“The Dress”

I mentioned last week that I was doing something very exciting this past weekend that was wedding related.

I was very excited to shop for my wedding dress. My mom, my aunt and my girlfriend Sarah came with me to try on dresses. I should mention ahead of time that I will not be showing my dress before the wedding but I will tease you with the details 🙂 Sounds fair?

I love to do scrapbooking but in a way, the blog has sort of replaced that creative outlet and I’m fine with that. If you’ve read my wedding planning posts, it is written as if I was doing my scrapbook.

Lets walk through how I chose my wedding dress, shall we?

I’ve been lucky in that my wedding planning has not been stressful and I have enjoyed every step of the way. I want to remember every detail and every step of the process during my wedding planning.

Since we were early for our appointment, we took advantage of the extra time and visited flowers shops to get some ideas on the centerpieces for the wedding.


Even though our wedding and the reception will be on the beach, and the natural surrounding will be a great backdrop for the night, I still want to add flowers and decorations to enhance the ambience and to add more romance 🙂

I want something romantic, but not too stuffy or big. I want the flowers to blend in with the tropical feel.

IMG_0264a IMG_0266a

I got some really great ideas for flower arrangements. (more pictures on the floral arrangements here).


Then it was time to try on wedding dresses. I went to one of the largest bridal salon in California, it’s in Orange County called Mon Amie Bridal Salon. They offer the largest and finest collection of couture designer bridal gowns on the West Coast.


With 4,000 dresses in-house, I’m glad I did my research ahead of time and knew what style of dress I wanted. But I was also open to trying other styles and some couture gowns that I know was out of my price range, just for fun 🙂

We were assigned a room where we were met with my own stylist. We talked about location of the wedding, price range and what type of dresses I wanted.

I told her no princess ball gowns because I will sweat to death at the beach and I don’t want to carry a 10lb skirt on the sand.

image image

I like pretty details but not too much. I don’t want to look like a peacock.

IMG_0272a image

I’ve learned over the years the type of clothes that are flattering for my body, with my long torso, it actually works to my advantage in this case.

After 10 dresses or so, each of them I liked but didn’t really love…

Then I put on the “The Dress”.  We have been trying on dresses inside our special room, but for this dress…my stylist asked me to go outside with better lighting. She handed me a bouquet of flowers where I walked down a long aisle and towards a huge mirror so I can see myself from head to toe and glimpse of what it will look like 5 months from now.

My mom, my aunt and my friend waited at the end of the aisle. Once I reached them, I stood on a pedestal.

All zipped up, beadings lined up, train all laid out…as I turned around and saw a glimpse of myself in front of the mirror, I knew it was the one 🙂

IMG_0279b IMG_0276a

I looked like me but “the bride” version of me, it was my style and I loved it. It was easy to move around, it flattered my body and it made me look taller.

Everyone was teary eyed.


My dress is by Justin Alexander. It’s modern but with a traditional silhouette.

IMG_0290a IMG_0287a


I’m so excited and I haven’t been able to stop looking at the pictures. I can’t wait to unveil it after the wedding 🙂

How about the shoes? Well, lets save that for another time.



  1. You are going to be a GORGEOUS bride!!! I love Justin Alexander too! So sophisticated, classy, and still modern!

  2. whoop whoop! I am SO excited for you! ah! I can’t wait to see the pictures on your big day

  3. I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see pictures of your dress, and your wedding. I’m so glad that your planning is going smoothly for you – there are some terrible horror stories out there.

  4. Girl you are just beautiful trying on the dress. Can you share what style of dress you chose? (Don’t want the fiance to know though hehe. ;))) I like the mermaid styles myself and I agree about the ball room dresses-so much weight.

    You are so beautiful and your future husband is extremely lucky.

  5. Yay! This is so exciting! Glad you found the perfect dress.

  6. sunflowerdaisies says:

    Congratulations on finding “the dress!” I’m sure that’s a wonderful feeling to finally have. 🙂

  7. I’m soo glad you got the perfect dress!!!!!!

  8. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    That is so exciting, I’m so happy for you you’re going to be a beautiful bride.

    Glad you found “The One”, Congrats!

  9. Oh my gosh.. that beading is breathtaking! You must be so thrilled to have found the perfect dress 🙂 Congrats!

  10. It must have been such a magical moment finding the dress 🙂 What gorgeous details!

  11. WOW! Beautiful details so far! Ahh, a beach wedding and reception?! That’s what dreams are made of girl! AWESOMENESS!

  12. Awwwh, Lea, I’m sure which ever dress you choose will suit you perfectly as your one beautiful girl! Can’t wait to see the one you choose….


  13. congrats! yipee!!!

  14. Congrats on finding the dress!!! So far from the pictures it looks beautiful!! 🙂

  15. Awww so happy you found “the one.” It looks like it will be simply gorgeous and you will shine it! What a wonderful feeling!

  16. Thank you so much for visiting my blog…I’m so glad that it brought me to your beautiful site! You are such a stunning woman, and I know you are going to look AMAZING on your wedding day. My sister is getting married in June, and it has been fun to shop and plan again. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a lovely afternoon, my friend!

  17. From the sound of it – sounds GORGEOUS! You are going to be so stunning.

  18. The dress is PERFECT! You are going to be SUCH a beautiful bride!! 🙂

  19. I’m sure you’re going to look amazing!!

    I’m also hoping to be a Justin Alexander bride! I go to try on dresses this Saturday, wish me luck!

  20. I went to Mon Amie when I was looking for a dress years ago and they have the most beautiful stuff! I’m so glad you found your dress and from what I can see it is absolutely gorgeous!

  21. oh my gosh!!! i am so, so, so excited! i love the preview pics. you will be a beautiful bride.


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