That Is All

After Christmas, I purposely did not make any plans so I can have some downtime. A much needed downtime.

I’ve spent a few days like no other days during the year. Just relaxing.

Relaxing like staying in my pajamas all day, eating my meals in my pajamas all day and watching movies in my pajamas all day.

I’m easily entertained and I find joy in the little things in life.

Like taking pictures of my 7th cup of tea by the Christmas tree. I got a new toy for Christmas so I’m seeing everything under a new camera lens and everything is new again.



Ahhhhh (just humor me will ya?)


Taking pictures of what I’m watching. I don’t remember the movie “The Sound of Music” being almost 4 hours long? Well, including commercials. But I have nowhere to go, so why not?


IMG_0789 IMG_0790

I know most of the songs in the movie and was singing out loud like I was part of the Von Trapp family.

IMG_0788 IMG_0786

Then the inner nerd in me came out.

The whole cast from the movie had a reunion on Oprah. This is my lucky day! I was meant to stay in all day.

IMG_0806 IMG_0802

What a girl to do during commercials? Well, I had fun with my holiday pictures. I made collages and added fun stuff like hats on our heads.

picnik collage

I ate nutritious food throughout the day. I would have eaten my baked goods but I’m all out.

I took a break from my baking marathon the day before Christmas Eve and yet to fire up the oven after that. Well, except for these cookies but that was for the party.

 IMG_0813 IMG_0780 IMG_0781 IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0779

IMG_0815 IMG_0814

So that’s my relaxing day in a nutshell.

A day like no other day during the year.  I need more days like these.

That is all!


  1. Agreed! Relaxing is SO important this time of year. The sound of music is THAT long? I totally don’t remember that either. And the photo collage is adorable- love the reindeer antlers.

  2. I loooove quiet, relaxing days!!!!!!

  3. It’s so funny that you watched the sound of music. Me and my siblings used to watch this EVERY new years day with our cousins! We loved this movie. Never knew how long it was though.
    merry belated christmas, lea, and happy new year!

  4. relaxing days after the holidays are the best – espeically when spent in p.j’s!
    merry belated christmas!

  5. Mhmm I agree, the holidays are all about pyjamas and movies! I’m glad you’ve been taking some time to relax. Enjoy it!

  6. I’m doing something similar… Except my place is a mess and I have chores staring me in the face rather than a nice long day of movies. 😉

  7. I had the same type of weekend. We all need to have pajama days once in awhile!

  8. It’s so great to just relax. I saw Sound of Music too! Man, Plummer was hot.

  9. actorsdiet says:

    wasn’t that sound of music reunion AMAZING?!? i love julie andrews so much. sad about her husband.

  10. I love the Sound of Music! It’s one of my favorite musicals! I can’t believe I missed the reunion on Oprah! I really hope I can find it on You Tube! Crazy! 🙂

    • Yay, for another musical lover. There should be some videos on They shared a lot of behind the scenes story. I thought it was interesting that they rehearsed for 3 months and filmed for 6 months, so they worked on the film for 9 months total.

  11. I keep meaning to give myself a day like that before going back to work on Monday but it has yet to happen! I swear I will get at least one of those days in before 2011 =) I love your Christmas collage too – and all the snowy pics =)

    • Thanks Mandi. Happy New Year to you and your family. Have a fun and safe celebration.

      About the relaxing day, I definitely had to “schedule” a relaxing day or it wouldn’t have happened. Hope your relaxing day is coming soon.

  12. I got a new camera for Christmas, too, and have been enjoying playing with it a lot!

    I was in the sound of music a couple of years ago and pretty much know all of the songs by heart. We did ~2o performances, so I had plenty of time to learn it all. 🙂

    • Whoa, you actually performed The Sound of Music? That is really cool. Is there any videos I can see on YouTube?

      Playing with a new camera is so much fun. What kind did you get?

  13. This sounds like THE perfect day! What kind of lens did you get?

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