Mac Daddy pancake hunger

I make it a habit to drink a big cup of water before bed. But the last few nights, I have been waking up in the middle of the night because I had to use the bathroom and usually it is hard to go back to asleep.

I try to read a book  or listen to instrumental music on my ipod until I get sleepy again, usually around 30 minutes.

Another thing that I notice is that, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I notice that I am hungry. I usually ignore it and wait to eat until breakfast time comes.

My appetite right when I woke up this morning was huge and  lets just say that I feel like I can eat this plate.


Notice the blackberry next to the plate, it is being used to compare the actual size of the pancake.

Tell me, would you have the same fake pose natural reaction when you are handed a giant plate of pancakes?


In reality, I ate 1/4 of 2 pancakes (there are 3 huge pancakes total) and was stuffed afterwards. I felt bad wasting it so I packed the leftovers, stored it in our hotel refrigerator and it took me 2 days to finish the whole thing. Why I felt the need to finish it is beyond me.

What was I thinking ordering the Mac Daddy pancake in the first place? I guess I was up for the challenge. If you can finish the whole plate then it’s free. I must have ordered this before I drank my morning coffee.


Mac Daddy Pancakes served at Mac 24-7 restaurant in Honolulu.

This was in 2008 during my vacation in Oahu, Hawaii. Later on, I saw the crazy foodie from Travel Channel’s Man vs Food taking up the same challenge. You can see the video on YouTube by clicking –> here.

It was fun looking back at those photos but I still remember how I felt after I stuffed myself silly with those pancakes. I was full, but I know I wasn’t satisfied. I know now that all I was eating were empty calories with zero nutrients.

Three years later and how times have change.

This morning, I made myself a healthier breakfast.

Egg Waffle Sandwich


– 2 toasted Van’s Organic waffles

– 1 egg + 1/3 cup egg white

– Topping: Chobani Vanilla greek yogurt, maple syrup/coconut oil mix (I heat up real maple syrup with coconut oil to create pancake syrup)


Sweet and Salty with a little vanilla tart on top.

Some days, it just what I crave.



Do you eat food that have sweet and salty combination? What are your favorites sweet/salty combo?

 I like sweet/salty oatmeal bowl or pretzels or popcorn.


  1. squigglefloey says:

    Haha what lovely pictures.
    I always drink a cup of hot tea with toast to help me sleep before I go to bed, and I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to go pee as well! Damn bladder! But the tea helps calm and put me to sleep so I just stick with it =P

  2. I like pretzels and chocolate together for a sweet/salty combo!
    The wafflewich looks delicious! =D

  3. Those pancakes are HUGE! How fun though. I bet they were tasty too. I wouldn’t mind enjoying them for a few days. And a beautiful breakfast at home too. I haven’t tried the whole eggs & waffle thing- I need to. I do enjoy salty and sweet every now and again. I love when they put sea salt on top of baked goods.

  4. Oh I wish I had read this 20 minutes ago! I happen to have all of these ingredients (LOVE Vans waffles), and this sounds totally perfect as i’m under the weather today. But tomorrow brings another morning to try something new… 🙂

  5. First of all, I love your white top! It is so pretty. Secondly, I am right there with you on waking up hungry. It is such a pain to be thinking about food at 3 am! I’ve started to eat a small snack closer to bedtime to get rid of the cravings. Third, I want to eat that breakfast. It looks so good! Finally, my favorite salty/sweet combo is probably chocolate covered pretzels. 🙂

  6. HOLY SMOKES. that is ridiculous. i would definitely have helped you eat it. i love your shirt!

  7. I often come down with my-eyes-are-bigger-than-my-stomach-itis. I guess there are worse ailments to have, especially when you don’t mind leftovers 🙂

  8. I saw that Man vs. Food episode where he attempts to eat the entire thing – insane!

    I’m with you on the sweet and salty combo, and the yogurt on top of the waffles is a great idea!

  9. I love salted caramels.

    Also, once, I had a brownie with bacon in it, and it was AMAZING.

  10. oh man that egg waffle sandwich looks amazing!!!

  11. Ahahah! Oh my gosh! Those pancakes!

  12. I loooove sweet & salty/ savory together. Yesterday, I had an open-faced egg sandwich with cinnamon raisin bread, a Laughing Cow cheese, and an egg with salt & pepper. It was amazing.

  13. love the pics! those pancakes are insane!!

    I’m not a fan of mixing sweet with salty – I don’t know why – it just doesn’t work for me. 😦

  14. Wow, those pancakes are monsters, he he! I haven’t had a frozen waffle in so long, even though they are satisfying and not too bad nutritionally (some of them, anyway)!

  15. dude sometimes when I wake up my appetite is like CRAZY!!! And then I like to make myself a huge bowl of oats or banana softserve. Yummm.

    Pancakes always SOUND good, but after like 3 bites I’m like blahhhh my tummy hurts! haha

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