Fitness, Fashion and Food

This post is a little bit of everything.  A little bit of me,  a little bit of clothes and fashion and a little bit of  food.

Today (a rainy day), I ran the Knott’s Berry Farm 10K Coaster Run with my friends. We had a fun run and that’s all we could ask for. I’m not a fast runner by any means, I run slow and steady. But my pace is getting better, a lot better. I ran 6.2 miles in 62 minutes (better time than my last 10K last month).

Hooray for improvement!


Knott's Berry Farm 10K Coaster Run

I will be doing a race recap in the next few days. After this morning’s race, I am one 10K race away from reaching my goal of running three 10K (30K) before I turn 30.

After the race, we were hungry for our post-run breakfast. Since it was cold, we were craving for something warm in our belly.

I reached out on twitter asking which bakery served a bowl of steel cut oats. After a few responses, we headed out to Corner Bakery.


I was happy with my huge bowl of oats and all the side toppings they included. My toppings included brown sugar, walnuts, almonds, dried cranberries and dried currants. If only they had coconuts too.


Even though it wasn’t steel cut oats, their oatmeal was still good and really creamy, it’s made with skim milk and a dash of salt.

I also ordered eggs on the side. Two plates for this hungry girl.


My running buddies, Cher and Lora ordered lunch plates and devoured their food as well.


We got separated during the race and it was fun to hear about their race experience, we all had fun stories during the race.

We all agreed, the flooded tunnel was not fun 😦

Cher lives in L.A. and Lora lives in San Diego. So I had a mini-slumber party last night at my house before the race. It was great spending time with the girls this weekend.

Beach Chic

Whenever it rains, it never fails that I start daydreaming about being somewhere warm. Somewhere, where it’s tropical, like my wedding venue. I thought about the wedding a lot during the run. I thought of all the fun clothes I get to wear and how good the sun will feel against my skin.

The dress code for our wedding is -> Beach Chic

What is beach chic? We gave our wedding guests some ideas on what is appropriate for our beach wedding.


Women = dressy sun/summer dresses, dressy sandals
Men = linen suits no jacket required, button down breathable shirt, dressy sandals, khakis and colored shirts

I’ve also heard the term “sand between the toes elegant“ to describe a beach wedding attire.

For the Women

Dresses worn to the wedding should be relaxed, but not too casual. The venue will be airy and your beautiful dress will catch the ocean breeze. I suggest looking for natural fabrics in vibrant colors.

Destination wedding wear

destination_wedding_dress_060309_g6 what-guests-wear-to-destination-wedding-1


I really really love these colors. Coral + teal accessories.


For the Men



(Google images)

If you were attending a destination wedding, what kind of dress and color would you wear?


  1. Congrats! Way to beat your previous 10k time!! And those oats look SUPER creamy. I love oats out. The attire for the guests looks just perfect. If we had done a beachy wedding- I would have definitely worn a more low key flowy dress 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE all-around posts! Gives you insight on everything 🙂

    LOVING that breakfast…if only it had coconut 😉

    Super congrats on that time and what a SWEEET race! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

  3. Congrats girl! 😀

    Your oatmeal looks AMAZING! 😀


  4. Love the beach chic looks!

    Not a destination wedding, but my best friend is getting married in July. Her family is from Bangladesh and her fiance’s family is from Brazil. Neither is religious so the wedding is more of a cultural celebration than a religious one. For all the girls in the wedding she instructed us to get “fun, bright, sexy dresses that will look good with henna”. It’s sort of like a destination wedding challenge for me because I don’t typically buy “bring and sexy” but I’ve had a ton of fun with it. I got a cute strapless hot pink mini dress. I can’t wait to accessorize it up (or prep it out with accessories, whatever). Love the idea of a ‘different’ dress code! I think it makes the event more fun!

  5. CONGRATS! I think that time is outstanding – very cool. And we have corner bakery here – LOVE. I used to get there panini all the time… man it was good!! I think that a different scheme is smart I LOVE the idea of teel! I’d probably wear a print just because I rarely get solid dresses unless they’re black!

  6. Great job on the run!
    And those oats look amazing. Oatmeal remains one of my fave foods for sure. 🙂
    I love that middle dress in the photo with “wedding survival guide” written on you know where it’s from?!

    • Hi Emily, that dress is *HAWKS By Geren Ford Colorblock Dress from Urban Outfitters. BUT it’s from 2009 so I don’t think it’s available anymore. *

      I love the colors on that dress too.

  7. Congrats on your race today girl! U look so cute in the race pic!

    I love corner bakery!!!! My sis and I always loved their salads there!

    Im loving the fashion here ; ) of course! I would choose a coral color dress!!! I love that color! It would be perfect to wear for a beach wedding too!

    Im so excited for you!!!! xoxo

  8. So glad the race went well!!! That breakfast looks AWESOME!

  9. Ohhh I’ve never been to a beach wedding, but all of those dresses are super cute!

    And that bowl of oats looks like the perfect post-race fuel!

  10. Congrats on the race!! That oatmeal looks so good! I am definitely going to have to go to the Corner Bakery to try it! Yum! 🙂

    I’ve never been to a destination wedding before. I am seriously considering it for my own though. I love the coral color dresses! I think that is the perfect color for spring. That color would look so beautiful on the beach! 🙂

  11. great job with the run girl!! Thats a great time!!!


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