Chris and I both enjoy eating at Soup Plantation. I love that I can create a salad with as much vegetables and topping that I want. He loves it because he can eat and taste everything he wants until his belly is about to explode.


The price is very reasonable for what you get.


We each fill our plates with our favorite. I like the Chinese chicken salad as my base salad and I bulked it up by adding spinach, broccoli and garbanzo beans. I add crunch by adding sunflower seeds.

Chris loves their Caesar salad as is, and fills his plate with that salad.

My 1st plate. I always put 2 plates on my tray as I go thru the buffet line.


The 2nd plate is for other side dishes that I want to try. Nothing spectacular on this plate. I used to love the broccoli salad but I find it very sweet now.


I loved it then and I still love it now, corn muffin with whipped honey butter. Chris loves to bake bread and we discussed if we can try to replicate this at home.


In high school, I worked at a yogurt shop called Penguin’s. I still got my yogurt-shaping skills. I didn’t eat any, this was all for Chris but I do look forward each time I get a chance to makes beautiful swirls like the one below.


 They always have a new dessert item for the month and tonight I tried the peanut butter chocolate chip bar.  Chris loved it but sadly, I didn’t. I prefer my homemade bars more.


What is happening to my taste buds? Desserts that I used to enjoy in the past, are not appetizing to me anymore. I find them too sweet. I think because I have really cut down on sweets a lot. When I do crave them, I will make my own dessert at home using wholesome ingredients and now I prefer that more than the ones served at restaurants or store bought.

My tasted buds have definitely changed. I’m so sensitive to sugar now. Chris has noticed too, that when we are dining out, my most common comment is “This is too sweet”.

I gave the other desserts a try, cranberry orange muffins and blueberry muffins. I’ve enjoyed them before.


I’m so sad. I don’t like them as much anymore.

Wasted food on my plate 😦


Even though my taste buds were disappointed tonight, I was happy sipping on hot green tea while Chris enjoyed his dessert. Soup Plantation has really great selection of hot teas.


I learned tonight that my taste in dessert has changed. I enjoy desserts that are decadent like chocolate cake but I don’t want it to be too sweet. I like desserts that are rich in flavor but not very sweet.

What kind of desserts do you like? Decadent? Rich? Sweet? All of the above?


What other words are used to describe desserts?

I used to only described desserts as sweet, but for me, a dessert doesn’t have to be necessarily sweet to be called dessert. I consider dark chocolate as dessert, but the ones I eat are not sweet.


  1. squigglefloey says:

    Hi girl!
    I totally remember Penguins Yogurt! I think I’ve only been to the one in Westwood though. I remember they were around before the crazy yogurtness hit LA, haha. You were one of the original.
    And I can def. relate to being more attune to sweetness the older I get. Things are becoming too sweet now. 😦

  2. What a cool spot! I wish we had a salad bar like that. I’m so with you- I can’t take super sweet desserts at all. I like less sugary fruit crisps/crumbles and frozen yogurt.

  3. They totally need a place like that around here!

    I definitely agree that dessert doesn’t always have to be sweet – dark chocolate isn’t sweet but it’s totally decadent and delicious!

  4. I also find that a lot of desserts are much too sweet. I like your use of the words “rich in flavour”. Texture is also really important to me. Don’t give me anything with a mousse-like texture. Creme brulee is equally yuck. I like something with some substance!

  5. I’ve always wanted to check out a Soup Plantation, but have!

    Here’s a word for dessert: orgasmic 😉

  6. You have crazy good swirling skills. That’s pretty neat. I love Souplantation! Unfortunately I really love their desserts. Perhaps a little too much. It’s actually not as healthy for me to go eat there because I eat more dessert than actual salad.

    • Thanks, I’m proud of my skills…ha ha! I wish I can put it to good use more often. I can do 3 swirls in one cup 🙂

      I use to love their desserts too, but they are too sweet for me now. However, the cornbread is still the best for me.

  7. Girl You are going to have a amazing wedding! The flowers, they are such a small part, I say whatever you choose, they will look great! I know your wedding will be amazing and I can’t wait to see all the pics from it, It has been awesome to just follow your journey ; ) I know we will both miss the planning when it’s all over, it has gone so fast!!!

    Happy Sunday love!!! xoxo ❤

    • Everytime I get something done on the checklist, I’m happy but also sad that the planning is almost done. I think I’ve done a great job “living in the moment” and all I can do now is let time do its course.

      I know it has been a bit stressful for you, just keep your eye on the prize and look at the big picture…you are marrying your man and will be married soon.

  8. that salad bar looks great! I love those kinds of places!


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