My comfort foods + Wedding Diary Update

Ever since Monday, I haven’t been feeling well.

My beverage of choice has been fresh ginger tea with honey. Sometimes I make it really strong and it’s spicy, sometimes a little light and with more honey.

I’ve also been craving comfort food. Chocolate gives me comfort.

I have been adding chocolate shavings on top of my hot oatmeal bowl.

Chocolate + coconut + chocolate + coconut = helps me feel better in the morning.


Oatmeal mixed with chocolate protein powder + coconut butter mixed in.

Toppings are chocolate shavings + shredded coconut + more coconut butter.


I really loved this combo. I used Baker’s baking chocolate, the chocolate is so creamy once it’s melted, without adding any extra sugar.


Another comfort food. Thai coconut soup.


We ordered take-out from a neighborhood Thai restaurant, it was our first time ordering from there and their soup was delicious.

Really flavorful, really creamy and I love that I can taste the ginger in the soup too.


We also had Phad Thai to complete our meal. This dish wasn’t as flavorful as the soup, it could have used more spices as it tasted a little bland.


And when you are not feeling well, you have an excuse to have someone make fresh orange juice for you 🙂

IMG_4257 IMG_4254

Wedding Diary

We are 3 months away before the wedding. We have  our family and closest friends all traveling and vacationing with us to Puerto Vallarta for our wedding.

38 guests confirmed + Bride & Groom!!!

It feels like the days are getting shorter and my to do list is getting longer. I have enjoyed every step of the way. I have an inspiration board that I made. I put it up in my room and  I look at it all the time. It has helped me a lot in seeing the bigger picture.

Honestly, I am not stressed out. One night I stressed myself out because I was thinking that I am not stressed out enough.

I pay attention to small details, and I want to make sure that during our wedding celebrations, our personality as a couple will be included in the details. From the ceremony readings down to the small details like the monograms that will be printed on the menu.

One detail that I have been working on this week is the bridesmaid dress. My sister is going to be my Maid of Honor.

When we get married in May, it will be 2.5 months after she gives birth, so we are planning to purchase multiple sizes of the same dress because we won’t know what size she will be wearing then.


These are the styles that I liked. I want a dress that looked light and flowy. Our ceremony will be on the beach, so dresses that are cool and breezy will fit our destination.


Our wedding colors are pink and orange. I prefer a pink dress for my bridesmaid but I also liked these orange dresses.


I used Weddington Way website to create a line-up of my favorite dresses. It was really helpful to see the dresses side-by-side and compare them.

What you do is shop for the dresses that you are looking for, either according to style or color. Then you add the dresses that you like to your favorites list.

From there, the website will generate a dress line-up for you from your favorites list.

I’m such a visual person and it helps a lot to see your choices all in one page so you can narrow down your top picks.

Have a good Friday! Stay Healthy!!


  1. sorry to hear you’re not feeling well! Keep the tea and vitamin C coming!! The dresses are gorgeous! Right after I found out I was pregnant…my best friend called to tell me she was engaged hahah. Luckily, they’re not getting married for a little while. I can’t wait to see your wedding pics- ah!

  2. I love the off the shoulder style pink dresses. Both of them are adorable!

    I hope you feel better girl! 🙂

  3. I hope you feel better. 🙂 Those are really cute choices for dresses. They would be fun to wear!

  4. All those dresses are lovely choices! I went for the breezy look too 😉

    Feel better hon!

  5. Wow, all that coconut!

    I think flowy would be good for your sister and the theme. So exciting!!

  6. Hope you feel better soon!!!!!!
    Those oats look delish! =D

  7. I really like that off shoulder orange dress! 🙂

  8. Hope you feel better soon!! 🙂

  9. I looooooooooooooove all of those bridesmaid styles. Your bridesmaids are very lucky.

  10. I hope you feel better soon! I love all of those dresses, but especially the orange ones!!!

  11. I love every single dress, especially style 6556. I am partial to long dresses at a wedding, especially a tropical one like yours.

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  12. Love those dresses!! Sorry you haven’t been feeling well!! Get better soon!!

  13. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Hey Lea,

    first off feel better quickly.

    Those dresses are so beautiful and flowing they will be perfect for the beach ceremony. I like the pink color dresses – sweet.

  14. Hope you feel better soon! Being sick is no fun. 😦
    Love the dresses that you picked out for your beach wedding…so pretty!

  15. I know I told you this before Im sure but I LOVE the wedding colors you chose! They are beautiful!!

    I love those dresses too! All the styles are beautiful! Im so excited for you!! I love reading about your wedding deets!

    Hope you feel better love! xoxo

  16. Chocolate and coconut are like salt and pepper 😉

  17. The 6554 was my bridesmaid dress!

  18. like.. the one my bridesmaids wore. if that was a little misleading. ha. i was just so excited that i hit submit!

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