Ugly Christmas Sweater

Friday night was my “Ugly Christmas Sweater” themed party with my friends. Ready for the uglies? Which sweater do you think is the ugliest?

IMG_0228a IMG_0226a

IMG_0230c IMG_0229a IMG_0222b

It was a really fun party. We giggled and laughed at each other the whole night and posted pictures on Facebook to see who would win the ugliest.

Since the party was right after work, every one was hungry on arrival. We had appetizers first. Veggie Bars and a platter with cheese, fruit, meat, chocolate and crackers, (ala Napa style).

IMG_0216a IMG_0215a

Caesar pasta salad, Moroccan couscous and fried chicken.

IMG_0220a IMG_0218a IMG_0219a

My feast for the night, everything was delicious.


And a few more of these that made it straight into my mouth, This is one of the best veggie bars I’ve had. My friend Evie gave me the recipe so I’m going to try to recreate it.


I brought the dessert platter. Pumpkin pie brownie cupcakes and toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies. Everyone raved about the cookies.


Everyone brought a gift for the white elephant game.  I picked a Snuggie, but unfortunately another friend stole it from me and I ended up with a Stila brand make-up kit.


My friend Amie picked the gift that I brought. Scented candles, warm socks, hair turban. I added an extra treat and included Chocolate Mint Truffle tea. It’s one of my favorites so I wanted to share it too.


Here is my ugly sweater/vest outfit. I got it a thrift store and added silver icycles from my Christmas tree and accessorized it with a gold garland that I wore as a necklace.

IMG_0254a IMG_0230a

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂


  1. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Hi Lea,

    LOL looks like you guys had tons of fun. it’s hard to say but I would think the first one on the left. LOL

    Those veggie bars look yummy and healthy and those desserts yummy.

    Have a good night.

  2. movesnmunchies says:

    yay for snuggies! i have a bright pink one!

  3. Haha.. I think your outfit is actually kind of cute. Ugly sweater fail if you ask me 😉 Ugliest in my opinion? #2!

    The food looks amazing, and it seriously looks like you had a fun night with the crazy games and gifts. What an awesome party idea to get into the spirit!

  4. HAHA, what a fun theme for a party! 😀 and ehm.. your sweater looks… well.. it’s no exactly my style 😉

  5. hahahaha I love that you found an ugly sweater VEST- that is amazing. I think the ugliest is definitely the one with the teddy bears on it!! The food looks delicious. Especially the veggie bars. I can’t wait for you to share the recipe

  6. Oh no! I love my snuggie boo for stealing it ha.

    I think my favorite (or uglyest one) is the denim ha.

    Your food looks so yummy as always.

  7. Nicely done Lea — your sweater is officially atrocious 😉

    I think the red sweatshirt may be the ugliest though!

  8. ah love the hideousness!!!

  9. I love ugly Christmas sweaters!! Is it weird that I wore one to work last year just for fun?

  10. I love the ugly sweater party! So fun! I have a pink snuggie and I love it. 🙂

  11. Hahaha I think the “deck the halls” sweater with the polar bear is the ugliest! Those are too funny. And those veggie bars look good! My mom has made something similar in the past, and it turned out pretty tasty!

  12. those are super sexy sweaters. i love your garland bling! and those cookies look reallllly freaking good!

  13. Ooh, those veggie bars look delicious! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  14. Annette says:

    Saw this today on LOL thought you would get a laugh.

    I went through the pics and they had some real ugly one’s. It was between these:

    Toast Your Own Ugly

    Get your own Sweater – LOL ewww

    Hot Pink Sweater – Yikes

    Have a Happy Dapper Holiday


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