A Day in the Wild – Part I

Even for someone who enjoys working out, it was still hard to get back into my workout routine after being away from the gym for a week or so while I was sick.

I eased into my workout by doing light cardio on alternating days. Once I was feeling well enough to take the intensity up, I started doing HIIT workouts (full sprints on my highest points) and also back to strength training.

I went back to Body Pump class recently.  I was really appreciative being healthy and being able to workout that I really pushed myself.

I used different mantras during my workout and for this particular class, I had a funny one but it worked. During class, whenever I felt like quitting, I would ask myself “If Jillian Michaels was here standing in front of you, would you do another rep?” The answer each time was “YES!”.

I finished strong each time.

I am so proud.

I can really tell the difference. Now that I know what if feels like to really push it and give it my all, I can go back to that high point and strive to re-visit each time I do Body Pump class.

Breakfast this morning was my usual protein oats with banana and peanut butter. I think I have been eating banana each day for awhile now.


There are so many ways to eat banana. Toppings for my oatmeal, mashed and baked in to these delicious banana chocolate muffins or eaten with yogurt for my afternoon snack.

This is a really simple breakfast and a great way to start your day. It holds me over for about 3 hours.


I took my mom to her doctor’s appointment today and had to pack a small meal to eat while waiting for her at the hospital.

This is not burnt. This is called “well toasted”.  Thomas Bagel thins with melted string cheese and eggs. I forgot to take a picture of the egg before I packed the sandwich. I also packed nectarines too.



After a long wait, long for me but I am sure it’s standard turnaround time, I finally have on my hands all the pictures from our engagement photo shoot.

I love all the pictures. I will share with you our favorites.

I loved the pictures for many reasons….

We were in our  natural surroundings. We both love being outdoors and being with nature.

_PVR0989_fb (2)_PVR1108

The pictures captured the ways we are loving to each other



The pictures showed our adventurous side. We climbed down barefoot to get to this little creek. (Side note: the photographer said that we were the only couple willing to go in the freezing water)

_PVR1458 (fb2)_PVR1377_PVR1371


The picture showed us just playing around…





Isn’t this such a beautiful place? We both grew up in Southern California and will make our home here in Orange County. This is what we have to look forward to during the weekends when we get to enjoy our amazing surroundings.

_PVR1641 - Copy


Part II coming soon…..

P.S. I want to thank all of you who have read my blog from the early days, even before I started my wedding planning.  It has been a long road. I got engaged before I started this blog, but all my wedding planning has been documented on this blog because I didn’t start planning until about 7  months ago. Thank you for your sweet comments and support.

Where did you take or would you take your engagement pictures?


  1. Funny how being sick makes us grateful for the bodies that allow us to workout. 🙂

    Your photos are seriously gorgeous. Love them!

    • Thank you. That is so true. I so grateful everyday that I wake up having a healthy body. You don’t appreciate it until you are sick and can’t do the things you love 😦

  2. Those pictures are wonderful – y’all look so in love! 🙂

  3. I eat that breakfast (with oatmeal) like everyday. SO GOOD.

  4. The pics turned out AMAZING!! I love them!!! Breathtaking and I love how she captured you guys, and the sunlight is so beautiful! I can see the amazing love you both have in these pics!!!!!

    Your big day is coming, and I want to say thank you for sharing your wedding journey, it is so fun to follow!!! xoxo ❤

    • Thanks Katie. Our wedding day are a few weeks apart. Lets keep each other sane thru this journey, j/k. I have been loving every step of the way, really loving it!

      Especially now that the wedding is getting close, I really want to savor it all in.

  5. I really like the nature feel of these photos. I’ve always like the inside of the San Juan Capistrano Mission or the Mission Inn in Riverside for photos.

    Your oatmeal looks so smooth. I have to go and check out your oatmeal recipe. Yum!

    • I love San Juan Capistrano location too. We took these pictures at Santiago Canyon, just like you said, we were surrounded by nature. 360 degrees view of nature.

      P.S. the oatmeal is actually TJ’s toasted oat bran, that’s why is looks smooth.

  6. SO glad you’re feeling better! Your mantra totally cracked me up. Bananas are amazing. It’d be hard for me to pick a favorite use for them- probably in oatmeal or in a banana/nut butter sandwich. The pictures are fabulous. I love how natural you two look. Barefoot! Gorgeousness.

  7. I looove all of your pics!!! =D

  8. So beautiful, so ethereal, so perfect!

  9. I love those pictures! So natural/genuine/true love!

  10. Lea your photos are beyond gorgeous!!! Truly loving, gentle, tender, kind, and giving…they will be cherished forever, no doubt!

  11. Your engagement pictures are gorgeous!!! I think my favorite is the 3rd one! 🙂

  12. Beautiful pictures! I love the last picture!

  13. I absolutely love your pictures! The coloring and softness of them is awesome!

  14. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    These pictures are so beautiful straight out of a sample photo frame picture is where I would see this.


  15. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! You can just tell how in love you are! 🙂

  16. #1 You are gorgeous.
    #2 Your engagement pics are amazing!
    #3 You can see mine here (scroll down the page): http://maler.com/?s=mindy

    #4 I saw this and thought you might be interested in dark chocolate & coconut waffles on my friend Hollie’s blog

    Have a great day chica!

    • Thank you so much Mindy and thanks for sharing the pictures. You and your fiance look like professional models, loved your location too. So romantic, like a typical day walk in the park but you guys are so gorgeous.

  17. omg you are so beautiful girl!!! THose pictures are amazing!!!

  18. great job at body pump. i love the pictures, you are goregous!

  19. Those pics are GORGEOUS!!!!! We took ours around a block-I did NOT think they were going to turn out nice and surprisingly they did!!!

  20. We did our engagement photos at the beautiful park where Lucas proposed…they are some of my very favorite pictures of us as a couple!

    You two not only look great, you look great together. Congratulations!

  21. Friend, you look BEYOND amazing in your engagment photos- the lighting, backdrop, colors, everything! I’m sure they’ll be keepers for quite a long time!

  22. Oliver Owen L. Garcia says:

    Nice pictures leah….I cant stop thinking and looking back at the days when you were with us. Life indeed is beautiful and I wish you and your soon to be hubby all the best in the world.

    • Thank you. I didn’t get to respond sooner but your comment really made my day 🙂 Life is beautiful.

      Thanks for the constant love and support, I can really feel if even it you are in the other side of the world.

  23. Beautiful pictures! I love your outfit, too!!

    I’m sick right now and its driving me crazy because I’m missing important training workouts. But all I can do is rest and ease back in – glad you’re feeling better!


  1. […] This view reminded me a lot of the location for our engagement pictures. […]

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