If Disney had a CSA

Thank you everyone for all your sweet comments on the engagement pictures sneak peek. I received a few emails with funny comments from friends. Funny comments such as “Oh go get your own barn”, “The pictures are channeling  Bella and Edward in the woods” and “Keep the boots on, if you know what I mean”. I’m excited to share more next week.

Me and the rain have a love hate relationship.

I love it on days I want to stay-in and bake and just relax.

I hate it on days I want to run outside and it’s cold and wet.

It rained hard last night and it was sprinkling this morning as I was making coffee.  But the skies cleared which was unexpected because the forecast said that it was supposed to rain hard all day today.


I got dressed quickly and went out for a run.

I ran 5 miles around the neighborhood. It wasn’t easy, but I can feel my runs are getting easier Smile Which I am really really happy about.

5 miles before breakfast and I feel so productive already. My best workouts are always the one I do right after I wake up and before I have breakfast. I feel so light if I workout before breakfast.

I was very hungry when I got home. Good thing I pre-made my oats.

– Oatmeal made with almond milk, mix with vanilla protein powder + peanut butter + butterscotch chips and coconut flakes toppings.


First time having butterscotch and coconut at the same time, it was delicious.


I found a bag of butterscotch recently in the refrigerator that I didn’t know I had. It was buried under a big bulk bag of walnuts. I love finding good surprises like that.


This week, the fiance and I made a trip to Disneyland on a weekday expecting it would be empty. It was wishful thinking because the parks are now crowded, no more empty lines  Sad smile


We have an IPhone app that tells you how long the wait is for each attraction, it is very helpful in being efficient with our time while at the park.

We checked out our  usual favorite attractions = Buzz Lightyear, Indiana Jones (fast pass), Jungle Cruise & Haunted Mansion.

While walking around the park, I noticed all the different vegetables that are planted all over.


Who needs a CSA when you have access to this? I kid, I kid. It is very tempting to pick them though.  I also saw other herbs like fresh thyme while in line.

I will be back to check out on those strawberries (bottom right) in the next few weeks.

After a few hours, we headed home because the park was getting crowded.

On our way out, we search for a bride & groom hats but was told they are not available right now Sad smile

But we did find this cute alternative, Disney bride! So cute Smile


Have a fun weekend!


  1. Gosh, there’s an iPhone app for everything! haha. I’m in the dark ages, don’t even have an iPhone. Some day when I get one, I guess I’ll just appreciate it all the more 😉

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. Looks like a fun day! =D
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Your oatmeal looks really good! I like the rain, as long as I’m not in it. 🙂

  4. Great job on the run! I concur – running in the morning before a heavy breakfast is always best for me too! So jealous of your Disney trip- I already want to go back 🙂 And you look adorable in the Minnie bride ears. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  5. Love the Disney Bride ears! Very cute!

  6. Great job on your run. I always feel productive if I get my run in right away, too.

    Sounds like a fun day! Love your boots, too!

  7. Disney had tiny little peppers once by Buzz Lightyear. I saw rosemary there once too.

  8. Ben and I are getting passes soon! Love Disney 🙂

  9. looks like a great day! I love butterscotch and coconut 🙂 mmmm….thats a cute substitute for a veil!

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