Okra Love

A few weeks ago, my aunt cooked a very simple okra dish. It was simple, with just a few ingredients and it was very tasty.

After eating it a few days in a row, I told her “I can eat this everyday”. If I can find okra easily (frozen ones don’t taste as good), then I would probably eat this almost everyday.

Here are the ingredients: fresh okra, chopped onions and garlic. The small okra works best because the bigger ones tend to have a more slimy texture.


The 4th ingredient is butter of choice. I used the Vegan butter below.


Sautee the onions and garlic in butter until it’s slightly browned, then add the okra and sautee for a few minutes.


I like mine cooked with a little crunch left on the okra, so I don’t cook it too long.

Optional: add a dash of salt or a little fish sauce

Even my sister who is not a vegetable eater loved this. It’s definitely one of my favorite vegetable side dish.



My dinner combo included a chicken panini sandwich. We recently dusted off a George Foreman grill and have been grilling lately.


Now I got to go back and stare at my closet some more.

The fiance and I are getting our pictures taken soon and I don’t know what to wear.

Should I wear trendy, dress-up, business or casual? Or maybe all of the above? So many things going thru my mind.

I plucked out several items below from my closet and boxes (summer clothes are in boxes). As you can see I love colors and I love prints 🙂


Have a good day!!

Have you tasted okra before or have you eaten it recently?

Recently, I had deep friend okra at the county fair.


  1. I’ve only had okra in soups, but this looks amazing! Gotta love simple, yet tasty recipes!!!!

  2. mmmm that okra looks amazing!!!

  3. Lea have a great time at your shoot! I can’t wait to see the pics you’re going to be gorrrrgeous!

  4. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    I don’t know if I tried it or not I think I did once at a friend of mine home.

    I didn’t really care for it because of the sliminess. Cactus is the same way and I don’t really like that either. If its full of flavor I just might eat it, it is an acquired taste.

  5. I’ve never tried okra before. I’ve heard it’s slimy- I don’t know how I feel about that!

  6. I think I’ve eaten okra maybe once, but to be honest, I really don’t know how to prepare it!

  7. I’ve honestly never tried Okra… Wear something that fits your personality! Like fun and bright. 🙂

  8. I’ve never had okra before. Hearing that it’s slimy, I’m not really sure if I’d want to try it or not.

  9. I agree! Fresh okra is MUCH better than frozen. The frozen always ends up being overly slimy. I think simple looks best in pictures. I’m sure you will look gorgeous regardless 😉 Such a pretty lady! Sorry I’ve been MIA! I will finally have a post up tomorrow morning

  10. Fried okra is soooo good! Okra just makes me think of the South.

    As for the outfits, everything looks super cute from this angle. I’m all about having plenty of options in case I change my mind, so I understand your dilemma!

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