Dance as though no one is watching

You  know summer is on it’s way when you have fresh, sweet and juicy pineapples at the farmers market.

We have been enjoying pineapple the last few weeks and it inspired me to make this dish.

I love eating pizza but I don’t like the bloated feeling I get afterwards.

I made my own healthier version for a quick weeknight dinnger and it turned out well.


I received samples of Thomas Bagel thins and I used the whole wheat thin bagels as my based for a thin crust pizza.

Thin Crust Pineapple Pizza (for one)

– 2 tablespoon marinara sauce (I used low sodium from Trader Joe’s)

– half a cup of fresh pineapple, diced small

-3 oz chicken breast (or any meat you want to add i.e. ham, turkey)

– 2 tablespoon diced red onions

– cheese


Spread the marinara sauce on top of the bagel thins. Put all the toppings and bake at 375 for 15 minutes or until the bagel thins are toasted/crisp on the edge and the cheese have melted.

The mozzarella cheese melted just perfectly.


Fresh ingredients are the best.


Crispy pizza crust. Love the crunch in each bite.


Using the whole wheat bagel thins for this recipe was great because it kept my dinner light (no food coma afterwards), it served it’s purpose of being a thin pizza crust and the fact that it’s whole wheat, makes it a better option.



Dance as though no one is watching

{This is part of my 30 Days of reflection. Things that make me happy}

You know the saying “dance as though no one is watching you”? That’s me.


I’ve always love to dance. Growing up I performed on stage and at family gatherings.

Dancing makes me happy. The beats and the melody makes me happy. It’s a stress reliever for me to go out dancing with friends and just dance the night away.

I’ll dance anywhere. I’ll dance if there’s music I like. I’ll dance especially if there’s a dance floor. All I need is a few beats and my feet starts moving. I can’t help it.

I don’t mind dancing alone, in my own little corner.

I can dance with a partner.

I can dance in a group.

I can two step and line dance.

I just want to dance and have fun.

(In Jennifer Lopez’s words……)

Break a sweat on the floor
Yeah we work on the floor
Don’t stop keep it moving
Put your drinks up
Pick your body up and drop it on the floor
Let the rhythm change your world on the floor


{You know how the song goes}

Now pu-pu-pu-pu-pump it up
And back it up like a Tonka truck


Dance the night away
Live your life ,and stay young on the floor
Dance the night away


Tonight we gon’ be it on the floor
Tonight we gon’ be it on the floor



Go out there, move and just dance. Don’t judge yourself or anyone else.

Who cares who is watching.

You are dancing for you and not for anyone else.


  1. I love those bagel thins! I use them a lot for Josh’s sandwiches for lunch and for various purposes at dinner (they make fun croutons when cut up and baked too :)). Your pizza looks fantastic. Makes me CRAVE fresh pineapple. And yes, dancing truly is freeing. I need to get out there and boogie soon.

  2. Great dancing photos 🙂 I love dancing — it has a special place in my heart and makes me feel *alive*!

  3. I love those bagel thins but I never tried making pizza with them! The everything flavor is my favorite, and I bet that would make a good pizza, topped with lots of onions!

  4. Loved this post!
    Those pizza bagel this look delish!

  5. My one year old and I have spontaneous dance parties in the living room several times a day. Talk about great stress relief! I’ve always loved to dance and I really enjoy sharing it with her now.

  6. I love red onion on pizza… it gets SO sweet in the oven! Not a fan of pineapple on pizza… yet.

  7. I love your pizza combo! I haven’t had pineapple yet this year, and it’s sounding amazing!!

  8. love all the pics. you have the best clothes. always!

  9. I love making little mini pizzas like that. Yummy! I have never had pineapple on pizza though.

    Also, love the dancing pics of you! You look so happy in them.

  10. YAY!! DANCE PARTY IS ON!!!! 😀

  11. That pizza looks very tasty! I love bagel thins.

    I love to dance! It really does relieve stress and make everything better! Cute pictures!

  12. I love dancing, too. I was a gymnast through highschool and then did more dance in college. It was so fun and definitely a way to release stress and emotions. 🙂

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance. I’ve been taking classes and performing since I was 5. I just performed two weekends ago too! Even when I’m at a restaurant or a store and a good song comes on I’ll start bobbing my head or shaking my shoulders. It’s in my blood. 😛

  14. LOVE this girl! I LOVE TO DANCE! and you are so freaking cute!

  15. Those bagel thins are SO cute – love how they’re purple and yellow. hehe

    Great dancing pics – you’re so cute!

  16. that bagel thin pizza looks awesome! And I love this post! I agree, just dance like no one is watching, always is a great time!

  17. Defiant Vegan (Annette) says:

    Hey Those photos of you dancing are so cool I wouldn’t have thought you so much you were dancing, I would say you look like you are modeling too at the same time.

    Hey if you can pull that off then that’s a plus plus.

    Love Bagels it’s been awhile since I’ve had some hmmm now to make them RAW LOL

    Great Post!


  1. […] reminded me of the last “pizza for one” dish I made and that I need to make it again […]

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