Chobani Giveaway

Greek yogurt is a tasty and popular food at my house.  Besides being tasty and creamy, even when fat-free, Greek yogurt is higher in protein than regular yogurt. It is full of calcium and often low in calories and fat.

I like Chobani yogurts because they offer a variety of flavors and they taste great. The flavors with fruits added in are not too sweet either. New flavors that are coming soon are  Lemon 0%, Black Cherry 0%, and Mango 2%!


My favorite flavor is the Plain Greek Yogurt. It is nutritious, with less sugar and it is very versatile. I use it in my smoothies, granola & fruit snacks, baking, toppings for pancakes or using it as substitute for sour cream in my soup.



Chobani love. Nothing but good.

Pumpkin Pancakes topped with yogurtGrilled Banana Sandwich with yogurt toppingDSC_9638Breakfast yogurt with cold oats and granola bar dsc_1042_thumbIMG_1659

My favorite way to eat Chobani is for my afternoon yogurt, granola and fruit combo.

Chobani is giving away a club pack of 12 yogurts, featuring the strawberry, blueberry, and peach flavors.

Enter up to 3 ways to win:

1. Leave a comment telling me what you like about Greek yogurt or your favorite flavors or my recipes or the blog. Comment away!

2. “Like” Chobani on Facebook. Go here for their Facebook page. Leave another comment letting me know.

3. Tweet the following: “@Healthy_Coconut and @Chobani are giving away a 12 pack of Chobani! Hurry and enter.”. Then leave a comment letting me know you Tweeted.

3 ways to enter and be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry you choose to do.

Giveaway Ends on Saturday, January 8th by midnight PST. Open to US Residents only.


  1. my favorite has got to be the strawberry banana…it is an amazing flavor!!

  2. I liked Chobani on facebook!

  3. i tweeted!

  4. I’ve been dying to win won of these Chobani giveaways! I’m obssessed with the blueberry and also the vanilla. Love it with some ground flax on top for b-fast!

  5. Ping Tsai says:

    We tried the Chobani’s Plain and Strawberry for the first time last night, and my wife liked it so much that she made me to get more at 9 o’clock at night. Very creamy and rich in flavor, the yogurt that stands out by itself.

  6. Rick Barrett says:

    Hi Lea,
    I just re-tweeted your contest ad. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

    Mr. B

  7. oh my gosh- I’m obsessed with greek yogurt! I’m sure excited about the new mango flavor. I love how much protein is in that goodness. Favorite flavors? Pineapple! Blueberry & peach too. YUM!

  8. I love the vanilla!!!!

  9. Hotchick says:

    I love Greek yogurt, but never had Chobani. I like it mixed with vanilla, and topped w/granola.

  10. I love plain Chobani as a sour cream substitute!

  11. Tweeted!

  12. Oh lord I am so excited about the 0% lemon – I had no idea they had new flavors coming out! 🙂

  13. Also, contest has been tweetered.

  14. Lemon? Can’t wait for that. I love the plain and use it on my tacos in place of sour cream. Browned hamburger seasoned w/ cumin, s/p, oregano, red pepper-add a can of black beans. Stuff a brown rice tortilla w/ cheese, avocado, tomato, green onions and chobani! yummmmmm

  15. My favorite flavor is by far the Pineapple one. YUMMA! 🙂

  16. this has been twittered!

  17. my favorite flavor is definitely pineapple – tastes like dessert!

  18. liked on Facebook!

  19. squigglefloey says:

    The honey flavor looks super yummy 🙂 would definitely eat it with some cereal and fruit!

  20. I love using Greek yogurt as a topping for oats and in recipes, like banana bread. I also love using it in place of sour cream.

  21. I already like them on FB.

  22. I tweeted!

  23. I love plain greek yogurt because you can add so much to them. Personally I like cinnamon and honey and sometimes I even add chocolate chips!

    Also, I tweeted the giveaway. 🙂

  24. I love plain cho for “sour cream” as well… on taco salads, YUM!

    I cannot wait for the lemon flavor… I love pineapple and pomegranate flavors… oh, I love them all!

    thanks for the opportunity, I would LOVE a case of Chobani!

  25. kayla says:

    i love the protein content of greek yogurt!

  26. kayla says:

    i like chobani on facebook!

  27. Elaine says:

    My favorite flavor is peach, but I agree that plain is much more versatile.

  28. Elaine says:

    I “like” Chobani on Facebook.

  29. We like Greek yogurt because its thicker. I only buy plain and sometimes make a fruit salad with honey cardamom and fruits like apples and blueberries.

  30. Melissa says:

    I like the thick consistency of yogurt because it is great to dip fruit into!

  31. chobani rocks. pineapple all the way!!!

  32. I LOVE the pineapple Chobani!! It is my favorite!!

  33. I “like” Chobani on Facebook.

  34. Tamara says:

    I’m new to Chobani-purchased my first cups this week and WOW! So rich and creamy and full of protein. My favorite flavor so far is 0% peach. They all taste so good.


  35. I’ve liked CHO on facebook for quite sometime now! :0)

    I already read your blog, but when I saw you featured on their fb page today, there was a major virtual high five given! Lol

    my favorite thing about CHO is how filling and tasty those little cups of goodness are! I also love using their plain on foods as a sour cream/dressing! Yumyum!

  36. Lisa M says:

    Chobani is the BEST Greek yogurt out there!!

  37. Lisa M says:

    I “Like” Chobani on Facebook.

  38. Lisa M says:

    I tweeted!

  39. My favorite is plan Cho with dry ranch dressing mix mixed in and veggies – dip & “cho” down!

  40. I “LIKE”! Cho on Facebook 🙂

  41. Cheryl C says:

    I love Greek yogurts creamy/thick texture..

