Monday Blues

Summer is here, or at least that’s how it feels like the last few days. The weather is so beautiful today, and because I am working on a holiday, I feel like am missing out. I should be outside having a picnic or frolicking at the beach. I had a very fun weekend hiking at […]

Up, Down, Repeat

We are having a wonderful summer-like weather today. It was too good of a weather to stay indoors. The temperature was around low 80s and with a nice breeze. Perfect day for outdoor activities, especially for a hike. The trails were crowded and everyone was out enjoying the perfect weather. Less than a mile after […]

Eggplant Parmesan

30 is just the beginning. This year a lot of my close friends are turning 30, all of us are 80s babies. (Source) 30 is going to be my number for the year. I have some goals that revolves around the number 30. One of them is running 30K before I turn 30. When our […]

Jump Start 2011 – Giveaway

The beginning of the year tends to be a time when people put a renewed focus on healthy living. When we start up a new fitness routine, sometimes there are aches and pains that follow due to our new activities. Wouldn’t it be great if we can  “Be Fit and Pain Free in 2011”? I […]


I noticed today’s date is 1.11.11. A lot of brides try to make their wedding date a unique one, so I won’t be surprise if there are a lot of weddings happening today. Slow Things Down One of my new year’s resolution was to slow it down. Most of the time I rushed thru my […]