Learning to love collard greens

I’ve enjoyed a lot of sweet treats this weekend and as much as I’ve enjoyed every  bite, it always leave me wanting for more and more sugar.

I’m glad it’s Monday because I’m back to my routine of eating healthy food, which means I try to get my dose of vegetables and fruits in during the day.

One dish that I love to cook when I crave vegetables is collard greens.


About a year ago, I bought my first ever fresh bunch of collard greens. I didn’t know what it looked like, never tasted it before and the only thing I knew about it was that it was often used in Southern dishes. I walked into Wholefoods (after I googled a picture of collard greens) and slowly walked down the vegetable aisle.

I picked up a bunch and thought, it doesn’t look that intimidating (unlike the first time I bought Kale).

One of my favorite cookbooks is The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. There are so many tasty recipes. After seeing the recipe in the cookbook, I became curious and wanted to try collard greens.


Sicilian Collard Greens with Pine Nuts and Raisins


  • 1 bunch collard greens
  • 2 tablespoons pine nuts
  • 3 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons raisins
  • 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

Use a sharp knife to cut out the central rib and stem from each collard leaf. Rinse the leaves in a sink of cool water, lifting them into a colander to drain a bit (you want some water to remain on the leaves).

DSC_8857  DSC_8862DSC_8863

Toast the pine nuts over medium heat in a dry skillet for about 5 minutes or until golden. Shake the pan often to keep the pine nuts from burning. Transfer to a plate, and set aside. (I mixed both pine nuts and sunflower seeds).


Place the garlic and oil in a large skillet, and sauté over medium heat for 1 minute or until the garlic is fragrant. Add the damp collards and stir, then cover the pan and cook for 2 minutes longer.

Optional: Instead of throwing away the stems, I kept them and chopped them really small and sauteed them before adding the collards.


Add the raisins and pine nuts, and stir. Cover and cook for 2 minutes. Stir in the balsamic vinegar, cover, and continue to cook for 1 to 2 minutes longer.


I can eat this whole serving by myself. I love it that much.


There are complex flavors to this dish. The sweetness from the raisins and the crunch from the nuts, helps balance out the flavor from the vinegar.

I’ve heard many people say collard greens are bitter, but I don’t taste any bitterness at all from this recipe.

DSC_8893 (Picture from the cookbook The Kind Diet)

If you have never tried collard greens before, you should, it’s good for you.

If you’ve tried and didn’t like it, you should try making this recipe and try it again.

If you like collard greens, then you will love this dish.

Have you tasted collard greens before? Do you have any good recipes for collard greens?

Please share or leave a link in the comment section.


  1. Yummmmmmmm! I love collards! But I only ever enjoy them out. Josh is not a fan 😦 I totally want to pick up The Kind Diet – I’ve heard such good things about it and I love Alicia

    • I like the cookbook but fyi, 1/3 of the recipes you can make with regular ingredients. 2/3 of the recipes might require some special items from health food store, but I’m sure you can substitute most of the special items.

  2. oh my gosh. this looks amazing! I’ve got to cook this for my parents!

  3. Mmmm….i’m kinda craving this now-I’ve only tried raw collard wraps and I did not like them, but this looks so yummy!!!!

    • You know, I’m curious how raw collard greens taste like. I’m assuming they taste slightly bitter? I think I’m going to try biting on a raw one next time I make this dish, just so I know the taste.

  4. Hayley says:

    This looks amazing! I will be making that this weekend. Great way to get your greens 🙂

  5. YUM! 😀 I am always looking for recipes that involve GREENS! 🙂 I add collards to my smoothies. 🙂

  6. I love to “fry” them in coconut oil mmmm….they get crispy 🙂

  7. I’m a southern girl, so I looove collard greens!!! 😀 This looks sooo tasty!

  8. I love collard greens! Those raisins look like such a great addition! I’ll definitely be trying this out!

  9. Most collard greens recipes I see contain bacon, so this is definitely refreshing! I have frozen collard greens… I wonder if that would work in a pinch. I’ve never dealt with fresh ones.

    • I don’t see why the frozen kind wouldn’t work. You probably just need to cook it in less time since the leaves are already wilted. But I think using fresh is the best, the texture is great and it gives the dish some chewiness.

  10. Am trying new things with kale in an effort to bring my wife around. Wish me luck. I think she’ll go for this one.

  11. Thanks for the recipe! I’m new to collard greens and am determined to love em! ❤

  12. I’ve never had collard greens before. I love all different types of greens so I’m sure I would like collard greens. I definitely need to try this. It looks yummy! 🙂

  13. I’ve never tried collard greens before but this recipe looks great. Do you think it would work with different greens like kale or spinach?

    • I think it might work with kale, but maybe not spinach. The dish has some chewiness because of the texture of the collard greens, but I think if you use spinach it might be too wilted after it is cooked.

  14. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Those look delicious I haven’t really got into them but I tried them I just can’t remember the taste. This recipe looks delicious and simple to where you get all the flavor of the Greens. Yummm.

    Have to try it. Shame on me I have that book and I haven’t tried not one recipe. LOL :/

    • Hope you can make some recipes soon. Besides this recipe, I also like the radichio pizza recipe & the azuki/kabocha recipe. The cornbread recipe and oatmeal cookies are great too. Lots of good recipes.


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