All Rested + Wedding Cakes

After 15 hours of sleep total (not consecutive) and 8 cups of fresh ginger tea, I am feeling much better. I just rested, took a lot of vitamins, drank a lot of liquids and I think that’s all I needed.

I was really looking forward to a blog event scheduled in San Diego this weekend, but unfortunately I had to cancel. I was bummed about that, but my health is priority. there will be other opportunities in the future.

Sweet and Salty for breakfast today.

– Oatmeal cooked with chia seeds and mashed bananas

– Mix-ins & toppings –> cottage cheese + granola+ peanut butter + pear jam


I took my medicine and vitamins after breakfast and went back to sleep.

Around lunch time, I wasn’t hungry but I wanted to get nutrients in my body.

Quick and easy snack. Smoothie in a bowl.

I drank this under the sun. I had to keep the cold and warmth balance.


Spooned, sip, sip, sip and it’s all gone. A day’s worth of veggies and nutrients all in one bowl.


Next meal was an egg white sandwich with cheese on Thomas bagel thins and a side of baked fries.


Dinner will be hot wonton soup. Take out is what’s on the menu tonight.

Wedding Diary Update

Wow, 2 days in a row I’m blogging about wedding plans. What can I say, I’ve had plenty of time on my hands. Well, I’m resting with a purpose and doing wedding planning on the side.

In the afternoon, I worked a few hours on wedding planning while resting on my bed. I am working with a few vendors right now, one of them being a monogram design.

I was just sent version #1 and I think it still needs a little tweaking before we finalize and start using it for wedding materials. I’m actually going to use this for a few DIY ideas I have on mind.


I am planning to share all the DIY projects I’m doing for the wedding, but I will probably post about them after the wedding. My friends and family read the blog and I would like to have them see it first at the wedding before I share them all with you. I am customizing a lot of things. Really fun stuff!!!

Cakes, cakes and more cakes

Being that my wedding will be in a private beach miles away from home at an exotic location, I will not have the luxury of having a bakery nearby to bake me up a 5 tier cake with all the bells and whistles that I can imagine.

My cake will be more simple, it will be made with local ingredients and decorated with local flowers.  Typical wedding cake but with a destination wedding twist.

Here are some inspirations that I will be sending to my wedding coordinator. I like them all 🙂



(loved the hula girl and boy on the bottom of the cake….so cute!)




I’m looking for a cake that is simple, decorated with tropical flowers and has a beautiful presentation.

What was your favorite wedding cake flavor?

There are so many combination that I can choose from. I am debating between chocolate cake or vanilla cake with fruit layers. Unfortunately, coconut was not an option. I’m keeping it simple and classic so that everyone can enjoy them.


  1. Nom! Mine was lemon with a lemon meringue layer in the middle. Frosting was a light butterrcream. I was adamant about not having fondant!

  2. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Your oats looked delicious!

    ps. I really love the second cake you posted!

  3. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!! Owwww the cake! I love the second picture. We went with alternating layers of chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse- seemed to be a hit.

    • I like the 2nd one too, one of my favorite. Thanks for the cake combo suggestion.

      Our wedding coordinator said we can skip the traditional cake all together and have a traditional Mexican cake, tres leches. I need to taste that again before I decide.

  4. Those cakes look gorgeous! Wedding cake is my absolute favorite cake- the white kind!

  5. Glad you’re feeling better!

    Your wedding cake ideas are so pretty! I’m not a huge cake fan, but I do like chocolate cake. 🙂

  6. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!! : ]

    My favorite of those cakes is the second one, love how straight, neat and clean the squares are.

  7. I loove chocolate cake!
    Glad you’re feeling better! =D

  8. I love red velvet cake, chocolate cake, vanillla…I love it all lol. Honestly its all about the frosting to me. If there is good frosting I could care less what the flavor of the actual cake lol. Those oats look great!

    • If I have a 3 tier cake then each cake can be different flavors. I’m the opposite, i like the actual cake more than the frosting. I like frosting but it needs to balance out the cake portion size.

      You must love the corner slice of cakes huh? It has the most icing!

  9. Those oats look really good! All those wedding cakes look gorgeous. I love chocolate but actually prefer vanilla/lemon/yellow cakes.

  10. Love all those cakes! And my fave wedding cake flavor was the strawberry cream we had in ours. It normally isn’t my favorite at all, but this one was just sooooo good.

  11. Beautiful cakes – love the solid white/classic with the bright colors – fabulous! I did TONS of DIY for my wedding – SO fun!

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