Up, Down, Repeat

We are having a wonderful summer-like weather today. It was too good of a weather to stay indoors. The temperature was around low 80s and with a nice breeze. Perfect day for outdoor activities, especially for a hike.

IMG_1906 IMG_1905

The trails were crowded and everyone was out enjoying the perfect weather.

Picnik collage3

Less than a mile after we started hiking, we encountered a pretty good hill. This left me a little out of breath once I reached the top. But it was worth it. The view from the top was beautiful.

Picnik collage4

We found a bench at the top and rested for a quick minute.



If you go up, then you must come down.


Oh what an adventure! It was uphill then downhill, then repeat 3 times.



After the hilly part of the trail, we enjoyed the rest of the hike wandering around  beautiful sceneries and just enjoying nature.

IMG_1956 IMG_1953

Picnik collage7 


We talked throughout the hike, sometimes listening to our Ipods when the hills got challenging but we definitely had to pay attention to all the warning signs.

Even though we have been here a couple times already and we are familiar with the signage, we still take the time to read the signs just to be safe.

Picnik collage5

We had so much fun today. We definitely conquered the morning and took advantage of the beautiful weather.

IMG_1961a IMG_1951a

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

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  1. ah! I’m so jealous of your warmth! The temperatures here are slowly creeping back up. The hike looks gorgeous

  2. awww that looks like such a great way to spend a GORGEOUS sunny day! ❤

  3. umm I’m a dork. the above comment totally rhymed =)

  4. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    That’s awesome I’m going Hiking to bright and early tomorrow morning up Lake Ave. In Pasadena.

    Wish me the best.

    • How was your hike Annette? My fiance mentioned of a hiking trail in Pasadena that has waterfalls? We don’t know the name but we want to check it out. How was the trail that you went on? How long did you hike?

      • Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

        It was awesome! I was in that area with the waterfalls we took a different trail.

        Not sure if you can view this as my Sparkpeople page is set to private I will remove the private status so you can view it for a day.


        The location that I went to was Altadena Trails – Echo Mountain / Mt. Lowe Railway.

        I think what you were talking about is here: http://www.altadenatrails.org/hikes.html

      • Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

        Oh I forgot to mention that I had a mini back pack with about 10-20lbs.

        It was about 2 hours up with approx. 30 minutes or less worth of breaks.

        Going down it was an hour with no stops just zig zagging through the people and the curves of the moutain.

        3 hours total round trip 10 miles.

  5. send some sunshine my way! Its freezing cold here! You guys are so cute! I love the pics, especially the shadow one!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my wedding page, Im excited to follow your journey too! Your day will be here soon!!! Yay!!!!! Happy Sunday! xo

  6. Way to use the great weather girl!! Looks like such a wonderful day!!!

  7. you took some wonderful pictures!!! It’s beautiful out there!

    • Thanks Alex. We are having summer like temperature so I gotta take advantage while it last. We still have a few more rains coming our way before summer arrives.

  8. so jealous of your perfect weather!
    it’s about 18 F here..and we have a lot of snow! i still enjoyed running a lot outdoors this week, but i wish it were still fall. 🙂

  9. beautiful pics! I’m jealous of your weather too! And is that shadow picture REAL?! It’s just awesome!

  10. Perfect way to soak up the nice weather!

    • Hi Mary, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I have to take advantage of the weather while it last. I heard there’s rain coming next week so I have to be outdoors as much as I can this week.

  11. Wow – such incredible pics in such an incredible place and view!

  12. First of all, I’d be too scared to hike anywhere that had rattlesnakes and mountain lions!! Ha ha. I guess you’re probably used to it. Here in New England, there are signs about bears and moose. And I’m not scared of them. But still, you’re brave. 🙂 The hike looked like fun and LOVE the pics!

    • Thanks Nicole, I’m familiar with this trail so seeing the signs doesn’t scare me anymore (not like the first time I saw them, I freaked out).

      Bears & Moose…yikes, that’s scary to me.

  13. What a beautiful area!


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