  42. Steph J says:

    I love Chobani because of the protein content! Makes a great convenient snack!

  43. Cheryl C says:

    Liked chobani on facebook!!

  44. Cheryl C says:

    Tweeted @cherylcasperson

  45. I like Chobani on Facebook.

  46. Favorite flavor is vanilla.

  47. I tweeted about giveaway.

  48. Becca says:

    I love greek yogurt’s texture, flavor, and nutritional power! it is wonderful as a sweet treat, a savory accompaniment to any dish, or as an bad ingredient replacer in baking! it is so versatile and so amazing and chobani is my absolute favorite!

  49. Becca says:

    i “like” chobani on facebook!

  50. Marie says:

    After trying the Cho I will not eat any other yogurt! It is the best!

  51. Katie says:

    I love the plain Chobani, too! So satisfying.

  52. Katie says:

    I liked them on Facebook, too! 🙂

  53. I like pretty much all of the Chobani flavors, but Plain is probably my favorite because it can be used in so many different ways! My favorite thing about Chobani is the protein; it’s a must have for my breakfast most days.

  54. I liked Chobani on Facebook!

  55. I tweeted about the giveaway! (username is @stretchjean)

  56. I’m a fan of the Chobani Facebook page. 🙂

  57. Chobani is one of few brands of yogurt that I’ll eat. 🙂 It took me awhile to find a flavor/consistency that I could stomach.

  58. I “liked” Chobani on Facebook. Mmmmm…

  59. I love the texture of Greek yogurt, and IMO Chobani has one of the better textures going. My favorite flavor is probably the pomegranate – I love that they have the full seeds inside. 🙂

  60. Just tweeted about the giveaway as well (@dmathanas)

  61. Cindy A says:

    Love Chobani! Tweeted the contest – great to share the news of healthy Greek yogurt!

  62. I LOVE Greek Yogurt because of all the protein! I’m a runner and love to stick to healthy foods that fill me up, like Chobani. I also love the plain 0% because its perfect to add your own flavors. I mixed mine with pumpkin puree and cinnamon today to make a tasty treat!

  63. I love greek yogurt because it’s thick and rich. My favorite flavors are exotics like pineapple, lime, or mango!

  64. I tweeted as well. Yum!

  65. Claire says:

    I love to make chicken korma curry with greek yogurt and onion paste instead of a heavy cream. it cuts back on tons of calories!!

  66. Gotta love Chobani. They are by far my favorite Greek yogurt and a great company to work with.

  67. I love the plain because it has low sugar and then I add my own fruit, granola or nuts. I use it for baking in my muffins, cakes, breads, cookies, spreads, smoothies, instead of sour cream. I have many recipes on my blog for greek yogurt. Here is one of them.

  68. I like chobani on facebook

  69. I love the plain as it is low sugar, fat free, high protein. It can be used for so many recipes of mine. I use it in my smoothies, cakes, muffins, cookies, breads, soups in my vitamix, spreads, in place of sour cream. I have lots of recipes on my blog.

  70. I tweeted!

  71. I also liked Chobani on facebook.

  72. I like the plain yogurt the best. Like you mentioned it can be used in so much. I’ve even frozen it to make my own low calorie frozen yogurt!

  73. Jordi says:

    I love the pomegranate flavor. It is fruity, but at the same time a bit nutty due to the seeds. Soooo Good! I really want to try all of the flavors, especially the pineapple and the new flavors!

  74. Jordi says:

    i liked chobani on facebook! 🙂

  75. wendy says:

    I love the creaminess of the yogurt. Great on baked potatoes and it’s really yummy in a pumpkin cranberry bread, it’s the best and it’s good for you

  76. Kevin says:

    I love the plain chobani yogurt with walnuts and bananas topped with cinnamon. I get a great source of potassium, protein, and omega, and a delicious treat :]

  77. Kevin says:

    i also liked them on facebook, i dont have a tweeter account tho

  78. chobani is my favorite yogurt ever! i love using it instead of sour cream or mayo in savory dishes, and i like it with granola for breakfast!

  79. i love chobani on facebook 🙂

  80. Kristen Gleason says:

    I “liked” the FB page!

  81. Kristen Gleason says:

    My favorite flavor is the peach (although I reserve the right to change once I taste the lemon), I love that it is so creamy with the huge pieces of peach in it. My 2 year old son also eat Chobani Champions exclusively and his favorite flavor is VeryBerry! I love the high protein for him and for me too!

  82. I also tweeted (@fijifruits)

  83. I like chobani on facebook 🙂

  84. I love how thick and rich Chobani yogurts are. My favorites are the plain and peach personally. I can’t believe they are coming out with lemon, I’m super excited.

  85. Katherine says:

    I love that it is thick and creamy and there are endless things to mix in, like fruit, granola, nuts etc.. I never get tired of it.

  86. Tweeted!

  87. I liked Chobani on facebook!!

  88. One reason I love chobani yogurts is because you can make a meal out of them. They have SO much protein in them…add a little granola to a flavored one or endless add-ins to a plain one and you will be satisfied. My favorite right now is blueberry 🙂

  89. PurpleLarkspur says:

    I love to bake with the plain chobani! It works great in low fat muffins!

  90. PurpleLarkspur says:

    I tweeted the giveaway:

  91. Sukist says:

    Just had the raspberry for dessert. Love the smooth creaminess!

  92. I love the strawberry flavor, but I can not wait for the new flavors!

  93. I tweeted the giveaway

  94. I was eating regular yogurt until I was introduced to Chobani Greek Yogurt last December. Now I am HOOKED! I love the smoothness, the richness, the extra protein, and the flavors are excellent with this brand. I absolutely LOVE the honey flavor.


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