Pizza, Pizza

Well, hello blog….I’ve missed you.  I decided when I first started the blog that it was going to be a she.  I’ve missed her.

The last few days have been spent just resting. I purposely slept in and went to bed very early. It paid off because I’m so  much better now. Unfortunately, Chris caught my cold. He is trying to take care of it so it doesn’t get worst.

Melted baking chocolate is still my oatmeal topping of choice the last few days.


Chocolate + coconut + banana will be my next baking dish. Love the combo.


Yesterday was the first time I changed from my pajamas and got dressed up to meet our wedding photographer who will be flying to Puerto Vallarta with us.

Nate was in town for personal reasons and I’m glad we had a chance to spend time with him before the wedding. It was a meet and greet and shoot session. He was really cool and easy to work with.

We spent some time with him in the rolling hills of Palos Verdes. We wanted to go back to the area where we got engaged last May.

It was still as beautiful as I had remembered it.

After meeting Nate,  I have less worry about our wedding photos because I know he will do a great job capturing our moment. Plus, I like his style. He has passion in what he does and it really shows.

We had a beautiful afternoon along the coast. However, it was very windy which made the photo shoot even more fun.

After we finished our shoot with Nate. Chris and I headed to his favorite pizza place near work, at Big Nick’s Pizza.

Hot soup was in order first, to warm us up.

Lentils Sausage soup. It was really good. The broth was good, the lentils and vegetables were so soft too. No chewing needed.

Pesto & Marinara pizza sauce is what makes this pizza special.

Fresh pizza dough really makes a difference.

Pizza for two, and plenty of leftovers.

What a fun day it was!

Now off I go to work.

What makes your favorite pizza really good?


  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and I hope the man recovers quickly. Gorgeous shots! I think the wedding photographer is SO important! That lentil soup sounds great! I’m all about an awesome pizza crust!

  2. I hate it when colds are passed around, then it feels like your own lasts longer! Hope everyone is feeling better soon 🙂
    I can’t say that I’ve ever thought of my blog’s gender, lol, but I think it would be a she as well.

  3. Ha ha… I didn’t assign a gender to my blog, although I name my stuff (ipod, laptop, etc.). Strangely, haven’t named my car, but I’ve always thought it is a “she.”

  4. Yuuum that pizza looks amazing!!!!!!
    My favorite pizza is actually a dessert pizza…
    Its made on a super-thin crust, topped with chocolate sauce, strawberries and caramel!!!

  5. oh my goodness. that pizza looks so stinking amazing!!!!

  6. I like extra sauce and onions. Love me some good pizza-onion breath 😉

  7. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Hey Lea,

    glad to hear you are feeling better. Looks like you had another great day, woo hoo.

    I love pesto and having it on pizza is one of my favorites.

    Everything looks delicious even though I don’t eat meat I can picture it without it. Yummmm!

  8. Crispiness and cheesiness make a perfect pizza for me! The oats with chocolate and banana look awesome!

  9. You got engaged there? Such a beautiful place! We did some of our engagement photos at the tide pools there.

  10. glad you are feeling better!
    and that pesto pizza looks great. I also love homemade crust and super fresh ingredients. 🙂

  11. Its all about the dough! It should be the proper thickness, a bit of crunch on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

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