Last night I drove 80 miles south to have dinner with my college friends and to celebrate my friend Gloria’s birthday.


Happy Birthday Gloria!

Everyone is scattered and living all over Southern California, so the good half way point for everyone was the PF Chang’s restaurant in Carlsbad. (I was just there shopping last week).

The drive wasn’t bad at all because I carpooled with my friend Cher, who lives in L.A.

Sarah, Sena, Me and Cher

Sarah, Sena, Me and Cher


Viv, Lora and Gloria

Everyone was craving the Oolong Seabass dish, we ordered 2 plates of our favorite dish. We first fell in love with this dish last year at Sarah’s bachelorette party.


We also enjoyed other tasty dishes.


My plate below included sea bass and garlic spinach with a side of brown rice.


It was also a special night because the birthday girl just gave birth to her cute baby Samantha and most of us were meeting her for the first time.

We enjoyed Samantha’s company while also eating birthday cake.


We chatted and played catch up throughout dinner but it was too early to end the night so decided spontaneously that we wanted to watch a movie.

We watched Just Go With It. It was funny and light hearted and something you would expect from an Adam Sandler movie. It had me wanting to go to Hawaii really really soon.

Just Go With It poster

It was a great night hanging out with just the girls. We haven’t seen each other since the holidays and we try to hangout when everyone’s schedules allow it and try to celebrate each others birthday together.

Baby Samantha was really good and stayed asleep throughout the movie. Ooops, I guess Mommy and the aunties lost track of time and kept her out late.


This morning, after being out late last night, I needed to drink strong coffee before heading out to the gym. I am loving Trader Joe’s Gingerbread french pressed coffee right now.

I did 45 cardio, 30 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the elliptical.

When I am rushed and hungry and have 15 minutes to shower and get ready for church…breakfast has to be simple. Enter oatmeal, cinnamon and stevia.


After church, I met up with my family for lunch.

I was excited to see my niece Jazzy and hangout with her. She is very affectionate and loves being silly. Today, she wanted to wear my jewelries.


She loves the camera, can you tell? If I’m not taking pictures of her, then she will take pictures of herself.

I asked her to make different face expressions for me.


Oh boy, my sister will have her hands full with this one Smile

After lunch, I took my niece home with me and we continued with more fun shenanigans at home.


I had an enjoyable weekend.  Being able to hangout with my friends and family on the same weekend made it very special.


  1. squigglefloey says:

    Omg your niece is TOO cute. What a lovely wknd 🙂

  2. Wow that Oolong Seabass dish looks really delicious.

  3. So much FUN! Loved this post. 🙂

  4. Looks like an awesome weekend!
    Your niece is adorable! =D

  5. What a great night with the girls! Y’all are so gorgeous. The food looks tasty and I really want to see Just Go With It. Glad you had time with your niece too ;). Enjoy your Monday

  6. You and your friends are so stinking pretty! So great to get together with girlfriends (and family!) Where are those brown boots from? I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of flat leather boots

    • Thanks 🙂 The brown boots are soooo comfortable and I bought it at Ross 2 years ago for $20. The brand is “Nicole”, never heard of that brand before until I just looked it up right now.

      It’s my go to traveling boots. Hope you find something similar, maybe try Nordstrom Rack or Zappos.com if you can’t find it at Marshall’s or Ross.

  7. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Oh sounds definitely like a great time.

    Your niece is so hilarious and adorable too.

    What a way to spend the weekend with family and friends.


  8. Your niece is ADORABLE! I’m kind of jealous – I really want to be an aunty!!!

  9. sounds like such an amazing weekend!! That sea bass looks amazing! I have been wanting to see that movie!

  10. What great pics!! I want to see that movie too – so sweet of you to drive all that way to be with your besties!

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