The Hills

Another fun weekend in the books. What a great way to start the month of April.

Chris’s bachelor party was this weekend so I stayed busy by planning some fun activities with my girlfriends.

On Saturday, bright and early, we met at 6:30 am to go hiking at Peters Canyon. Same hiking trail that Chris and I frequent often. You can see the post of our last hike -> here.


We love this trail because it’s challenging and fun. There are different path you can take and I think we must have taken the hardest and longest route. About 5 steep hills (with rolling hills in between) and around 7 mile route.

 IMG_4075IMG_4076a IMG_4077a

Hill #1. Done!


You can see in this picture a few hills in front of us. This was a really steep down hill, everyone is heading towards the left for an easier path. These 2 cute older ladies were holding hands the whole time.


With a few hills under out belt, we were starting to sweat. There were beautiful houses below us, I wished I could just jump into their enticing pool.


This view reminded me a lot of the location for our engagement pictures.


Normally, we take the 5 mile route but because of peer pressure we were having fun, we decided to do more hills and continued.

This particular hill was the steepest and really narrow. We also had to share it with a few bikers. We had to hike single file, meaning….you’re on your own.


This is the view we enjoyed while catching our breath after the hill.


Group discussion. Should we keep going? or go back?

We decided that we are thinking too much about it and that we should just Go! Go! Go!

IMG_4096a IMG_4092IMG_4095

This is the only part of the trail that had railings. We made sure to take advantage of it.


Beauty. Everywhere.


After 2 hours, our hike was over. What a fun way to hang out with friends and workout at the same time.

I see me 🙂


I’m going to shop for new hiking shoes. My Nike Lunarglide is great for running, but does not provide enough support and grip during hiking.

I felt like my toes were going to come out thru the mesh front whenever we were going down hill.


Hooray for fitness and friends 🙂


We are looking for more hiking trails we can go hangout on Saturday mornings.

Staying Active with Friends

This is part of my 30 Days of Reflection. Today I’ll talk about what makes fitness fun for me and how being active has become a lifestyle.

We all know that staying active is good for our health, but I think one of the many reasons why being active has become a lifestyle for me is because I’ve found ways to make it fun.

I’m not the type that can go to the gym and get on a machine day after day and not get bored. I have to have variety in order to stay interested. One of the ways I’ve found exercising fun is get my friends involved.

I’m lucky because I have friends who shares the same interest in fitness. We bond doing fun things like hiking and races. In high school, it was easy to play organized sports with my friends. As I get older, getting together and working out as a group takes a lot of planning. Sometimes, we send out emails to each other weeks and months ahead to set a date. We really need to put the effort in planning.

If your friends don’t share the same interest as you with regards to fitness, there are many ways to meet new friends.

Join a running group, yoga group  and etc. in your city. I joined a local running group when I trained for my half marathon. Thru that group, I’ve met many people who have inspired me. My coaches were very motivating as well and I just enjoyed learning from them.  When were doing long runs, running as a group really helped me stay focus and helped me push myself much more than if I was running it on my own.

What has helped you keep your active lifestyle?


  1. GORGEOUS! Love hiking! LL Bean has some awesome hiking boots. And I couldn’t agree more- working out with friends and family makes it that much better. My Mom was the one who got me into group fitness and we still love to take classes together/ I love when she gets to take my classes!

    • Thanks for the recommendation on the hiking boots. I’ll check it out.

      Your mom? That is so cool. I’m trying to get my mom to exercise more and now that that weather is getting warmer, she has been going out on walks every day.

      Your comment got me thinking of this 10K race in San Diego (Iron Girl race), you can have a mom+daughter team.

  2. Ricky says:

    I’ve been taking my neighbor’s little Dachshund for a walk about 40 minutes most every day for over a year now. With some modification in my diet to eat better and less I’ve gone from weighing 360 pounds to 290!

    • That’s great. Keep it up. They say that slow and steady weight loss are the ones that will stick. Keep it up. I always advice people to just get out there and move, do something, anything. Instead of watching TV every free minute they have.

      • Ricky says:

        You’re right, because I’ve been at it over a year. What a difference just walking every day for 40-45 minutes! I’ll be adding swimming soon (my apt. pool isn’t heated but am anticipating a hot summer)!

        Thank you for the Berna and baby update, too! Tell the family I said “Hello” and glad all are well.

        Oooh, James Loney just homered to put the Dodgers ahead! OK, talk to you later, Lea.

  3. Starting to do exercise I enjoy–like spinning!!–has been key for me 🙂

    I love coconuts, too ❤

  4. Love beautiful days like this! What spectacular views. If I was there, I probably would have found a way to take a dip in the pool, hehe.

  5. What a beautiful hike! 😀 That house is gorgeous! I want to dive into that pool right know! 😀

  6. Those running shoes are super cute! Too bad they’re not the best hiking shoes 😦

    Looks like gorgeous scenery!

  7. Hiking is one of my fave activities. I have to find a good place to do it here! I’m sure it won’t be nearly as beautiful as your trail, though. 🙂

    I agree that finding fitness buddies makes working out easier. I just moved to a new city and need to find some friends to run with!

  8. SO pretty – I love all of the pics, especially the one of you in the sunglasses! You girls are adorable – so fun to have friends to stay fit with! 🙂

  9. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Looks like you had a great time and those hills and flowers are awesome!

    I know there’s some hiking hills in the Santa Monica Mountains. Just a thought.


  10. That is the most gorgeous hiking trail I’ve ever seen! Lucky girl!!


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