice off the crown


2.) Score the pomegranate lenthwise into 1 1/2 inch wide wedges


3.) Put the pomegranate in a bowl filled with water. Separate the seeds from the inner white membrane under water.

DSC_0094 DSC_0096a

4.) The membrane will float to the top while the seeds sink to the bottom.


5.) With a spoon, skim off the floating membrane. Sort through the seeds beneath the water, discarding any stray pieces of membrane (they are bitter). Drain the pomegranate seeds in a strainer.


Thank you POM Wonderful for providing me and my guests the opportunity to have this party. I was able to show my friends and family how pomegranate can brighten up flavors and boost their health.


  1. What a fabulous party! Everything looks amazing. I’d be all over those brussels and I like the idea of the crisp too. The aprons totally crack me up

  2. oh my gosh! That apron! Hilarious!

  3. actorsdiet says:

    um. that’s a lot of POM!

  4. Look at all of that POM -looks great! The apron is killing me – too funny!

  5. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Those POM’s look amazing The crop this year seems to me that they thrived. the Rich red and size makes me thing that.

    Everything looks amazing and that apron is hysterical. LOL

    the Crisps and the Oatie Bites look like something up my alley.

  6. Your party turned out great! The food looks incredible! I’ve never had a fresh pomegranate before. Love the apron! It’s so funny!

  7. That is so GREAT! Congrats on being selected. Your feast looks amazing — wish I could have joined 😉

  8. heyy! just found your blog and i love it!
    come and check out mineee 🙂

  9. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages


  1. […] afternoon snack. I made it fancy because it’s the end of pomegranate season for me. Remember the 2 boxes of pomegranates I received? They are all gone now.  I froze plenty of arils so that I can enjoy pomegranates all […]

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