Pretzel Treats & Baby Shower Prep

To keep my workout from being boring, I am always looking for new cardio routines. I’ll try them at the gym and will repeat the ones I love.

Currently,I have about four HIIT workouts that I’ve printed and keep in my gym bag. I found a few workouts from a recent Shape magazine, the one where Jillian Michaels was on the cover. I will share them soon.

I’ve probably mentioned this a few times already, but I love the HIIT workout below. It’s one of my favorites. I always leave the gym with a red glowing face and very sweaty.


After my gym session this morning, breakfast was served.

  • Trader Joe’s oatbran
  • Chocolate protein powder
  • Peanut Butter

This is a quick and easy breakfast. It’s even quicker when the oatbran was cooked the day before.


Served on my new favorite oat bowl from IKEA


Then I got ready for my hair appointment. I wanted to have fun with my hair and got highlights.





I know it’s not technically summer yet, but the weather says otherwise. Now my hair looks like summer too 🙂

Once Upon A Little Boy

The rest of my day was busy preparing for my sister’s baby shower that we are hosting tomorrow. It’s going to be part baby shower and then it will turn into a Super Bowl Sunday party.


The party preparation is a team effort.

I am in charge of a few things : games, decorations and desserts.

Here are the prizes for the baby shower games. I have several games lined up for those wanting to join in on the fun.


The kitchen is going to be very busy tomorrow with everyone helping out with cooking so I pre-made some sweet treats that we are going to serve tomorrow.

I made several trays of  what I call Pretzel Sweet Crunch.


– Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

– Lay out pretzels over a cookie sheet and top with chocolate wafer candy

– Place the wafer-topped pretzels in the oven and let bake until the chocolate is soft, about three to four minutes.

– Remove the chocolate pretzels from the oven and immediately press an M&M on top of each one, with the “M” side face down


I love how colorful they are. They are fun to look at and also fun to serve at parties.


I saw Julie made these last Christmas and was waiting for the perfect time to make them. Well, now is the time.

I just can’t stop looking at them. Colors everywhere.


Then I tackled on another pretzel project, but this one didn’t come out as great.

Baking Fail.


I just could not get the melted chocolate texture right, and the Oreo crumbles would not stick to the pretzel.


It tasted great, it was just time consuming to make and the finish product was not what I was looking for.


Next time I’ll use better quality chocolate. Also, I left it melting in the microwave too long and that’s why the chocolate was too watery.

I scratched that project and made a better one 🙂 Here’s the preview.


I’m off to make more treats and finish doing the baby shower decorations.

Hope you are having a great Saturday.


  1. I made those pretzels this weekend too! I saw them on the Martha stewart website 🙂 Hope the party goes well!

  2. Looks like fun!! Your hair looks fabulous!

  3. Chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorite desserts! Soooo good. Can’t stop at just one handful 🙂

  4. squigglefloey says:

    Your hair looks gorgeous! And those are the prettiest looking pretzels I’ve ever seen…I’ve never seen them with blue–adorable!

  5. Your hair looks beautiful! I absolutely love it!

    How sweet of you to make so many yummy things for the baby shower! I made those pretzel things before last year for valentines day, my son and fiance LOVED them! I believe I saw them on julies blog too, thats how I found the recipe!

    Have a great rest of the weekend girl! xoxo

  6. Love your highlights! Hope your party is fun!

  7. Love the hair! Looks gorge!

  8. Your hair looks awesome!!
    I made those pretzel treats over the holidays, aren’t they yummy? =D

  9. i loooooove pretzels + chocolate. but what are these wafer candies you speak of?

  10. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    I love chocolate covered/dipped pretzels there so good it’s the sweet/salty combination that does it.

    Your hair looks great I’ve been thinking on doing the same this summer it’s been like 4 years that I haven’t had highlights.

  11. Natalie S says:

    I had fun at the baby shower! The pretzel treats were so delicious! =)


  1. […] are gone and I have gone to the dark side. Dark hair that is. I loved my lighter color and highlighted hair during Spring and Summer but it was time to get rid of it. It was damaged from all the days spent at the […]

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